TMA 197 – Better than Strictly!


On yet another TMA, the boys discuss more than the latest episode of strictly and haiku’s! Tom’s been playing some Tetris (and quilting), but also finding Yakuza Kawami to be less than what was promised in terms of Shenmue succession. Mat’s been playing some Donut County and forcing things into holes… Beyond that, the boys debate the length of games, discuss some of their favourite retro retailers and have a good old natter about originality in games!

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TMA 196 – Walking Normal


On this week’s TMA, the boys finally hash out a debate 2 years in the making! Shenmue Vs. Yakuza! We talk about what we love in the games, what we hope will be their futures and the merits of English Vs. Japanese voice acting!

Besides that, Mat’s been to Paris video game hunting and Tom’s been busy thinking of a Haiku to describe his feelings on Sonic 2 for the Master System! Yup, it’s quite a podcast!

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Tom Plays Shenmue (PS4) ...continued! - Let's look for Sailors!

For the first time ever Tom Plays goes against tradition and features a game twice! It is Shenmue though...and if any game deserves two episodes Shenmue had to be it!

Also this video exists, in part, as an apology for the last video, which, due to a terrible internet connection, made for a rather ugly live stream...we pre-recorded this one just to make sure it looked good!

Plus, Tom's not alone this time and brings Gareth into the fray once more! The two share the same fondness for the game and, having played it numerous times together previously, have plenty to talk about!

Parry's Pickups! Episode 100 - Jurassic Park, Batman, Tetris and Shenmue!

100 episodes, over 400 games, Parry's Pickups celebrates it's final episode with an epic 27 minutes of Pickups!

The final episode of Parry's Pickups was always going to be a special one seeing that it coincided with the re-release of Shenmue 1 & 2, which receives some special treatment in this feature length episode.

Rest assured though it's not a completely Shenmue-centric episode, as Tom also shares his recent Game Gear pickups and his latest Tetris pickup!

So sit back, relax and enjoy this hundredth and final episode!

Tom + Mat Attack 102 – ShenMulan


tma It’s been a slow week in TMA Town! Mat’s completed Shenmue, beat some Duck Tales and even done a little bit of Wooly World with Young Thomas, who has mostly been spending his time buying expensive copies of Worms and reminiscing over his love of fighting games and how said love could perhaps be coming to an end…?

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Tom + Mat Attack 101 – Finally Got Megaman!


tma This week the boys are back to their regular shinnanigans. Tom’s picked up some more Worms, Mat bought some Gameboy games, and they’re both talking nonsense! Tom’s been knee deep in some Monopoly on PS3, as well as some Towerfall Accession & Surgeon Simulator on the PS4. Mat has purely been playing Shenmue and as a result, is about to loose some street cred with the Dreamcast Crowd…

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