TMA 187 – Time to get Direct!


On yet another TMA, the boys dive straight into the recent Nintendo direct as alas, Mat has played 0 games this week! He’s not bought any either! Besides this shocking revelation, Tom’s been picking up a new SNES to enable his dirty Tetris Attack addiction, as well as playing some Tank!Tank!Tank! on the Wii U. Remember that thing? You know, the console all the Switch games came from…

New Mystery Box Unboxing - Launch Boks


Join Mike and Tom as they unbox a very special delivery from Launch Boks, a new monthly subscription box full of geek and gamer goodies!

Visit for all the details and how to get yourself a Launch Boks!

Let's Unbox Some Zomlings! Series 6 by Magic Box


We're back with another unboxing video for Series 6 of Zomblings, enjoy!

TMA 186 – CEXy Packaging


On this week’s TMA, Mat has been battling the flu and the urge to stop playing HAL Lab’s excellent new Part Time UFO. Tom on the other hand has been playing a little of Dragon Age 2, Kirby Star Allies and missing free copies of Yakuza 6. Besides that, the boys get on their soap boxes about photocopied covers and ‘GOTY’ editions (well, in this case ‘Arcade Editions’). It’s a funny old world!

Immortal Redneck Out Now on Xbox One and Playstation 4 Pro


Play as a mummified redneck with over 50 weapons with three playable different classes on three pyramids levels, in this Egyptian-themed FPS shooter. Sounds like your type of game? See the trailer below and look out for our future review on Immortal Redneck!

TMA 185 – Update City


Tom’s been given a platform! He chooses to use it as place to voice his grievances not with global political issues, but naturally, the state of the current generation of consoles. Besides this long debate (and unfortunately un-editable background cat noises), Mat’s been on Monster Hunter World again, picking up some PS1 games and getting a first class ticket to Update City!

TMA 182 – Tom And Mat Repack


There’s sadness in the shack this week. Sure, we talk about games, but it’s the last time for a while Tom Parry will sit opposite Mat Boyle at a table. It’s been 5 years of weekly podcasts but now it’s time for Tom to head on home to the UK. He will be missed and the podcast will lumber on. Until we figure out how to set up Skype for podcasting purposes though, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the man, the myth, the legend…

TMA 181 – Energy Drink Experimentation


It’s said that all good podcasts must at some point dabble with drinking exotic beverages on air. This is that time for Tom and Mat Attack. Between sips of Thai Red Bull, here Mat talk about Tobu Tobu Girl, Pyre and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, while Tom retells tails on Sonic, both Forces and Mania, as well as what he’s been buying and playing besides that!

Human: Fall Flat is getting a boxed release, and it looks great!


Indie smash hit Human: Fall Flat gets physical Nintendo Switch™ release with Super Rare Games

London, United Kingdom – 20th February 2018 – Nintendo game enthusiasts, today Super Rare Games announces the launch of its first limited run physical production of Curve Digital’s indie smash hit Human: Fall Flat for Nintendo Switch™. Due for release in early March, this will be the first release in Super Rare Games’ lineup of physical indie game releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch™.

Producing just 5,000 copies per title, Super Rare Games puts quality over quantity, and its physical editions of successful indie titles will feature beautifully printed packaging and high-quality trading cards. These cards will be blind-boxed, with just 125 signed by members of the game’s development team, making them highly collectable - a must-have for any indie enthusiast! For Human: Fall Flat, the collectible cards will be signed by the game's creator, Tomas Sakalauskas.

Super Rare Games is also producing an extremely limited run of just 500 copies of the Human: Fall Flat soundtrack, printed on to 12-inch vinyl.

Human: Fall Flat launched onto the Nintendo eShop on December 7th, 2017, and recently surpassed two million sales worldwide, fast becoming a favourite of YouTuber and Streamers due to its hilarious, slapstick, co-op comedy. Human: Fall Flat is a is an open-ended, physics-based puzzle game in which you take control of Bob, helping him resolve the mysteries behind his recurring dreams of falling.

Simon Byron, Publishing Director at Curve Digital, said “Human: Fall Flat has been Curve Digital's biggest Nintendo Switch digital release, so we know demand for this wonderful collectors' edition is going to be huge. Given the game has sold over two million copies on all formats since launch and this is the first time it's ever been available as a physical release, these 5,000 copies will be highly treasured and hugely collectible for years to come.”

Pre-orders are live at now - reserve your copy today to avoid disappointment!

Super Rare Games will be at GDC in San Francisco this March and invites any independent game developers interested in physical releases of their Nintendo Switch™ titles to get in touch via

For more information and to join the Super Rare Games community follow us on Twitter.



Blasting like it's 2012! Assault Gunners arrives outside of Japan for the first time, in the form of a HD Edition on PC and Playstation 4.


Originally released in 2012 exclusively for the PlayStation®Vita in Japan, this remaster brings the title to the West for the very first time!

Tunbridge Wells, Kent - 20th February, 2018 - Marvelous Europe today announces that Assa will be releasing March 20th worldwide on PlayStation®4 and PC.

ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION will launch on PlayStation®4 and PC with three purchase options available:

ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION (Standalone Game) - £7.19, €9.99 or $9.99
ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION COMPLETE SET (Standalone Game + DLC) - £9.29, €11.99 or $11.99
Prices may vary depending on region

It's the Year 208X, Mars is in the process of terraformation with an expected timeline of 300 years till completion. Back on Earth a great war erupts and millions of migrants look to Mars to flee their home. The Planet Remodelling Project is accelerated with the aid of ANTS, a completely robotic automated system. Migrants build large dome-shaped colonies in regions with now stable climates and rush to construct cities within them to sustain the flow of refugees. Time passes and the World Federation has set up military colonies on Deimos and Phobos, and the dwarf-planet Ceres is being moved to Mars' orbit to help create an ocean for the planet. One day, communication is suddenly lost with the surface of Mars, a peace keeping force called DAT whom are currently training on Deimos are sent to investigate...

Originally released exclusively for Japan for the PlayStation®Vita in 2012, ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION puts you in control of the Peace Keeping Force known as DAT and along with your three allied Battle Mechs, you must attempt to save Earth's Migrants and the Mars Colonies as a whole from the threat of the ANTS uprising. Who could be behind this threat against Mars, the new planned perfect utopia for humanity?

With 35 full-length battle-heavy missions, a horde gameplay mode known as "Inferno Mode" covering 5 varied maps and over 100 mech-customisation possibilities for yourself and your allies, there's plenty of replayability and content present in the standalone version of ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION.

Available on launch day the ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION EXTRA PACK will allow players to take their experience even further with: 
● 15 campaign missions set after the initial campaign
● 3 additional Inferno Mode maps bringing the total to 8
● 15 extra weapons allowing for more diverse offensive options
● Over 30 additional mech-parts for even more customisation
● 4 fully voice acted Navigators by renowned Japanese VA


Mike Dies - A Bloody Metroidvania coming to Steam February 23rd


The game was inspired by titles like Super Meat Boy, VVVVVV and Super Metroid. 

5 years in the making, Mike Dies, a game by Psydra Games is coming to steam on February 23rd.


"It's a terrific game that deserves people's attention..." - Chris O'Regan,

"Keep your eye out for Mike Dies. This could be something big." - This Guy Named Steve,

More details on the game can be found on the Mike Dies Steam page!

Toki Tori 2+ Heads to Nintendo Switch Feb 23rd! Pre-order Today!


The team at Two Tribes are bringing Toki Tori back to Nintendo's handheld! Available to pre-order from today, with a full list of details on the game, below.

Experience Toki Tori's Epic Puzzle Adventure on the go, for the first time ever!

Toki Tori 2 returns to its roots after originally coming out on Wii U back in 2013. On Nintendo Switch™ you can play it on the go for the very first time. The Nintendo Switch Edition is the game's best version yet!

Why should you be excited? No one said it better than Mark Brown in his Game Maker’s Toolkit video essay:

“Believe it or not, but Toki Tori 2 was one of the most daring and ingeniously designed puzzle games of 2013. It’s a Metroidvania game where you aren’t stopped by doors you can’t open or blocks you can’t break.”

“It respects your intelligence in a very satisfying way. This one has gone overlooked, but it deserves more attention. Don’t be fooled by its cutesy exterior. This puzzler is wicked smart and devilishly tricky.”

For this version, we've applied a ton of extra polish, even throwing in some new secrets and solutions.

Toki Tori 2+: Nintendo Switch Edition runs buttery smooth at 60 fps, and features in-game Achievements, as well as HD Rumble and video capture support.

Toki Tori 2+: Nintendo Switch Edition comes out on February 23, with a limited-time introduction price of 9.99 $/€.

Pre-orders are available TODAY in the Switch eShop!

About Toki Tori 2+: Nintendo Switch Edition


Explore an enthralling forest island, learn magical songs and interact with the local wildlife to solve environmental puzzles.

Toki Tori 2+’s ingenious game design requires just two moves: whistle and stomp. It's super accessible, yet it builds up to incredible complexity later on.

There’s a ton to do, too. After puzzle-solving your way to five Ancient Frogs and saving the island from a strange pollution, you can still find 100s of golden wings, snap dozens of creature pictures and go Achievement hunting.

Toki Tori 2+ is better than ever on Nintendo Switch, with lots of gameplay tweaks and even some new secrets and puzzle solutions. Plus, you can now create checkpoints wherever you like, allowing for easy experimentation.

  • A unique take on the Metroidvania formula
  • Follow the path, or stray off-road and tackle the expert puzzles
  • Whistle magical songs to rewind, fast-travel and more
  • Snap dozens of Tokidex creature pictures

Better than ever on Nintendo Switch:

  • Tweaked gameplay, new secrets and solutions
  • Buttery smooth graphics at 60 fps
  • Featuring in-game Achievements
  • HD Rumble support
  • Video capture support

Teslagrad Nintendo Switch Review


Teslagrad Powered by Nintendo Switch

Teslagrad by Rain Games was first shown in 2013 and since then its become available on a whole host of formats over the years, and now the Nintendo Switch.

December the 7th marks the release of the Nintendo Switch version but is it worth another visit?


You control a young boy who's found himself being chased by the Kings guards, ultimately forcing you into the surrounding area of the Teslagrad Tower and within. The game itself doesn't showcase what you're doing or even where to go, apart from slight hints but that's what makes this puzzle-platformer such a joy to play.


Throughout the game you'll gain new abilities that will help you explore and solve at first, confusing and 'how do I do this?' puzzles but without instructions. As a handheld version the concept really does work, pickup, play and continue where you left off. This is what makes the game fun to play and enjoyable.


Switching to docked mode and replacing the joy-con remotes with a pro controller will help you out in the later levels, some parts get very tricky as you're ability to change power-ups and precise movements are key but Teslagrad feels at home on the Nintendo Switch.


The hand-drawn environments and art style of Teslagrad, along with it's what appear to be mind bending puzzles transform onto the Switch perfectly. Addition of the handheld mode on the Switch, this is the best version of Teslagrad.

TMA 180 – Xbox S X Tricky


Cor! The boys have many things to talk about on this, the 180th episode of TMA cast! Apart from Mat Finally starting Night in the Woods, Tom’s been getting into Sonic Forces… But that’s not where the fun ends. The boys are getting into the weeds on real issues. Upgrade Consoles – Yay or Nay? Net Neutrality – No Thank You. Sonic Forces vs. Sonic Mania…? Well, that would be telling now, wouldn’t it…

Listen here.