Tuckers Newsagent & Games | Black Mirror Bandersnatch Birmingham Shop Tour

If you go down to the woods today. You're sure of a big surprise... or in our case Birmingham Central Station! For here you'll find one of two pop-up shops designed to promote the Bandersnatch episode of anthology series Black Mirror. The Bandersnatch episode was a choose your own adventure story with multiple endings and heavily referenced the 80s UK computer gaming scene. So naturally our interest was piqued. The shop was for display only and nothing was for sale and entry was impossible.

As you can see there are Easter Eggs aplenty (check out the staff name badge) and we will also publish a video of the complete rolling game demos. So in the spirit of the age please press pause on the cassette tape player and await part 2…


Well here’s the promised Part 2 of the BlastProcess visit to the Tuckers Newsagent & Games ‘store’ promoting the Bandersnatch episode of anthology series Black Mirror. So be prepared to type LOAD””; unpause the cassette and be ready to watch Part 2.

For further interest you might also want to visit in-universe Tuckersoft website:


And the official Oliver Frey page (Crash and Zzap64) where you can purchase prints of his works and those he created for the show although the Metl Hedd prints have sold out at time of writing:


Tom's Gaming World! - Episode 2 - R-Type, Horizon Shift 81' and more!

Tom's back with Episode 2 of 'Tom's Gaming World'!

On this episode Tom takes a look at R-Type 3, the newly released Switch Shooter Horizon Shift 81' and Aladdin on the SNES.

We also get updates on the 8Bitdo Gamepad situation and Tom's current SNES console setup. Enjoy!

Blast Process @ EGX 2018 (BIRMINGHAM NEC)


EGX is the biggest gaming event in the UK, this year it took place at the Birmingham NEC from the 20-23rd of September, and as always Blast Process were there to cover the event.

The first thing we did was head off to the Indie area to see what caught our eye. Neil’s attuned Indie senses soon locked onto the Curve Digital stand where ‘Carried Away’ was being exhibited. With this trusty Singstar Mic in-hand, Neil switched into Interview mode!

In 'Carried Away' you construct ski lifts, jumps and bridges from a range of building materials to help your passengers navigate the ups and downs of the treacherous mountain landscape. Master the rope physics and the stresses and strains it will put on your constructions. Cutting corners along the way will compromise the safety and comfort of your passengers. When design alone isn't enough, turn to your skiing skills to get that extra nudge towards your destination.

Carried Away is available on Steam Early Access right now! The full game will arrive Early 2019 along with a version for Nintendo Switch!

After we’d had a good chinwag with the Hugecalf boys another Indie gem glistened on the horizon, the game in question was Eagle Island…

We were really struck with Eagle Island, it’s a game created and developed by mostly one person, Nick Gregory, who kindly agreed to be interviewed by us.

We'd like to extend a thanks to the rest of the team at Screenwave Media (who are publishing the game) who were very welcoming and friendly, we enjoyed chatting with you guys!

Eagle Island will be available on Steam in the not too distant future, you can add it to your Wishlist at the link below:


After our stint in the Indie section we went off to see what else EGX had to offer, Tom however, only had eyes for one game though, so he led Mike and Neil to the Bandai Namco area where a certain weapon based fighter was gathering plenty of attention…

Yes, the long-awaited Soul Calibur 6 was playable at EGX 2018, once Tom got the game in his sights he challenged Mike to a duel, best of 3, who will win? Let's fight!

After Soul Calibur it didn’t take Tom long to spot another favourite games series of his, Team Sonic Racing and the game was playable at the Sega stand…so it was decided, we would film the first ever ‘On Tour’ episode of our regular ‘Tom Plays’ series…

Lastly we decided to chill out with some Arcade games, it was there that we bumped into Anthony from Retro Games Party who kindly agreed to chat with Neil about providing Arcade Machines for events and of course, the joys of Arcade gaming!

To find out more about Retro Games Party, check out the link below:


And that was that! As well as spending a bit more time looking around other various areas of the massive event, we had had our fill of EGX 2018 and headed home. Honestly it’s a fantastic event and well worth your time, head on over to the official EGX website to find out more and make sure you grab tickets to next year’s event as soon as they’re available!


- Tom

BROTHERS Board Game Review


'Brothers' is a board game created by Christophe Boelinger with art by Xavier Houssin. It's an abstract strategy type game, featuring a Modular Board with a Tile Placement game mechanic. It's easy to set-up and learn and would be suitable for kids and adults alike.

GAME DESCRIPTION: You and your brother are peaceful farmers... Or at least you were! Your herds are getting too big for the pasture. Outsmart your brother by placing your enclosures so he can’t correctly place his and show him that you’re the one with a head for cattle in the family.

Blast Process were lucky enough to be sent a copy for review but before we get into playing the game it must be unboxed first! So lets lift the lid on 'Brothers' and see what's inside shall we!?

Brothers is a small but perfectly formed package that's built from quality materials and makes for a simple, fun unboxing experience. But, how does the game play? Is it any fun? How easy is it to learn? We answer all those questions in the video below!

As you can probably tell, we enjoyed the game a lot, it was simple to set up, easy to learn but delivered a strategic and fun experience. The Blast Process Team are happy to report that we give 'Brothers' a massive thumbs up!

- Tom

You can find out more about the game here: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/2...

Also head on over to the Ankama website for more great games: https://www.ankama.com/en

Tom's Game Room Update/Tour 2018

So this is still a thing...for a few years now I've been giving an update and tour of my Games Room, a funny little room that is presently fit to bursting!

There's a few new additions to share and a couple of changes to discuss, the biggest being this is probably the last time you'll see this room as I anticipate by this time next year (July 2019) I'll have moved out of my current residence and be living in pastures new.

So, all's left to say is please enjoy this little tour around one of my most favourite of places. If you have any questions about what you've seen in the collection or what you think of the setup, just leave a comment below.

- Tom.

Barrage Wargames Show Feature

Barrage Wargames is an event that takes place in Stafford, UK that is dedicated to Wargaming and also a spot of D&D, in short if you enjoy table top games of a Historical, Fantasy or Sci-Fi nature, you're sure to enjoy the event!

John Potter Guildford, the event's organiser was kind enough to give Neil a guided tour of the event, taking him around all of the event's 3 halls and chatting with some of the show's key exhibitors.

 For more info about this yearly event, check out of the link below:


To find out more about 'House of Bread', the event's chosen charitable cause, you can follow the link below:


STC25 - 25 Years of Sonic the Comic

On the 3rd of June 2018, Neil and Tom headed to Manchester to attend STC25, an event celebrating 25 years since the first issue of Sonic the Comic.

The British Sonic the Comic was quite different from others, often referred to as Fleetway Sonic, after the comic's publisher. It had it's own unique characters and stories built around the video games.

It's amassed a massive following since it was first published, a enthusiastic group of fans even created their own continuation of the Comic online, having recently released their 275 Issue to co-inside with the event.

You can check out more here:


UK Games Expo 2018 Feature

Recently Mike and Neil headed to the Birmingham NEC to attend the UK Games Expo.

The UK Games Expo, (UKGE), is the UK's largest hobby games convention which takes place over three days during the Summer Half term.

This year's Expo took place from the 1st to 3rd June. UK Games Expo is open to all members of the public to come and try, play and buy hobby games from around the world.

It is suitable for all ages with a large Family Zone that caters especially for our younger audience.

With special celebrity guests, demonstrations, competitions, tournaments and even an huge board games library you can borrow from, you can be sure of a full visit.

This year Games Designer and Author Ian Livingstone CBE was in attendance and Neil was lucky enough to grab a quick interview with him.

Ian is one of the true greats of the gaming industry and an entrepreneur of great distinction, having brought Dungeons and Dragons to Europe and co-founding Games Workshop in 1975.

Another notable accolade Ian holds is creating the Fighting Fantasy series of Role-playing Gamebooks, his first book being published in 1982.

Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks - Official Website http://www.fightingfantasygamebooks.com/

Neil and Mike also grabbed a quick moment with John from The Historic Games Shop and were given a showcase of a couple of John's dice based games, involving faeries, trolls and plenty of cheese!

Faerie Games https://faeriesgames.co.uk/faeries-ga...

The Historic Games Shop https://www.thehistoricgamesshop.co.uk/

We're no strangers to this particular board game that was also showcased at Game Expo, this Big Trouble in Little China game was also featured in an episode of Bruno's Boxes.

At the event Mike and Neil got a run down of how the game works from its creators.


Medusa Games were also in attendance at the event and talked us through some board games they've created, Magnificent Flying Machines, Nine Worlds and Great Fire: London 1666. 


Crooked Dice specialise in wargames rules and miniatures inspired by the many and varied iconic worlds of 60s-70s Cult TV.

Karl Perrotton - the man behind the studio, took some time to talk to us about the 7TV game he has developed, the different ways to play it and the fantastic miniatures the company has created especially for the game.


Finally, Artist and Cartographer, Gill Pearce and her husband, Games Designer Darren Pearce, took some time to talk to us about their experience working in the games industry.

Gill has been illustrating professionally for approximately 12 years and has numerous publishing credits in various fields ranging from book cover and interior illustration, card game artwork, role-playing game illustration and cartography.


Darren has worked on Lone Wolf, the Doctor Who RPG. He's also the lead writer on the Judge Dredd RPG and Shaintar.


To find out more out the UK Games Expo event, check out the website below:


Night Trap Revamped Live Action MEGACD Review

night trap thumbnail.jpg

Ahh Night Trap, the video game that created the need for age ratings. The game was originally released in 1992 and a Kickstarter project was setup for Night Trap Revamped an HD remake of the classic FMV game in 2014. Unfortunately the project didn't hit it's goal and the game was halted.

To this date, 7 years ago we came up with the idea of recreating our very own version of Night Trap. Having had some great feedback from the creators of Night Trap;

You and your colleagues did a great job with this! It's always nice to see our fans give their own takes on the material, and there's a lot of fun stuff in here. I think Commander Sampson will stand alongside Commander Simms in the Hall of Fame of great video game drill-sergeant types.

The video became one of our classic videos here at Blast Process and 7 years later we have released the video once again, now in correct format and voices synced up!

Villain of the week #3


Due to the exciting news about the potential film "Murder House", (our favourite horror stars resurrected and being studied for their murderous traits) I'm in the mood to delve into our very own favourite baddies of the video game world.

Saboteur Nazi Soldiers

Saboteur Nazi Soldiers

Now, these are villains of the week for a very specific reason: how terrible they are.

Throughout the game Saboteur, you play as the main character who slowly releases France from Nazi occupation, destroying key weapons and killing any officers you see. The game is very clever in design, the world starting off as black and white, colour slowly returning as you rescue Paris and the surrounding villages from Nazi rule.

These are not the best villains, not by a long shot. They're almost the worst (almost!)

They are practically useless at their job and there are hundreds of them, spread out over Paris like parasites. They are convinced by the flimsiest of disguises (you play as a strong Irishman with a broad accent) and they just don't pay any attention to...to...to just about anything. You only have to run about 100 feet and they forget you ever existed, and no matter how much you blow up, or how many you kill, they just switch off. They can't even shoot straight, and when they do on the off chance manage to shoot you, it's barely a flesh wound. They're bullets, they're at least supposed to do some damage. Right?

They also have no sense. Zero. This is why I love them, I mean - Gun turrets facing trees, no space and no people in the middle of fields, miles from anywhere. Cannons with nowhere to shoot but the sky, surrounded by tall trees. Unguarded guns.  Watchtowers by more watchtowers with nowhere to look.


No surprise it's is an easy game to complete!

Villains Of The Week #1

Due to the exciting news about the potential film "Murder House", (our favourite horror stars resurrected and being studied for their murderous traits) I'm in the mood to delve into our very own favourite baddies of the video game world.




As Sonic has soared through the decades with regular game and TV reboots, one thing is for sure, he isn't going anywhere soon. And where Sonic treads, his arch nemesis Robotnik is never far behind (there are a few other Sonic villains but Robotnik is king here.) He has certainly changed with the times, most recently with extra long legs to match Sonic - I am still not a fan of that - but his top heavy wobbling form with his outrageous moustache is one of the most recognisable. He chooses sidekicks even worse than himself, I'm sure he may have caught Sonic at least once properly by now if he'd done the legwork himself, but what can I say? He is a very lazy, pompous villain.  Mad and most definitely bad, Robotnik has been villainous since the 80's, terrorising Sonic and the gang every step of the way. His attempts at humour fall flat, and I love him because of that, with his bumbling form looking ridiculous but bizarrely matching his warped sense of reality. An old school bad guy who always falls guilty of talking too much, resulting in Sonic escaping certain death more than once because of his need to explain himself. He may not be successful but you can't say he isn't stubborn (even if he is easy to beat) and game after he game he resurfaces to try all over again.Yes he loves a tantrum and yes he fails at almost every turn - but I can't help it, he's almost lovable.

He might be a villain - but his failures make us remember him fondly, and I can't see him dissapearing any time soon.


Dave says "Some villains simply don't stand the test of time. They may, for a while, prove to be worthwhile adversaries but eventually grow tiresome.bNot so with Sonic's main arch nemesis, the infamous Dr Robotnik! (Or Eggman as he is now being known as). Creator of the badniks, various traps and owner of a flying...egg shaped platform that gains various upgrades just in time to challenge Sonic to boss fights, his looks and personality makes him one of my all time love to hate villains! SEGA keep trying to broaden the Sonic titles by throwing him into various scenarios, but his classic battles against the Doctor prove that sometimes the original baddies are best.
He'll get you eventually, you spikey rodent!"

Over and out! 


Amiibo Collections

It's no secret that toy based gaming is big business at the moment. Back in October 2011 Activision released Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. As well as owning the game, consumers also got a Portal and 3 small figures, which when placed on the portal allowed gamers to play as that particular critter in game. The game was a method of getting former platform hero Spyro back on the scene too, but it soon became apparent that the gaming market had space for toy-based peripherals. spyro_lila

Nearly 4 years on and you can now buy around 317 Skylanders (including a number of limited editions and such) with the latest game, Super Chargers, bringing vehicle based gaming to the series.

Disney have entered the scene with a number of Disney, Marvel and (as of end of the month) Star Wars characters. Where Skylanders are more about platforming/mission based gamplay, Disney have tried to encourage a more imaginative approach, encouraging gamers to use their own inspiration to create levels and mini-games.

Did I mention LEGO are getting involved too with LEGO Dimensions? We'll cover that incoming title in more detail in a future post.


The reason for this post though was to talk about another line of toy based gaming, one of which, on face value, doesn't really have as much value in each figure. So why on earth do I keep getting tempted to buy more?!

I am, of course, talking about Nintendo's Amiibos. Where as until now the figures you buy usually unlock that specific character for use in a particular game, Amiibos are usable in multiple games but only for relatively minor content, for example additional costumes. They are though very detailed figures, more so than Skylanders/Disney Infinity figures in my personal opinion. More importantly though, is the power of Nintendo.

Nintendo have had to rely on first-party characters for years to keep gamers buying their hardware due to lack of 3rd party support, which is fine because no company has a back catalogue of popular characters than Nintendo. I planned pre-release to only pick up a couple, but as you are just about to see I've got a few more than a 'couple':


What is really frustrating, in the manner of which Nintendo have mastered, a number of particular Amiibos have been quite difficult to get hold of which has in turn helped drive some of my purchases. But you know what, I just can't stop picking them up!

Our very own Mike also has built up a collection, as you can see below:


So what I'd like to see, are your collections of Amiibos. Do you keep them boxed? Why have you bought into them? Who is your favorite?

Send us your images via Twitter (@BlastProcess), post the pictures on Facebook.com/BlastProcess or email them to contact@blastprocess.com and we'll post them in a future post.

Can't wait to see your collections!

Lets Play Kerbal: Season Two Underway!


You may remember a little while back on our YouTube channel that Processor Chris had been busy playing lots of Kerbal Space Program. Well, Chris has decided that now is the time to return to space with Season Two of his Lets Play Kerbal videos. In fact, he's well underway so why not check out what he has been up too? The latest video, which was uploaded today can be viewed below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYU-90RisCs&w=560&h=315]

Want to watch all of Season Two so far? We have a playlist for that!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoseries?list=PLrWFCXFx8tw3lR34hjvpqeYO0dcJIkYUI&w=560&h=315]

And finally, if you'd like to catch up with the previous batch of Kerbal videos you'll be needing this playlist:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoseries?list=PLrWFCXFx8tw1Q4Zt7AtJgvMacLFbFHHhu&w=560&h=315]


MagNets by Total Monkery out now!



Those of you who remember our Gadget Show coverage last year may recall one of our favorite games of the event was MagNets by Total Monkery!


After a busy year of shows and events, and a successful Greenlight campaign on Steam the game is finally available to buy! Our review will be coming over the next few days, but needless to say if you like old school arcade action then you need to check it out!

Check out the trailer below and don't forget to visit the developers over at Total Monkery!


MagNets is available to buy here - currently on offer at £7.19

Stoke'd for Comiccon!


Stop the press! No more hours on the road to find the comiccon of your dreams, gazing out the window at miles of the motorway and squashed packed lunches- Comiccon is coming to you!'Stoke Con Trent' has crashed into the North West like an explosion of Comic book and movie joy to please the masses. This is only it's first year but is sporting legends such as Colin Baker (Doctor Who), Chris Rankin (Harry Potter) and James Cosmo (Game Of Thrones). Hosted at Stafforshire University, get ready for Cosplay competitions, exhibitions and a mountain of comic and memorabilia stalls to sink your teeth into. As a seasoned comiccon goer, I honestly cannot wait! I've traveled all over the UK to visit my favourite stars, squeal with excitement at the Q&A sessions and have the best time any comiccon veteran can go. The 28th September cannot come soon enough - get your tickets from the website here: http://stokecontrent.co.uk/about/ Don't miss out!

Over and out! Mel