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Tom's Gaming World! - Episode 8 - Death Crimson, Alisia Dragoon, Rockin' Kats, Golden Axe and more!

After a 2 month hiatus Tom returns with plenty to talk about!

Join him on this latest episode of Tom's Gaming World as he discusses his recent pickups including Death Crimson 2 for the Dreamcast while also giving some special attention to the following Retro games;

Alisia Dragoon for Mega Drive, Rockin' Kats for the NES and Theme Park on SNES.

Tom's Gaming World! - Episode 5 - Hyperkin's Retron HD (HD NES), CD-i Light Gun games and Gex!

It's time for another Tom's Gaming World update! Tom is back once more to fill you in on his latest pickups and gaming related stories.

In this episode we hear why Gex Deep Pocket Gecko hasn't left Tom with a great first impression and if Hyperkin's Retron HD (NES Clone Console) is really worth your time.

There's also a bit about CD-i Light Gun games...if that's your thing ;)

Tom's Gaming World! - Episode 4 - SEGA 32X, SNES Fighting Game Imports and more!

Hello all! It's been a while but Tom's Gaming World is back! In this episode we talk a little about the SEGA 32X for Mega Drive and recent pick ups, as well as taking a look at a few Super Nintendo Fighting Game imports (the names of which I now know):

Games Played in this Episode (in order of appearance)