Gangs of Space Early Access Out Now on Steam

Gangs of Space launches today on Steam!


Today is a wonderful day for us beacause Gangs of Space launches on Steam Early Access!

You like bullet hell shmup, rogue like and MMO? That's good, our game has lot of love for you. Choose a ship, found your gang, invite your friends and conquer the galaxy before other gangs and pilots!

The game is a Free to Play without any cash/ingame shop but you can upgrade with one our 3 packs if you feel the need. Each one gives you new storage spaces for your ships or your precious loot, some pocket money to start and buy a nice ship or a skin and the possibility to rename some parts of the galaxy.

The launch on Steam is a new step in our history and we're realy happy to share this announcement with you. The game that we dreamed of is now available on PC, Mac and Linux and we sincerely hope you'll enjoy with it.