Tom + Mat Attack 102 – ShenMulan


tma It’s been a slow week in TMA Town! Mat’s completed Shenmue, beat some Duck Tales and even done a little bit of Wooly World with Young Thomas, who has mostly been spending his time buying expensive copies of Worms and reminiscing over his love of fighting games and how said love could perhaps be coming to an end…?

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Tom + Mat Attack 101 – Finally Got Megaman!


tma This week the boys are back to their regular shinnanigans. Tom’s picked up some more Worms, Mat bought some Gameboy games, and they’re both talking nonsense! Tom’s been knee deep in some Monopoly on PS3, as well as some Towerfall Accession & Surgeon Simulator on the PS4. Mat has purely been playing Shenmue and as a result, is about to loose some street cred with the Dreamcast Crowd…

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Tom + Mat Attack 099 – 99 Probworms


tma You havin’ Worms problems, I feel bad for you son. ‘Cause Tom’s got 99 versions, but Worms 2 ain’t one. -cough- Sorry, had to get that little ditty out the way! On this week’s TMA, Mat is debating buying an expensive arcade machine, confirming most Gameboy Color games are nonsense and getting surprisingly hooked on Puzzle & Dragons. Tom’s moved on from Lemmings to Worms, but still managed to fit in some Mortal Kombat, and even a few racing titles!

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