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Independent Developer QC Games today released Patch 0.2: Shadow Master which includes the new Shadow Master Veil Demon Class for the Steam Early Access title Breach. With the Shadow Master, players can clone their enemy and utilize deployable buff stations to enhance their possessed minions.

Players can also choose how they want to utilize the clones they create, either offensively or defensively, creating a whole new world of chaos for the Heroes trying to complete their mission. Also introduced in this update is the “Challenge System” which allows players to unlock in-game rewards for each class as they level that class up to 30.

Each class will have ability unlocks, gems, and talents specific to that class. These are a few of the newest updates to this latest gameplay patch for Breach.

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Team Racing League Races onto Steam

Team Racing League OUT NOW!
New take on the racing genre hits Steam today.

Haarlem, the Netherlands, August 11: Dutch developer Gamious, today releases Team Racing League: the first ever dedicated team-based racing game. Team Racing League delivers a totally new, esports, 3on3, team-based racing game experience. Use racing skills, smart tactics and unique abilities to beat your opponents. Team Racing League is now released on Steam Early Access at €9.99/£6.99/$9.99.

In Team Racing League, two teams of three players battle each other to the finish line; best- of-three format. Only one player needs to finish first for a team to win. Other players can choose to support their racing team mate, fight for position, or screw over opponents. With a range of unique abilities and team tactics at your disposal, TRL has been designed to be the most competitive top-down racer ever, creating an arena with lots of e-sports potential.

Check out a race in Team Racing League, for once you start playing you will be hooked!

“Team Racing League offers a new racing experience with a very competitive vibe,” said Pim Bouman, CEO of Gamious. “It provides something for everyone as you can play the game in different ways. Players will need to cooperate with their team mates if they want to win.”

Team Racing League’s development was inspired by top-down retro arcade racing games like Super Off Road and Championship Sprint. Instead of relying on power-ups, the game is all about teamwork and racing skills. It aims to be a pure racer, without artificial equalizing mechanics. During the race, the entire track and all racers are visible in a top-down view, giving both players and spectators an excellent overview. Team up with friends and beat your opponents together in exciting online multiplayer matches!

For more information:

Team Racing League on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/504460
Find out about Twitch Game Mode: http://www.gamious.com/team-racing-league-twitch-mode/

Gangs of Space Early Access Out Now on Steam

Gangs of Space launches today on Steam!


Today is a wonderful day for us beacause Gangs of Space launches on Steam Early Access!

You like bullet hell shmup, rogue like and MMO? That's good, our game has lot of love for you. Choose a ship, found your gang, invite your friends and conquer the galaxy before other gangs and pilots!

The game is a Free to Play without any cash/ingame shop but you can upgrade with one our 3 packs if you feel the need. Each one gives you new storage spaces for your ships or your precious loot, some pocket money to start and buy a nice ship or a skin and the possibility to rename some parts of the galaxy.

The launch on Steam is a new step in our history and we're realy happy to share this announcement with you. The game that we dreamed of is now available on PC, Mac and Linux and we sincerely hope you'll enjoy with it.

Let's Play SPIRITSPHERE Early Access

spirit logo.jpg

Eendhoorn Games brings SpiritSphere to Steam early access.

SpiritSphere is a local multiplayer game that draws inspiration from classics like Zelda and Windjammers and mashes it together with the nostalgic feel of playing air hockey at your local arcade.

The Blast Process team go head to head! 

LifeLess a Journey into Saltwater Bay

How lonely can it be? Follow along as I start my adventure in Saltwater Bay. Fancy joining me? the game is currently in Early Access and can be downloaded here

Open world survival game "Lifeless" comes to Early Access

Steam is full of open-world games these days, it seems we enjoy transversing around a vast open area and exploring the unknown.

I've recently stepped into Lifeless myself so keep an eye out for our feedback on the game but as I write this two days late, the game has already received an update, along with the patch notes for the next update.

London, UK, 16th June 2016 – Today, Green Man Gaming Publishing, the publishing arm of Green Man Gaming, and Swedish indie developer, Rigid-Soft have launched their new multiplayer survival game, Lifeless, onto Early Access. Lifeless is an open world survival game that focuses on strong co-operative play based on two factions that fight against zombies and other players in the world.

Lifeless originally started development in 2014 by Swedish startup developer, Rigid-Soft. Following early coverage of Lifeless in Alpha, the developers decided to up their game by switching to Unreal Engine 4. "We had a vision of detailed environments, brutal combat, and solid multiplayer for Lifeless, and we are very confident we are heading in the right direction by using Unreal Engine 4,” said Rigid-Soft CEO Kristoffer Blasiak. “By coming to Early Access, we can work with the community to deliver that experience."

"We've been working hard with the team at Rigid-Soft since late last year, and seen Lifeless go from strength to strength getting ready for Early Access," said Gary Rowe, EVP of Green Man Gaming Publishing. "The team are fully funded, and have a full roadmap of features they plan to deliver during Early Access."

May 2021. Ten years have passed since Patient Zero. Ten years since the world turned into an infected wasteland...

Two factions fight over resources, whilst battling an ever growing menace of infected humans. How will you choose to survive?
Lifeless is a Massively Multiplayer Survival game, where you cooperate between players to survive a hostile environment. Experience an open world filled with environmental storytelling, and brutal, bloody combat. 

  • Welcome to Stillwater Bay. Maine’s most popular tourist spot has become a wasteland. Explore lush natural landscapes and deserted towns set after the world has collapsed.
  • Learn To Survive. Find supplies, collect equipment, keep yourself fed and healthy to stay alive.
  • Choose A Side. Two factions fight for survival – The civilian Nova Guard, or the militant Spartan Phalanx.
  • Fight For Your Life. Brutal, melee-focused combat means you have to get up close and personal if you want to save ammo.
  • An Infected Threat. It’s not just the other faction you need to watch out for. Infected humans will stop at nothing to take you down.

GENRE: Multiplayer Action / Survival
PUBLISHER: Green Man Gaming
RELEASE: 16th June 2016

Man O' War: Corsair sets sail on steam

Based on the Games Work Shop board game, Man O' War. The game is available through Steam's Early Access Program and we have a swab who is  currently out in the high seas reporting on the game.

Keep checking back for more details as we receive contact from our guy on duty! 

Thar she blows! ‘Man O’ War: Corsair’ sets sail on Steam’s Early Access and GOG's Games in Development platform today!

Swindon, 15th April, 2016 – Award winning indie studio ‘Evil Twin Artworks’, (the team behind PC classic ‘Victory At Sea’), is proud to announce new Warhammer based pirate ‘em up, ’Man O’ War: Corsair’ launches today for PC on Steam Early Access and ‘GOG’s Games in Development’ platform.

“We’re really excited to have reached this important milestone in the development cycle,” said James Carroll, CEO Evil Twin Artworks. “The community have already started to get behind the game, and we’re looking forward to working with them more closely as we tackle the next stage of development.”

To celebrate the Early Access launch of Man O’ War: Corsair, please find the latest trailer below.

‘Man O’ War: Corsair’ Official Website is here.

About Man O’ War: Corsair:
Man O’ War: Corsair is a video game of high adventure, naval combat and exploration based on the Games Workshop classic Man O’ War table top game. Play as a rogue Captain of the Empire or Champion of Chaos, personally navigating your vessel in third person across the Great Western Ocean while plundering enemy ships, visiting ports, trading and making legends of your deeds across the land and sea! Engage in boarding actions, with direct control over your Captain and take the fight to the enemy.

In Man O’ War: Corsair, players will explore a vast continent featuring over 50 unique ports. Featuring customisable characters, fleets of sailing vessels, cannons, spells and mystical creatures all clashing on an epic scale, but beware the very waters beneath your bows… Here there be monsters!

Man O’ War: Corsair features:

• Sea based warfare – engage in thrilling broadside battles and take command of your captain as you board enemy ships from an on deck perspective! 
• Huge game world to explore with over 50 ports
• A huge variety of customisable vessel types and characters
• Trade and fight with other Captains, vessels and ports
• Hire wizards and other magical beasts to do your bidding
• Command allies from different races and fight deadly enemies including - 
Orcs, High Elves, Dwarfs, Dark Elves, Skaven, Pirates, Chaos, Sea Monsters and more! 
• Travel the huge environment day and night, and in all weathers.

Man O’ War: Corsair is available on Steam now for $29.99, £22.99, €27,99, with a 10% discount for the first week of launch!

Marooners comes to Steam Early Access

M2H launches it's chaotic party game Marooners. The game can be downloaded through Steam's Early Access program with a discounted price of £9.89. So grab your friends and find those unused control pads, it's Marooners time!

The Blast Process team will be giving there thoughts on the game soon, so watch out for our Let's Play videos.

Rampage Knights - Cooperative Beat 'em up Hits Steam on Friday

rampage_knights_1 Rake in Grass is all set to release Rampage Knights this Friday 27th via Steam's Early Access Program.

rampage knights

Rampage Knights is a cooperative beat 'em up game mixed up with randomized dungeon crawling and exploration, which you can play alone or with a friend online.

You play as a hero trapped by a spell in a magical forest. All paths lead you to a nearby ruined castle, infested with goblins, skeletons and other foul creatures. This must be the source of the black magic covering the land!

Checkout the trailer below!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Swdkfel2k1c?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

Stay tuned for our thoughts and videos on the game as we'll keep you updated on Rampage Knights.

Let's Play Janky Tanks - Smash Bro's with TANKS!

janky tanks 1

janky tanks logo We play Janky Tanks! The game is currently on Steam Early Access for £3.99 and is being created by Hyper Hippo Productions.

Janky Tanks is a local multiplayer combat game for 2-8 players. It features hilarious physics and rapid "janky" combat. Seriously, your tank winds up spending most of its time in the air, using wall jumps and rocket jumps to fight. It's fun for the whole family. Try it. You won't be disappoint.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sa8bGr2e8K8?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

Thanks for watching our video. Leave a LIKE if you want to see more Janky Tanks!