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Parry's Pickups! Episode 67... - Birthday Bonus Import Special!


What? How? There's more Parry's Pickups!? You may be asking yourselves this question, you may not be, but it's true, all of it!

Let me explain, this video came about because there's no Episode 67 of Parry's Pickups, I accidentally missed it out...somehow... Seeing as it was my Birthday coming up and I'd bought myself a few games from Genki Video Games to celebrate, I thought, let's do a new one and make up for the missing episode!

Please enjoy :)

NOTE: This vid is NOT a paid advertisement for Genki Video Games, I do however highly want to recommend them as a great place to get imported games online. I've been buying games from them for years and the service is impeccable and I just wanted to give something back as a way of saying thanks!

Check out the site at the link below:

Parry's Pickups! Episode 100 - Jurassic Park, Batman, Tetris and Shenmue!

100 episodes, over 400 games, Parry's Pickups celebrates it's final episode with an epic 27 minutes of Pickups!

The final episode of Parry's Pickups was always going to be a special one seeing that it coincided with the re-release of Shenmue 1 & 2, which receives some special treatment in this feature length episode.

Rest assured though it's not a completely Shenmue-centric episode, as Tom also shares his recent Game Gear pickups and his latest Tetris pickup!

So sit back, relax and enjoy this hundredth and final episode!