Mega Retron HD from Hyperkin - Unboxing and Mini-Review!

Anyone curious about Hyperkin's Mega Retron HD console may want to check out this vid, join Tom as he unboxes and tries out the console for himself.

The Mega Retron HD is the latest in Hyperkin's range of HD 'Clone' systems that endeavour to produce the same gameplay experience as you remember from the original console through the use of original cartridges and clone hardware but out-putting to HD as well as composite.

King of Fighters 97: Global Match (PS4) - Limited Run - Unboxing!

Tom's bought his first Limited Run game!

Limited Run specialise in releasing physical versions of otherwise Digital-only games and occasionally they'll also release super special versions of these games, just like this one Tom has here!

Being a big King of Fighters fan, Tom decided to go all out and order a collector's version of King of Fighters 97: Global Match that comes housed inside a replica NEO GEO 'Shockbox', just like the original home cartridge version did back in in the day.

So sit back, relax and let's see what's inside shall we..? You can find more Limited Run releases at the website below:

Blast Process @ PLAY Expo Manchester 2019


Another year, another PLAY Expo! This year the event returned to Manchester at the new venue of Manchester Central and Mike, Neil and Tom were there to experience the show, for those not clued up on the event, here’s the blurb from their website:

‘The UK’s favourite arcade, indie and retro games show will return in 2019! Close to 1000 consoles, handhelds, computers, arcades, pinballs and PC's all running the very best in classic and modern video games and all free to play!

Organised by experienced video game events specialists Replay Events the show will be full with features, exhibitors and more gaming mayhem than Manchester has ever seen.

Jam packed with everything you love about gaming and popular culture, the show has something for everyone.

PLAY Expo Manchester - Modern Gaming, Indie, Retro, Arcade, Pinball, Minecraft, VR, LAN, Guests, Merchandise, Cosplay, Tournaments, Education, Communities, Tabletop Gaming, Photo Shoots and More!’

The event felt somewhat different from previous years, largely down to the location, Manchester Central has a very different feel from Manchester’s Event City where it’s been held previously. Our feelings were that things were perhaps spaced out a bit more to make up for a slightly smaller scale event, however saying that there was still plenty to enjoy. Especially if you want to actually play games at the event, there was a plethora of consoles to sample, even some older rarer examples as well as the modern consoles and the previous generation of systems.

Check out our event overview video to see exactly what was on offer:

We took to the Games Market on arrival, where plenty of vendors were in attendence selling their wares, check out the video below to see what Tom picked up at the event:

Of course it wouldn’t be a Blast Process outing without a visit to the Indie section where Neil got the chance to sit down and chat with a games developer who's been working in the industry for a fair few years now...Kev Brady.

Currently he's single-handedly converting the PC game Melkhior's Mansion, developed by Richard Jordan with graphics by Craig Stevenson and Music by Alberto Gonzalez to the ZX Spectrum Next, an exciting piece of kit in itself.

Kev gave us a great insight into his process in this interview and we'd like to thank him for taking the time to talk to us, I think you'll agree, a top bloke all round.

Check out our interview with Kev below:

If you're interested in reading Kev's development blog you can check it out at the link below:

And with that, the team waved Manchester Central goodbye and headed back home. We had a great time and can certainly recommend PLAY Expo to anyone with an interest in gaming, especially those who enjoy the Retro side of things.

Thanks again to REPLAY Events for putting on another fantastic show and we’re already looking forward to the next time we get to experience another, wherever that may be!

You can read more about the Manchester event at the link below and keep your eyes peeled for more REPLAY Events coming to a location near you soon!

TMA 213 – Gotta Re-render Fast!


On this week’s TMA, Mat bemoans Sekiro’s difficulty, plays some Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight as well as buys some stuff in the PSN sale! Tom’s naturally been playing things too like Gundam Versus and GoNNER. Of course, we also touch on this year’s Howard the Duck trailer (Sonic) and cry over Tom’s childhood dreams turning to ash.

Listen here.

Table Top Racing: World Tour Nitro Edition on Nintendo Switch First Look

table top racing.jpg

Table Top Racing: World Tour continues it's 'tour' with a brand new release on the Nintendo Switch. The game is already out on other platforms including; Xbox One, PS4, Steam and now it's available in a handheld variety!

Already own TTR: World Tour? This Nitro adds some brand new features to the game, along with all previous downloadable content and patches, it now boosts a split-screen online or offline mode, split-screen VS battle mode, and optional AI opponents in Online games. These new additions alone make the Switch version a standout piece in choosing what to play Table Top Racing: World Tour on.


You progress through the game unlocking new challenges and races along the way, efficiently it's like a skill tree and you can choose your path and order in which you complete the challenges or race in. While the races themselves do seem a little short sometimes TTR knows what it is and that's a pickup and play fun racing game with lots of items and unlocks to be had.


The TTR:World Tour series was first released in 2016 and has now landed on the Switch. Having had huge success on it’s other platforms, everything is brought over to the Switch version, along with a much need split-screen mode. While the game won’t rival the likes of Mario Kart, it does bring it’s own table top size fun and pickup and play ease with the Nintendo Switch release.

The new modes in the Switch version make it a solid choice for racing and pick up and play fans, looking for a new addition to there Nintendo Switch library.

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TMA 212 – Quest 32X


On this week’s TMA, Tom recounts the tale of his 32X purchase, the beautiful mess that is The Crew 2 and a little bit of film talk. Mat meanwhile reminisces over Phantasy Star Online lobbies, talks about Devil May Cry 5, his new Mahjong obsession and a little bit of Sekiro!

Listen here.

Table Top Racing: World Tour Nitro Edition Speeds onto Nintendo Switch


Table Top Racing: World Tour Nitro Edition boosts onto the Nintendo Switch today. The game can be downloaded via the eShop store for £24.99.

We’ll be sharing our thoughts on the game so keep checking back!

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Tom's Gaming World! - Episode 5 - Hyperkin's Retron HD (HD NES), CD-i Light Gun games and Gex!

It's time for another Tom's Gaming World update! Tom is back once more to fill you in on his latest pickups and gaming related stories.

In this episode we hear why Gex Deep Pocket Gecko hasn't left Tom with a great first impression and if Hyperkin's Retron HD (NES Clone Console) is really worth your time.

There's also a bit about CD-i Light Gun games...if that's your thing ;)

Tom's Gaming World! - Episode 4 - SEGA 32X, SNES Fighting Game Imports and more!

Hello all! It's been a while but Tom's Gaming World is back! In this episode we talk a little about the SEGA 32X for Mega Drive and recent pick ups, as well as taking a look at a few Super Nintendo Fighting Game imports (the names of which I now know):

Games Played in this Episode (in order of appearance)





Nigel Parkinson draws Minnie the Minx! - Northwich Comic Con 2019

Neil popped along to Northwich Comic Con, where he met up with Beano Comic Artist, Nigel Parkinson once again.

Nigel kindly agreed to create a very special* Minnie drawing for him, thanks Nigel!

* The other character is Mina the Minx (Wilhelmina "Mina" Murray) as seen on issue 4 (of6) of 'The Tempest'. This is volume IV; the final book of Alan Moore's and Kevin O'Neill's 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' series.

You can check out Nigel's blog at the link below: http://nigelparkinsoncartoons.blogspo...

For more on the adventures of the 'League':

Sonic Adventure 2 - Sonic Birthday Pack - 10th Anniversary Unboxing!

Join Tom as he opens up a very special version of the Dreamcast Classic, Sonic Adventure 2! This version was only on sale for 2 days at Sega's Online Japan store back in 2001.

Tom stumbled across a cheap copy on eBay recently and decided to pick it up. Now let's see what's inside, shall we..?



Independent Developer QC Games today released Patch 0.2: Shadow Master which includes the new Shadow Master Veil Demon Class for the Steam Early Access title Breach. With the Shadow Master, players can clone their enemy and utilize deployable buff stations to enhance their possessed minions.

Players can also choose how they want to utilize the clones they create, either offensively or defensively, creating a whole new world of chaos for the Heroes trying to complete their mission. Also introduced in this update is the “Challenge System” which allows players to unlock in-game rewards for each class as they level that class up to 30.

Each class will have ability unlocks, gems, and talents specific to that class. These are a few of the newest updates to this latest gameplay patch for Breach.

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Playstation 4 Review


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel on PS4 was my introduction to the trials series. Even though it was a remaster and the game has made vast improvements, I was playing this game with fresh eyes, and it was a great game to introduce myself into the series.

You can tell the game was initially made for PS3 and vita but the graphics run very smooth and looks great on PS4, with minimal loading times and quick transitions into and out of battle it allows gameplay to feel quick and fluid.

This game came with all previous DLC included, which I was more than happy to use, have more than enough items to use and spoiling myself with all the excess mira. There is a very diverse cast pf characters whose development isn’t rushed and the use of the class system in the story allows for some fun and interesting interactions. With the added reward of increasing bonds that translate into more support abilities in battle, it makes me want to seek out my party members to see what the need help with.

There also seems to be a random black cat that seems way more involved in the plot then the game lets on (but loves it when you give her fresh milk).


The combat is engaging with battles being that nice balance of challenging but not frustrating, the addition of turbo mode in the remake which makes battles run 4x faster and 2x faster in other gameplay elements allows for ease of enjoyment and makes level grinding much less tedious. It's also very satisfying to wipe out 8-10 enemies at the speed of light.

The use of quartz and master quartz for crafting to further boost characters stats and abilities means it's easy and flexible to customise my party as I see fit. The way the game follows a calendar allows for a set structure of gameplay; this adds a good mix of a set party when you head out on field trips along with the option to select your own party to explore the mysterious old schoolhouse.

I am only midway through chapter 6 but this game has kept me engaged from the beginning, as a massive Final Fantasy fan and a gamer who enjoys the tales series, Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is definitely a game that I have appreciated. I am excited for the next remaster.

The Legend of Heroes- Trials of Cold Steel review.jpg

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