SEGA Mega Drive Mini Unboxing!

As usual, we may not be the first to unbox the latest tech but I hope you'll agree that we always deliver a concise and hopefully informative viewing experience that'll give you an honest opinion of, in this case, SEGA's Mega Drive Mini.

In short it's a great piece of kit that's built well, acts like you'd expect it to and is stuffed with more games than most similar Mini console offerings.

Tom's Gaming World! - Episode 8 - Death Crimson, Alisia Dragoon, Rockin' Kats, Golden Axe and more!

After a 2 month hiatus Tom returns with plenty to talk about!

Join him on this latest episode of Tom's Gaming World as he discusses his recent pickups including Death Crimson 2 for the Dreamcast while also giving some special attention to the following Retro games;

Alisia Dragoon for Mega Drive, Rockin' Kats for the NES and Theme Park on SNES.

TMA 218 – False Starts


On this week’s TMA, Mat has more reflections on Ace Combat 7, and has for the most part been loving Dragon Quest Builders 2 on the Switch. Tom’s been playing some Samurai Shodown, as well as Golden Axe: The Duel on the Saturn and Fast RMX on the Switch. Beside games, the boys talk The Switch Lite and bargain basement prices of the PS1 Classic. Oh Joy!

Listen here.

TMA 217 – The Plastic Stack


A wild podcast appeared! Go Tom & Mat! Mat used talk about Pokémon Go, Judgement and Ace Combat 7. It’s not very effective. Tom is confused. Tom used discuss the Mega Drive Mini (and it’s little peripherals), Yoku’s Island Express, Call of Duty 4 and sorting out game collections. Mat fainted. The podcast ran out of useable conversation topics. The podcast blacked out…

Listen here.

TMA 216 – Reserving Final Judgement


On this week’s TMA, Mat has naturally spent a lot of time playing Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s newest game, Judgement! Between watching Evangelion, he’s also exploring rare Tetris titles and sorting out his PS2 games. Tom’s been buying a few bits here and there, but also philosophising on the future of the ‘HD Remaster’. Join us as we get into all that and more on Tom and Mat Attack!

Listen here.

TMA 215 – “We’re not going to talk about E3…”


This week’s TMA starts by proving the adage ‘famous last words’ by Tom declaring that he and Mat won’t talk about E3… Before the boys take 40 minutes to give their impressions on the Microsoft and Nintendo conference offerings. Besides that, Mat reminisces about Final Fantasy games and how owning a home makes him want to play Harvest Moon, while Tom’s been playing the PS2 hidden gem ‘Star Wars Racers Revenge’ and bemoans the death of custom game endings.

Listen here.

TMA 210 – Goth in Red Coat


On a delayed TMA Cast, the boys explain where they’ve been! Mat talks through a Paris trip, Florence (the game, not the city) and the confusing lineage of the Game Boy Konami Collection’s lineage, while Tom’s been tucking into some classic arcade style action with Horizon Chase Turbo and Raging Justice. Besides that, there’s some Dead Cells, Resident Evil 2 talk and of course, talk about Judge Eyes controversy…

Listen here.

Supa Retron HD from Hyperkin - Unboxing and Mini-Review!

Anyone curious about Hyperkin's Supa Retron HD console may want to check out this vid, join Tom as he unboxes and tries out the console for himself.

The Supa Retron HD is one of many Super Nintendo 'Clone' systems that endeavour to produce the same gameplay experience as you remember from the original console through using original cartridges and clone hardware.

The Supa Retron HD even outputs in HD so your old games can look as good as possible on your fancy new HD screens, as the name suggests ;)

TMA 197 – Better than Strictly!


On yet another TMA, the boys discuss more than the latest episode of strictly and haiku’s! Tom’s been playing some Tetris (and quilting), but also finding Yakuza Kawami to be less than what was promised in terms of Shenmue succession. Mat’s been playing some Donut County and forcing things into holes… Beyond that, the boys debate the length of games, discuss some of their favourite retro retailers and have a good old natter about originality in games!

Listen here.

Parry's Pickups! Episode 67... - Birthday Bonus Import Special!


What? How? There's more Parry's Pickups!? You may be asking yourselves this question, you may not be, but it's true, all of it!

Let me explain, this video came about because there's no Episode 67 of Parry's Pickups, I accidentally missed it out...somehow... Seeing as it was my Birthday coming up and I'd bought myself a few games from Genki Video Games to celebrate, I thought, let's do a new one and make up for the missing episode!

Please enjoy :)

NOTE: This vid is NOT a paid advertisement for Genki Video Games, I do however highly want to recommend them as a great place to get imported games online. I've been buying games from them for years and the service is impeccable and I just wanted to give something back as a way of saying thanks!

Check out the site at the link below:

Villains Of The Week #1

Due to the exciting news about the potential film "Murder House", (our favourite horror stars resurrected and being studied for their murderous traits) I'm in the mood to delve into our very own favourite baddies of the video game world.




As Sonic has soared through the decades with regular game and TV reboots, one thing is for sure, he isn't going anywhere soon. And where Sonic treads, his arch nemesis Robotnik is never far behind (there are a few other Sonic villains but Robotnik is king here.) He has certainly changed with the times, most recently with extra long legs to match Sonic - I am still not a fan of that - but his top heavy wobbling form with his outrageous moustache is one of the most recognisable. He chooses sidekicks even worse than himself, I'm sure he may have caught Sonic at least once properly by now if he'd done the legwork himself, but what can I say? He is a very lazy, pompous villain.  Mad and most definitely bad, Robotnik has been villainous since the 80's, terrorising Sonic and the gang every step of the way. His attempts at humour fall flat, and I love him because of that, with his bumbling form looking ridiculous but bizarrely matching his warped sense of reality. An old school bad guy who always falls guilty of talking too much, resulting in Sonic escaping certain death more than once because of his need to explain himself. He may not be successful but you can't say he isn't stubborn (even if he is easy to beat) and game after he game he resurfaces to try all over again.Yes he loves a tantrum and yes he fails at almost every turn - but I can't help it, he's almost lovable.

He might be a villain - but his failures make us remember him fondly, and I can't see him dissapearing any time soon.


Dave says "Some villains simply don't stand the test of time. They may, for a while, prove to be worthwhile adversaries but eventually grow tiresome.bNot so with Sonic's main arch nemesis, the infamous Dr Robotnik! (Or Eggman as he is now being known as). Creator of the badniks, various traps and owner of a flying...egg shaped platform that gains various upgrades just in time to challenge Sonic to boss fights, his looks and personality makes him one of my all time love to hate villains! SEGA keep trying to broaden the Sonic titles by throwing him into various scenarios, but his classic battles against the Doctor prove that sometimes the original baddies are best.
He'll get you eventually, you spikey rodent!"

Over and out! 


The Art of The Game



Hi guys Mel here,

Recently I have been looking at all sorts of gaming art in my spare time, from game covers to posters and fan art too. Being an avid Tumblr (of gaming information, film funnies and occasionally cute puppies) I noticed the flurry of amazing fan art blossoming on social media. As someone who can't draw to save her life, I wondered what is was that drew artists to certain games, certain styles and what drew them to do it in the first place. I interviewed Jodeeeart, an amazing artist with a passion for games to get her opinion.

Jodie, first and foremost, how long have you been drawing?

Drawing? As long as I can remember, I have been painting digitally for around 6 years now.

What made you chose this game (Assassin’s Creed) to draw from?

It’s my favourite Franchise for a few reasons. I’ve always loved history, particularly the renaissance. The first AC I played was AC2 and I fell in love with it. The character’s are always beautifully designed the locations are gorgeous. Every single time I play them, I come away wanting to paint.

What’s your favourite game console to play games on?

I play on the XB360 and am probably going to update to a XBONE but my favourite has to be the Sega mega drive, It’s so nostalgic for me. It’s certainly when I fell in love with gaming as a child, Mega Games 2 all the way!

What game, in your opinion, has the best artwork?

That’s a toughy, the AC art is beautiful, I recently bought the Thief Art book and that’s filled with gorgeous artwork too. I also adored the art for Devil May Cry 4. It’s really very hard to choose one. Most Games have pretty stunning artwork.

Finally, is there anyone you want to draw but haven’t yet?

Yes, there are loads of characters/people, Gabriel Belmont from Castlevania LOS is one i’ve always fancied that I haven’t drawn. I would also love to do a proper Bayonetta piece, I did one a while back but not since I started painting digitally.

Jodie's artwork is amazing, and I have the good fortune of it popping up on my dash on a regular basis! Tumblr is a hotbed of amazing artists, especially those focused on gaming; I would recommend everyone to check it out!

Find Jodie's art at Deviantart and on Tumblr

Mel over and out!