Tom Plays Hamsterdam (SWITCH)

Join Tom as he takes a trip to Hamsterdam, where he encounters plenty of hostility from a local gang, does he have enough rhythm to take down the foes or will he be leaving leaving on a stretcher?

Find out by watching the latest episode of Tom Plays!

In the fantasy city of Hamsterdam, young Pim sets out to save his grandfather and town from a new gang threat. Hamsterdam is available for Steam, Nintendo Switch and Mobile platforms.

You can find out more about Hamsterdam and it's developer Muse Games at the links below:

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Tom's Gaming World! - Episode 8 - Death Crimson, Alisia Dragoon, Rockin' Kats, Golden Axe and more!

After a 2 month hiatus Tom returns with plenty to talk about!

Join him on this latest episode of Tom's Gaming World as he discusses his recent pickups including Death Crimson 2 for the Dreamcast while also giving some special attention to the following Retro games;

Alisia Dragoon for Mega Drive, Rockin' Kats for the NES and Theme Park on SNES.

TMA 218 – False Starts


On this week’s TMA, Mat has more reflections on Ace Combat 7, and has for the most part been loving Dragon Quest Builders 2 on the Switch. Tom’s been playing some Samurai Shodown, as well as Golden Axe: The Duel on the Saturn and Fast RMX on the Switch. Beside games, the boys talk The Switch Lite and bargain basement prices of the PS1 Classic. Oh Joy!

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Mike and Neil Play Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition (SWITCH)

Join Mike and Neil as they play Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition!

Zombie Driver Immortal Edition is the latest version of Zombie Driver, but this time it’s handheld and on the Nintendo Switch and includes all DLC content that was made for original release.

More information on the game can be found here.

Mike and Neil Play Eagle Island (SWITCH)

Remember our interview with Nick Gregory of Pixelnicks?

Well Nick did and he sent us a code!

So sit back, relax and watch as Neil tries to explain to Mike all about Eagle Island.

Pixelnicks on Twitter;

For more on Eagle Island;

And for all you out there who noted the opening sentence here is our interview with Nick of Pixelnicks;

For Eagle Island on Steam (there's a demo!);

TMA 217 – The Plastic Stack


A wild podcast appeared! Go Tom & Mat! Mat used talk about Pokémon Go, Judgement and Ace Combat 7. It’s not very effective. Tom is confused. Tom used discuss the Mega Drive Mini (and it’s little peripherals), Yoku’s Island Express, Call of Duty 4 and sorting out game collections. Mat fainted. The podcast ran out of useable conversation topics. The podcast blacked out…

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TMA 216 – Reserving Final Judgement


On this week’s TMA, Mat has naturally spent a lot of time playing Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s newest game, Judgement! Between watching Evangelion, he’s also exploring rare Tetris titles and sorting out his PS2 games. Tom’s been buying a few bits here and there, but also philosophising on the future of the ‘HD Remaster’. Join us as we get into all that and more on Tom and Mat Attack!

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TMA 215 – “We’re not going to talk about E3…”


This week’s TMA starts by proving the adage ‘famous last words’ by Tom declaring that he and Mat won’t talk about E3… Before the boys take 40 minutes to give their impressions on the Microsoft and Nintendo conference offerings. Besides that, Mat reminisces about Final Fantasy games and how owning a home makes him want to play Harvest Moon, while Tom’s been playing the PS2 hidden gem ‘Star Wars Racers Revenge’ and bemoans the death of custom game endings.

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II - Playstation 4 Review


Just a few months after The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel was released on PS4, the sequel has now had the remastered PS4 treatment setting us up for the much-anticipated release of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III this fall.

Trails of Cold Steel II is a great addition to the franchise which continues to build on the original, it continues straight after the events of the first game which makes playing it a necessity. The story begins with a mission to reunite all you beloved classmates. With such a huge mass of characters and even more being added it’s easy for cast members to fade into the background, however this game manages to not only keep all the characters involved in the story, but to continue to build their character arcs and bonds throughout the game whilst tying all the components of the story into a neat little bow by the end of the game.

The overall heart and soul of the Trials games remains true with cold steel II with some very welcome additions (except the snowboard minigame, I am terrible at that).

So what are these additions? The sequel offers much more freedom as you are no longer tied to the academy as your base of operations and you are not forced to have a set party for your assignments, instead allowing you to handpick your party before disembarking on story elements.

You begin the story at level 40 with all crafts being carried over from the first game, initially I thought this would be an issue as it wouldn’t allow for character growth, however I was pleasantly mistaken as each character learns new crafts as well as upgraded versions of previous crafts. With the level increase comes an increase in difficulty, making using tactics during battle all the more important.


The battle system still maintains the combat link system but this has been expanded with the ability to now overdrive with your link partner allowing you to take 3 turns there and then, this can completely change the tide of battle. This feature is only available once you have searched out and completed the trial chests for the relative characters which features defeating some difficult enemies.


The battles with Valimar are very much still rock,paper,scissors but a new element has been added with your party members linking up with the ashen knight to take part in the battle too.

There is a slight issue with the framerate at times when the battles get a little bit hectic, but overall The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II is a solid addition to the franchise and is Falcom continue to build on this for Cold Steel III, I for one will be pretty pumped for its release.


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TMA 214 – Rhymically Challenged


On a long overdue TMA, the boys talk about what they’ve been upto and about some video games! Mat Platinum’d Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight despite his lack of rhyme, beat DOA6‘s story and realised he doesn’t like Mortal Kombat. Tom on the other hand went back to beat DOA5′s story and played a hell of a lot of Team Sonic Racing. Beyond that, the boys get into some in-depth Death Stranding talk and Mat can’t wait for the Playdate!

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Tom's Gaming World! - Episode 7 - Saturn Mission Stick, Space Harrier, Guilty Gear and more!

On this episode of Tom's Gaming World, Tom introduces us to his Sega Mission Stick by demoing it with the Sega Arcade Classic's port of Space Harrier for the Sega Saturn as well as taking a more in-depth look at the recently released Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack plus much more!

Lawless 2019 - A Celebration of British Comics and Tribute to Carlos Ezquerra

Back in the day comics would print a coupon which you could cut-out and present to your local newsagent to reserve the next issue (and the issues following on from that). Now fast forward to the present day and thanks to social media we were all prepared and notified to the renaming and recalibrated Lawgiver (the Judge Dredd convention) into Lawless (the convention of British comics). So, on the 18th of May Neil found himself in Bristol once again with Tom’s camera and this is the result!

For more on Lawless;

As a guide these approximate timings might be of use;

Lawless event guide 6sec, Steve McManus 15secs, ROK of the Reds fan and Judge Glass 20secs, Colin MacNeil 30secs, Marshal Metta Lawson and Johnny Alpha 47 secs, Glenn Fabry 51secs, Soviet bloc hypnosis leaflet 1:08secs, Ian Gibson 1:16secs, John Higgins 1:29secs, Absolute Batman: The Killing Joke 1:34secs, --That matches the carpet!-- Tribute to Carlos Ezquerra 1:40secs, Carlos Art Droid 3:07secs, Welcome to Lawless from Lawless! 3:12secs, Panels! 3:16secs, Draw off! 3:23secs, Max Normal 3:31secs, --Buys a self-portrait!-- Dan Cornwell 3:40, Henry Flint 3:46, Torquemada 4:01secs, Mike Collins 4:06secs, Abigail Bulmer 4:20secs, Steve Austin and Dylan Teague 4:41secs, John Wagner [don’t blink!] 4:44secs, Original art for sale 4:49secs, Sector 13 fanzine 4:57secs, Battle Badger 5:01secs, art ninetwo studios 5:08secs, Awesome Comics 5:24secs, David Lloyd and Patrick Goddard 5:32secs, Planet Replicas 5:45secs, Steve McManus closeout 5:51secs, Judge Death – THE SENTENCE IS DEATH 5:56secs

Mega Retron HD from Hyperkin - Unboxing and Mini-Review!

Anyone curious about Hyperkin's Mega Retron HD console may want to check out this vid, join Tom as he unboxes and tries out the console for himself.

The Mega Retron HD is the latest in Hyperkin's range of HD 'Clone' systems that endeavour to produce the same gameplay experience as you remember from the original console through the use of original cartridges and clone hardware but out-putting to HD as well as composite.

King of Fighters 97: Global Match (PS4) - Limited Run - Unboxing!

Tom's bought his first Limited Run game!

Limited Run specialise in releasing physical versions of otherwise Digital-only games and occasionally they'll also release super special versions of these games, just like this one Tom has here!

Being a big King of Fighters fan, Tom decided to go all out and order a collector's version of King of Fighters 97: Global Match that comes housed inside a replica NEO GEO 'Shockbox', just like the original home cartridge version did back in in the day.

So sit back, relax and let's see what's inside shall we..? You can find more Limited Run releases at the website below: