#killallzombies by Beatshapers is a twin stick shooter that retails for the not-unreasonable £3.99 on Steam, and is also available for PS4, X-Box One, and even the much-neglected PS Vita. The Steam version was the one tested here.

The action takes place on a three-quarters overhead view arena with a hexagonal floor which you can scroll about a screen-width in all directions, and plays like a modern-day version of that 90’s arcade classic Smash TV. (showing my age again here….)


There are 3 Game Modes. Survival which is to kill as many as you as can before they get you, Vault Defence which gives you a base to defend, and Co-Operative which means 2 players can play on the same screen, although you share the one health bar. Hmmm….

Common to all modes, the game eases you in with a simple handgun and a few undead to run around and shoot. If you get very close you can do melee kills but be careful as your energy bar can go down very quickly if you linger amongst the rotting hordes…

After a certain number of undead are killed, you get to select a power up from a selection of 4, which change randomly each time. There are over a hundred of these, certainly too many to list here, but include poison shots, extra time, improved melee damage or smart bomb equivalents that just kill everything. You also get power ups like Health or other weapons that appear randomly on the screen.


Later levels introduce turrets of spinning spiked poles, vehicles dropping from the sky (the floor flashes red briefly before they appear) falling meteors and even flying saucers.

One of the big selling points Beatshapers are touting is its Twitch streaming interactivity, which enables spectators to issue voice commands which affect the gameplay, by changing player’s stats, spawning more or less zombies or even flip the screen to a different perspective. There is a cool down timer though so at least you can’t be spammed.

I will confess to not testing these features, as there seemed to be a lot of issues getting the stream to work properly. This may well have been due to my connection and you may have more luck.


The minimum specs for this are low so you could pretty much run it on a potato, but even though I am running it on a Ryzen 7 and GTX1080, there was slowdown when a lot of zombies were on screen at once on later levels which seemed odd. I did all the relevant checks and even re-installed the game but there were still these occasional issues which was unfortunate.

And that is basically it. Run around, shoot, repeat. This is definitely a far better 2 player experience, as both you can run about laughing and killing zombies in a variety of gruesome ways, whilst trying not to blow each up. As a Single player game the shallowness of the gameplay is revealed, and means it’s best played in small doses.


Taken in that way, there’s fun to be had here, even though the occasional glitches and overall lack of polish knock a few points off. Still, for less than the price of a Big Mac meal you get a fun little shooter that fans of the genre will enjoy.

- Ian


To learn more about the game, head over to the Beatshapers website:

#KILLALLZOMBIES was provided by Beatshapers for an unbiased review, all views expressed are those of

Mike Dies - A Bloody Metroidvania coming to Steam February 23rd


The game was inspired by titles like Super Meat Boy, VVVVVV and Super Metroid. 

5 years in the making, Mike Dies, a game by Psydra Games is coming to steam on February 23rd.


"It's a terrific game that deserves people's attention..." - Chris O'Regan,

"Keep your eye out for Mike Dies. This could be something big." - This Guy Named Steve,

More details on the game can be found on the Mike Dies Steam page!

Arcade-style SHMUP 'Beekyr Reloaded' OUT Now on Steam

beekyr logo.jpg

Beekyr Reloaded - The definitive bee'em up.

14th November 2017,
KaleidoGames officially announces the release of Beekyr Reloaded for Windows PC, finally leaving Early Access. An action game with multi-directional scroll, diverse mechanics, a groundbreaking theme and a great co-op mode.

But hold on a second! Wasn't the shoot'em up genre dead? Not anymore! We are here to breathe new life to the genre! Face a tough arcade-style shmup with no spaceships nor aircrafts, but cruel wasps instead! It will teach anyone how this kind of game is played, while having a great time!

A bunch of giant hornets have destroyed your hive and taken the pollen away. Fight the swarms alone or with a friend, and destroy the wicked hornet queen! The Insect World is a very dangerous place but... What are you waiting for? Avenge them all !
Beekyr Reloaded will be available for Windows PC as a digital download on Steam from November 14th 2017. Versions for game consoles might come at a future time.

Beekyr Reloaded has become apart of our First Level series and you can see the video below!

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal platforms onto Nintendo's Switch This Christmas

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal comes to Nintendo Switch on November 17th, while a boxed retail version will be available in 2018.  


The 3D platformer by Drakhar Studio will see the light on Nintendo hybrid console, after pleasing the fans of the classic genre last year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

Madrid, Spain, November 6th 2017: After delighting fans of 3D platforms on PS4, Xbox One and PC last year, the adventure ‘Ginger: Beyond the Crystal’, developed by Drakhar Studio, is about to launch on Nintendo Switch thanks to BadLand Games. The title, starred by the amusing character that gives name to Drakhar's creation, will be available for Nintendo hybrid console just before Christmas. The game will be available in digital format on the eShop starting on November 17th; physical version will arrive on 2018.

All-time Nintendo users, the first gamers that experienced a "new dimension" in the platformer genre thanks to Super Mario 64, will be more than pleased to see Ginger getting launched on Switch, but they won't be the only ones that would enjoy the title created by Drakhar. Ginger: Beyond The Crystal it's an adventure game and a 3D platformer, in which the player will have to rebuild a magical world devastated by the explosion of a crystal. Ginger will have to find the damaged crystals and purify them thru the godess. But he's not the only survivor, he'll have to find the rest of inhabitants and rescue them from other worlds, where they're kidnapped. 


Ginger will have to face a lot of enemies, traps and platforms on his journey through fifteen different levels with more than 200 side quests. 
Great visuals and an epic soundtrack will take players trough three different dream worlds, where they'll find different characters that will give them special skills that will help them solve each task. Also, the game has 15 different bonus levels that will put the players skills to test.
For Luis Torres, CEO of Drakhar Studio, one of the best new features of the game is "joining farming and simulation genres to classic adventure/platformers like Spyro, Zelda or Donkey Kong Country".
Moisés Otero, ‘Ginger: Beyond the Crystal’ production designer, highlights that "besides being a classic 3d platformer, the game has modern mechanics, simulation, quests, adventures, small village rebuilding and even has a new game mode called Old School,  harder tha normal mode, specially made for classic games fans".

Morphite Xbox One Review


Totally in the dark on this game; so the style and type of gameplay I’d been tasked with reviewing was a complete mystery. So wasting no time I redeemed the review key via the Xbox store and waited as what was a relatively small file downloaded.

Initial impressions.

Starting off aboard a space station our heroine, Myrah Kale, is sent on a sort of coming of age/first steps type mission. Despite it clearly not being a point and click adventure, this was the immediate first impression. Most likely due to the linear series of events that then followed.

After a short while just following the story prompts which are acting as a tutorial of sorts. The game’s play mechanic started to show through. In short explore, collect, redeem/trade and repeat as required.


The art style is described as ‘Stylized Low-Poly Look’ which seems fitting enough. Some commentators have described it as being similar to Astroneer – which is a reasonable enough statement to make although Astroneer uses a wider range of colours and effects for the art style/environment that it is using.

The music is also worth a mention. The game uses a series of musical cues and mood pieces that play during certain moments acting more as a sound scape than a soundtrack. Like the art style these are very distinctive and helps to give it a sense of place that’s very unique.

So back to the game; having gained a mentor and a feline flying robot (called Kitcat) I completed the firing tutorial and left the space station on-board my own spacecraft. The navigation of which is via a galaxy/solar system type maps. Up to this point everything was first person but inside the ship the view is locked down.


Between you and the destination there are traders and other space stations. Essentially these provide the obvious trading opportunities and in the case with space station upgrade possibilities. Of course there is also the possibility of combat. This takes the appearance of using one of the gun emplacements as seen on-board the Millennium Falcon (or for seasoned players ‘Star Raiders’ through a porthole). This played well enough although I had to change the control scheme from directional to ‘pilot’ like in style by inverting the vertical input – always nice when control options are provided but I do wish there was a way to know which was the default option.

Now the first of a couple of pointers that may prove to be beneficial.

Upgrades generally require materials and currency (the delightfully named ‘chunks’). Two types of materials has been the norm so far for upgrades and the coloured bar to the right of the material names is a pictorial representation of the amount you’re carrying (if any) vs the amount required. Since you see all the possible upgrade slots at each venue despite what’s actually available it is a little confusing at first when the on screen requirements are all blank. However the exchange of materials and funds soon becomes a major plank of the game design. Upgrades exist for yourself, equipment and your ship with upgrade areas specialising in one of the three branches.



Now the main thrust of the game is the planet surfaces and it is this that has drawn the strongest comparison to the look of Astroneer and the gameplay of No man’s Sky. As per the Astroneer the No Man’s Sky reference is not quite right either – yes both feature planet surface exploration but the landscape in Morphite is smaller and more valley like in layout thus leading to a precise objective. The reduced colours and geometry is pleasing on the eye with the only drawbacks being that some features such as tunnel entrances can literally disappear when they are the same colour as the surroundings.

Planetary exploration is accessed from orbit via a pod like thing that also acts as a restock point for your weapon and maybe a checkpoint – I say maybe since it’s all a bit confusing. I’ve relied on the checkpoint system only for it to ‘not-save-your-progress’ this forcing me to chase the same amphibian several times.


As I progressed the gameplay did start to coalesce so you can then adopt a playstyle to maximise your playing experience and in game rewards. The game is essentially an exploration based; by scanning flora and fauna on planets you gain readings of their biology that act as tradable items and gateways to enhancements. Other minerals/currency can be acquired via the good old fashioned Zelda approach of smashing stuff or in our instance - shooting it.

Now another playing pointer. You will depend heavily on two items from your roster; the scanner which scans things and you gun with which you can shoot them afterwards. Initially to select between the two required you to pull up a menu and select between them. This was really unwieldy. After all scanning and shooting are the two things you do all the time and rapid selection was pretty much mandatory. Later on I discovered that the D-pad was used to bring up and zoom in/out on a map (up/down) however undocumented was the fact that left/right cycled through your items as well. This turned out to be a mixed blessing since the act of operating the map also moves the held item along. Initially I thought was my inexperience in changing the map but alas having the map up does affect the item being held. The map alas has its own issues. Normally it hangs in the upper right of the screen but is very faint. The version you call up occupies the majority of the screen and is more opaque. So as you move around it does obscure a lot of the scenery and cannot be adjusted. Not only does it make seeing thing difficult as you move but you cannot use anything you’re carrying so no scanning or shooting allowed. Another issue is that the map is rendered as per the height you’re currently at; so instead of seeing the shapes of the valley or caves you can instead get a slice of the world where the terrain has narrowed or even no longer exists at this vertical point.


As already mentioned you progress by exploration and essentially scanning everything. Like all games of this ilk your equipment is compromised at the start and upgrading via exploring is paramount. That does mean that some of the wildlife you see is practically impossible to scan (flies for example). There is a log to let you catch up on the creatures scanned but there appears to be no way of knowing if you’ve scanned all those on a particular planet (they do visually take on a slightly different on-screen appearance). Some lifeforms appear more than once with different preceding adjectives to differentiate between them. This may be down to some sort of seeding system but I noticed at least one whose name of Lakeshits seems a little unfortunate (or maybe I’m breaking the word up incorrectly…).

At this point I should come clean and point out that I haven’t completed the main game yet. In my defence I have literally gone off and done my own thing. Something that this game allows you to do -without question. There is a story and objectives (and a very handy quest screen to keep up to date of what you should be doing) that lead to planetary structures with platform/switch type obstacle courses and the unveiling of a story point (the not at all mythical Morphite!).

The conclusion

This is proving a tricky title to review. There is a lot to admire in this game and they have tried to make it as approachable as possible. Admittedly some of the areas are a little empty and the electronic music (more of an atmospheric audio experience) and graphics can grate if the game is played excessively. However in smaller doses the open ended exploration and easy going nature of this title makes this a game to fall back on, especially since death doesn’t really penalise you – just puts you back to the last checkpoint (maybe).

 “Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for?”

You can find out even more details on Morphite on Crescent Moon Games website, while following the developers Blowfish Studios and We're Five Games.

Morphite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Steam, Nintendo Switch and iOS. 


Assault Android Cactus Lands on XB1X, XB1 on 7 Nov

assault on.png

Assault Android Cactus Energizes the Xbox One X on 7 Nov.

Supports Xbox One X Native 4K 60fps at Launch


BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND - 25 Oct. 2017 - Assault Android Cactus, the action-packed arcade-style twin-stick shooter developed by Witch Beam, will hit the Xbox One marketplace on 7 Nov. 2017, for $14.99 USD. Launching alongside the Xbox One X, Assault Android Cactus will debut native 4K 60fps support and include an optional developer commentary. Players can try before they buy with a free 30-minute trial of the upcoming console version on the Xbox One and Xbox One X.
Assault Android Cactus replaces the traditional life system with a continuously draining battery. Players will need to make every second count as they maneuver through endless swarms of relentless robots to grab power-ups and all-important batteries from fallen enemies. The only way to survive is to keep fighting.
Each of the nine vibrant android heroines has their own character-specific primary weapon with infinite ammo and a more powerful secondary weapon with a cooldown timer. Knowing when to switch between the two is the difference between victory and defeat on ever-changing stages. Accessible gameplay makes Assault Android Cactus an intuitive title for one to four people to pick up and play.
A variety of game modes put the androids' skills to the test. Infinity Drive throws out wave after wave of mechanical minions. Rumble with the big boys with the Boss Rush mode or drop by the Daily Drive to challenge a new scenario every day. Unlock EX options that open up a first-person perspective, powerful MEGA weapons, or an A.I. partner to bring along for the ride.
Follow Junior Constable Cactus and her friends across 25 action-packed levels as they regain control of the Genki Star space freighter from robot workers running amok. Lasers will fly as androids dodge bullets and send five bosses back to the scrap heap, all before their batteries drain away.
"The spirit of our game comes from a love of the arcade culture we grew up with," says Santana Mishra, director, Witch Beam. "I'm excited Xbox One owners will get to experience Cactus's non-stop action, and in glorious 4K HD on the Xbox One X."
Assault Android Cactus is currently available for PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac and Linux for $14.99 USD. Those platforms and the Xbox One release will be available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese.
For more information about Assault Android Cactus, please visit the official website or follow the game on Twitter and Facebook.

Cooler Master, NZXT and Now Futuremark join PC Building Simulator

pc bulinding.jpg

While building a PC can be an exciting task, it could also be a little daunting but fear no more PC Building Simulator is here!

Accurately Benchmark your PC in PC Building Simulator with Futuremark

LONDON - 26th October, 2017 - The UK based independent game publisher, The Irregular Corporation, is delighted to announce that Futuremark has joined the PC Building Simulator project as a partner. Futuremark creates benchmark tools that help people measure, understand and manage computer hardware performance.


Futuremark’s popular 3DMark and VRMark tools will be emulated in-game with real-world data ensuring that PC Building Simulator is as accurate as possible. These benchmarking tools will allow PC Building Simulator players to test the performance of their creations, diagnose hardware issues, select the best components and progress in the career mode, all whilst becoming more knowledgeable about PC building in the real world!

"3DMark has been a key part of the PC builder's toolkit for almost 20 years now. Millions of gamers, overclockers, and system builders have used Futuremark benchmarks to test and compare PC performance," said Jani joki, Commercial Director at Futuremark. "We are thrilled to be working with The Irregular Corporation to help create an authentic, accurate and realistic benchmarking experience for their PC Building Simulator game."

The game puts players in the shoes of a PC builder, working within their own shop to create fully functioning gaming PC’s. The game features a large array of detailed and accurately rendered components from motherboards to CPUs that respond just as they would in real life, players have the ability to experiment with the installation of these components while fully animated installations let the players see exactly where each part slots into the computer.

 The game provides a tutorial system, which guides players step by step through the PC building process. Using detailed instructions, the simulator explains each component and function and allows players the

freedom to preview their own creations and play independently when they feel they are able.

PC Building Simulation will launch in January 2018 and you can add PC Building Simulator to your wishlist today at,

For more information on PC Building Simulator, please visit: or follow PC Building Simulator on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for the latest news and updates.

About Futuremark, a UL company

Futuremark creates the world's most popular performance tests for PCs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, and VR systems. Futuremark is part of UL, a global safety science organization with more than a century of expertise and innovation in the fields of product safety testing, inspection, and verification services.

About The Irregular Corporation

The Irregular Corporation is a newly formed publisher, focused on releasing specialized games for unique communities. Based in London, UK and founded by industry veterans, we aim to bring gaming to new audiences.


Gangs of Space Early Access Out Now on Steam

Gangs of Space launches today on Steam!


Today is a wonderful day for us beacause Gangs of Space launches on Steam Early Access!

You like bullet hell shmup, rogue like and MMO? That's good, our game has lot of love for you. Choose a ship, found your gang, invite your friends and conquer the galaxy before other gangs and pilots!

The game is a Free to Play without any cash/ingame shop but you can upgrade with one our 3 packs if you feel the need. Each one gives you new storage spaces for your ships or your precious loot, some pocket money to start and buy a nice ship or a skin and the possibility to rename some parts of the galaxy.

The launch on Steam is a new step in our history and we're realy happy to share this announcement with you. The game that we dreamed of is now available on PC, Mac and Linux and we sincerely hope you'll enjoy with it.

Can You Save Big Barry? Loot Rascals Out Now On Steam

Loot Rascals by Hollow Ponds a game where you're mission is to save Big Barry was released this week on Steam, but what about Barry? Watch the trailer and even more information below!


Retro Sci-Fi Roguelike Loot Rascals Now Available for PlayStation 4, PC
From an Adventure Time Animator and the Developers of Hohokum
LONDON - 7 March 2017 - Loot Rascals, a card-swapping roguelike with asynchronous "steal or share" multip-P-P-P... retro sci-fi SSSthetic...... British hum-M-M... from Hollow Ponds, is now avaiL-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L SCREEEEEEEE##>>,,.####;;;///#??##'**&&&^##^..///...
...llo? Can Y-Y-Y-Y hear me? Hello? There we go.
I don't have long before they take the transmission over again, but I wanted to say:
Pull on a pair of Space Shorts and visit Loot Rascals' holiday space camp, the first ever destination vacation to feature a Scottish Teapot Genie ...

  • Get into a fist fight with a carrot!
  • Skate in the trail of a boy made of ice cream!
  • Lose yourself in the Enchanting Vale of Zong!
  • Beware of the Horse Brothers - a horse and seahorse intertwined for maximum battle flexibility!
  • Equip special Cards like the Transcendacle, the Pause Poncho or the Chronoflange!
  • Hang out with Holograms of all your friends!
  • Try not to get killed by SPACE DEATH
  • Reach the top of the fabled 'Streaks Leaderboard' by beating the Daily Challenge repeatedly, without ever failing! 

 It's pretty great, if I S-S-S-S-S so myseL-L-L-L-L-L...^^^###''££***=;;;//?....
------four game modes: Standard, Daily Challenge, Seeded, and Practice Mode. The Daily Challenge mode has a special leaderboard which tracks and displays bragging rights for the longest streak of daily successes.
Loot Rascals is available on the PlayStation Store and Steam for $14.99 with full English voiceovers and French, Italian, German and Spanish subtitles.
"We're really excited for players to get their hands on Loot Rascals. It's a deeply strategic roguelike with card sharing elements, cunningly disguised as a very silly cartoon", says Ricky Haggett, founder and lead designer, Hollow Ponds.
For more information, please visit the official website.

Get puzzled with Death Squared on March 14th

Love puzzle games? Team up with a few friends and conquer Death Squared for PC, MAC, Playstation 4 and XBOX One on March 14th.


Does anyone actually read these descriptions? They do? And there's someone reading right now? Well, in that case: Death Squared is a cooperative puzzle game for 1, 2 or 4 players, best enjoyed with loved ones who don't mind a little arguing for the greater good.

Prove your teamwork skills in Death Squared as you solve puzzles together or die trying! Each player needs to guide a robot to a colour-coded goal, but the path is beset with deadly traps and hazards. Teams of players will need close observation and communication to keep each other alive and discover a solution together.

Complete the main campaign in single player or with two players, then take a group into four-player Party Mode for the ultimate teamwork trial! For those that can't get enough, head to the 'Vault' to find extra experiments recommended only for the brave.



  • a micro-journey of: surprise > discovery > mastery > success

  • All players on the board share in that collective journey as they each play a vital role in the discovered solution.
  • 2 Player Story Mode
  • 4 Player Party Mode

'Phoning Home' Picks up on Feb 7th


Phoning Home Begins a Daring Journey on PC in 7 Feb.

A Pair of Robots Explore an Uncharted Planet in a Struggle for Survival.
BERLIN ­­- 9 Jan., 2017 - Phoning Home, an exploration game that follows a robot's crash landing on an unknown planet and attempt to make contact with his native world, will land on Steam 7 Feb. for Windows with Mac and Linux versions coming at a later date.
Players guide ION, a small android exploring a massive alien world, as he uncovers the mysterious cause of his wreck. ION's dangerous search results in encounters with towering wildlife, remnants of ancient civilizations and harsh elements like scorching deserts and bitter cold plains.
Early in his journey ION meets ANI, a smaller robot that becomes a constant companion. ANI's sharpshooting provides a robot leg-up in combat and keeps colossal enemies at bay while ION's greater mobility helps the pair traverse the strange landscape. Only together can the team overcome nearly impossible odds.
ION will shield ANI from treacherous beasts and unforgiving hazards as she becomes more vulnerable to the relentless elements. Keeping the team safe by discovering and sometimes creating safe paths through the world, while outwitting the planet's inhabitants and gathering resources to craft tools to return home will be the key to survival and triumph.
Phoning Home features captivating visuals that blend familiar elements of our own world with strange creatures, fantastic surroundings and intriguing mystery. Weather and daylight follow realistic cycles, making the frigid peaks, lush forests and other areas players explore feel truly alive.
"Phoning Home's enormous open-world is full of surprises and provides players a true sense of adventure," said Marko Dieckmann, founder, ION LANDS. "This combination of exploration and survival games will keep gamers on their toes as they embark on a journey like none other."

To learn more about Phoning Home, please visit the game's Steam page.

Action RPG Beat'em up Lost Castle Out Now on Steam

Hunter Studio's Lost Castle most certainly isn't Lost anymore. The game has now launched on Steam after it's impressive Early Access phase, selling close to 130,000 copies. The game is also running a sale until September 7th with a price tag of £5.52.

BEIJING - August 17, 2016 - Another Indie Studios, Inc., a leading international indie games publisher, today announced that Lost Castle, an action RPG beat-em-up with roguelike elements, will officially launch worldwide on Steam on September 1. The title, which has sold nearly 130,000 copies in “Early Access,” pits players against deadly minions inside Castle Harwood in a dynamically challenging and procedurally-generated dungeon showdown that is sure to make players laugh throughout. The dark comedy of action RPGs, Lost Castle will be available for digital download and priced at $7.99 USD on Steam and the Humble Bundle Store. 

A gameplay trailer has been released showing the carnage and hilarious action that players can expect to encounter;

Castle Harwood, once filled with treasure and nobles, has become overrun with hellish demons and Treasure Hunters descending on the Lost Castle, looking for loot and fame as conquerors of the evil that resides within. As an action RPG with roguelike elements such as perma-death and procedural dungeon generation, players must arm themselves with over 270 possible weapons, armor and items (including diarrhea-causing potions!) and go face-to-face with enemies to fight off almost imminent death. Each unsuccessful quest is not in vain though as the souls of fallen enemies can be used to upgrade the party of Treasure Hunters in hopes of ensuring subsequent runs will be more successful. Lost Castle supports two player online or local cooperative play, so that Treasure Hunters can fight together as a team to defeat enemies.

“Not only does Lost Castle stand out visually because of its hand-drawn graphics, but its roguelike gameplay pacing differs from current trends, prioritizing real-time strategy action over twitch-based reaction times,” says Iain Garner, Global Developer Relations and Marketing Director at Another Indie Studio. “Since most Chinese PC games are very casual and free-to-play driven, Lost Castle’s local performance is also trend-defying given its premium pricing and humorous gameplay that is easy to pick up, but difficult to master.”

Lost Castle was initially released in Steam “Early Access” in February 2016, and has been continually updated with expanded content throughout its development lifecycle, greatly updating the game for its final launch. 

To stay updated on all Lost Castle news, visit:

Lost Castle website Facebook Twitter

About Another Indie Studio

At Another Indie we have one goal -- to get the best indie games to as many people as humanly possible. We believe that language and geography shouldn’t be an obstacle to gamers who want to enjoy the best that the world has to offer. Whether your game is VR, pixel art, cute, or grim we have a plan to get your game onto a truly global market. We’ve made it our mission to support developers and gamers from across the world. In our hearts we are gamers (always have been and always will be) and we want to make awesome video games available to everyone.

You Deserve - A Review

This is the first game by TGA Company who have been lucky enough to get the game through the Steam Greenlight process. You Deserve is a first person horror game where you play as Amy Cooper, a teenager who's found herself stuck and lost within  an unknown world. 

After watching the trailer for this game, the Blast Process team were very excited to play thisas we are big fans of the horror genre. We went into this game knowing nothing about it bar what we had seen in the trailer, and this alone had made us excited to try out something new.

Have you ever felt lost? Have you ever been to sleep and not known if you've woke up? The game begins by setting an air of mystery. Waking up, standing above a chair with rope on the floors leads me to think I was previously tied there. The character believes they are asleep, but everything feels so real.

The tutorial sections are nicely displayed on the walls in game as you go past something that you might need to know.

There is light atmospheric noise in the background, but the lack of music gives the game an eerie feel. This is nice to see as often a sound track can detract from the horror. The lack of music makes this feel all the more real.

From the start there are spooky moments such as a red handprint mysteriously appearing on a painting.

This starts as a puzzle game with needing to find hidden objects to proceed to the next area. The developers have paced the game well with not too much backtracking involved.

Early into the game we are given evidence of an unhappy child who has been bullied at school in the form of letters from parents to the headmasters, and psychological reports. This immediately suggests that it may have been the player that was doing the bullying. This is a bold move as this is a subject not often discussed within games.

The save points within the game are good. A visual indicator used for showing the save areas is nicely done in an unobtrusive way. The game saves automatically without the need for interaction bar walking through the display of shimmering particles.

It isn't long into the game play before the first spooky happening occurs. You wouldn't think that a loan teddy sitting on the floor would be described as creepy, but this game certainly makes it appear as such.

Many weird things happen at an early stage in the game. It draws you in and makes you want to find out more and keep playing.

The animations and textures are very good and make great use of the unity engine. The game makes you aware that you are not alone without fully showing you what or who is sharing the space in which you are exploring.

The puzzles are interesting without being too obscure. Unexpected jump scares are well timed, enough to keep you interested but not too much to make them stale.

The speed the character moves has a nice suspenseful walk, however, can run when needed with no penalty, such as a stamina bar, when you want to quickly investigate branching paths.

The lighting is very well done with atmospheric shadows being cast around the environment.

The first puzzle I experienced some difficulty with involved trying to move boxes in a slowly flooding room. Unfortunately the game didn't give a clear indication about what to do here, however, with some careful investigation of the room we managed to find the required item and progressed with the game after a mere 3 deaths!

Each new location that is entered continues to have a creepy feel. From early in the game the locations are varied with the same level of detail being given to each.

This game actually gave me goose-pimples!

As we continue we see more puzzles that make you think. This pairs well with the scary moments to give a nice balance to the game.

Moving from the school environment we next found ourselves outside. The character is allowed access to move around a vast area which is unlike many games which tie you in to moving a specific route. Walking down dark paths at night is certain to make you jump though!

The scariness of the game certainly intensifies as the game progresses.

The level design is great, everything within a level leading back to each other to close the gaps.

To sum up the game; great graphics, a good level of challenge mixed with free exploration of a new environment, atmospheric sound design all leading to a captivating first offering from TGA Company.


You Deserve is out now on Steam for £5.94 on offer until August 26th, be sure to check it out!







Swordy Smashes onto Steam Early Access, We Battle it Out!

The Blast Process team battle it out in Frogshark's latest multiplayer local brawler 'Swordy' that's just hit Steam Early Access.

Checkout our footage of the game below and let us know what you think of the game!

The Secret Monster Society Joins Steam Greenlight and Releases a Demo

The Secret Monster Society is looking for support through Steam's Greenlight program. Deceptive Games have released a demo for it's latest game so if you enjoy what you see then give the game a thumbs up vote, it doesn't cost a penny!

Have you ever wondered where you dreams come from? The Secret Monster Society is a 2d comedy adventure game where you play as Blithe Dalrich, a dream monster of the ‘underworld’ who, with the aid of his best friend Aphonic, sets off to stop an evil villain bent of destroying human dreams. Meet and converse with over one hundred colourful characters, all with their own distinct personality and quirks. Venture to sunny Caribbean islands, murky forests, dank caves, and even meet death himself.

The Secret Monster Society encapsulates a large amount of mini-games and puzzles. With, one key gameplay mechanic, the ability to time travel between two points in time. The time travel mechanic allows for greater puzzle variance, and story depth.

“The amount of support since first showing the game has been overwhelming. We have been trying to capture the aesthetics of the Saturday morning cartoons that many of us grew up with. And, from player reaction, we may have succeeded.” said Gavin Powell, game director for Deceptive Games. “We have grown up playing 2d adventure games, and combining the two has made for a perfect combination, for the both lore and aesthetics of the game. We are very excited for more players to get their hands on the game.”

The Secret Monster Society is currently on Steam Greenlight. If you would like to show your support, head on over to the greenlight page and vote: HERE.

Availability and system requirements: The secret Monster Society is planned to release on as many platforms as possible starting with Steam, and will require Windows 2K/XP/Vista: 2Ghz Dual Core processor, 3GB system memory, 3D card with 512 MB video memory and DirectX 9.0c.

Hyper Bounce Blast Out Now On Steam

Hyper Bounce Blast from Flump Studios is now available to download on Steam. The game is currently on offer until June 3rd with a price of £3.39.

We previously noted that we've played Flump Studios games in the past and we're looking forward to be giving this a try.

Hyper Bounce Blast is a retro style, stomach churning shooter, blended with classic platforming elements. Bounce, shoot and dodge to survive ever increasing waves of enemy attacks. Bring it on! 

Use the unique bounce multiplier system to maximise power-ups, build your hyper and survive the onslaught! Hyper Bounce Blast also features an fantastic soundtrack produced by electronic musician Quantum Firefly. 


-Bouncing keeps you invulnerable to bullets, so stay away from that floor!.
-Totally unique gameplay mixing twin stick shooting with bouncy platforming action.
-Dodge a ton of bullets, lasers, tesla coils and buzz saws to survive.
-6 Modes of play, including: Arcade, Time Rush and Tournament mode.
-A very classic bonus round.
-Full Steam controller integration, plus Xbox360 controller, Keyboard and Mouse support

Hyper Bounce Blast bounces onto steam may 28th

Created by Flump Studios 'Hyper Bounce Blast' is heading to Steam.

Hyper Bounce Blast is a stomach-churning retro shooter blended with classic platforming action. Bounce, shoot and dodge to survive the ever-increasing enemy attack. Bring it on!

It's not the first game we've seen from Flump Studios. At last years Gadget Show Live we chatted with Paul while he was working on Horizon Shift. You can see the interview right here!

Hyper Bounce Blast is a retro style, stomach churning shooter, blended with classic platforming elements. Bounce, shoot and dodge to survive ever increasing waves of enemy attacks. Bring it on! 

Use the unique bounce multiplier system to maximise power-ups, build your hyper and survive the onslaught! Hyper Bounce Blast also features an fantastic soundtrack produced by electronic musician Quantum Firefly. 


-Bouncing keeps you invulnerable to bullets, so stay away from that floor!.
-Totally unique gameplay mixing twin stick shooting with bouncy platforming action.
-Dodge a ton of bullets, lasers, tesla coils and buzz saws to survive.
-6 Modes of play, including: Arcade, Time Rush and Tournament mode.
-A very classic bonus round.
-Full Steam controller integration, plus Xbox360 controller, Keyboard and Mouse support