Welcome to BlastProcess.com!

Created on the 13th February 2010 after a number of alcoholic beverages and loud live music, BlastProcess.com was the brain-child of Tom, Mike and Dave. All three were avid gamers and wanted a spot of the internet to talk about videogames. Writing turned into videos, and since has even spawned audio podcasts.

Today Blast Process has read/listened/watched by more people than we ever thought possible. But our journey has only just begun…

BlastProcess.com is not affiliated with any anyone. All opinions and articles created by any members of our team are solely based on their own personal thoughts and musings and are not paid for by any sponsors or advertisers. They are also the creators own views and not those based on their employers.

Logo created by Tom Parry. ‘Blast Process’ was a term used by SEGA in the 90s. For further information on what exactly is ‘Blast Processing’ check out this link (my thanks to GiantBomb).