Looking forward to WWE 2K15? GAMEPLAY inside!


wwe2k15-logo This Friday marks the release of WWE 2K15 on the Playstation 4 and Microsoft's XBOX ONE console. The game is already released on past generation consoles the PS3 and Xbox 360 but how will the game fair on the new consoles? See the game in action below.

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2K Showcase Intro


2K Showcase CM Punk - John Cena


CM Punk vs John Cena


Royal Rumble Big Show


I P-p-picked Up Pokemon!


So...a Friday night well spent!So you are now Orlando- thrown back into the world of pokemon with a crash. Someone needs your help and there's a new silver haired sidekick who calls upon you to save pokemon from the evil team that is on the hunt for mega evolving pokemon. We have Team Aqua ready to flatten us -but wait! Who should appear in the caves to challenge us but Team Magma themselves. Twice the grunts, twice the battles right? I certainly hope so. It's only a demo: a few pokemon to tickle the taste buds, a battle to fire you up, old enemies revamped with new outfits, old pokemon with new mega evolutions. Bit of old and a bit of new all mixed it together.

Although I will say that blasted BuzzNav on your bottom screen is infuriating - it had better not be there constantly when the game comes out else my 3DS will end up out of the window! Constant flickering and scrolling text that distracts you incessantly, recapping the very basics of the game, a never ending news report with an ever annoying news reporter. However, the set up looks good. An interesting tweak on the game we love, I don't think they will let us down- not yet anyway.

Over and out! Mel


P-p-pick Up A Pokemon!


I've got a demo code for pokemon!I'm so excited I can barely conceal it. I love Pokemon more than I love any other game (WOW and Spyro a close second and third). It's Friday night and I should be out partying...ahh who am I kidding? Saturday nights party night and Fridays is all about ME! And the only thing better than watching Pokemon on Netflix is playing it! Woop!

Pokemon, GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! Over and out! Mel


Let's Play Fight The Dragon and get 40% off on Steam today!


FightTheDragon_Banner3Fight the Dragon fights it's way to Steams Daily Deals with a massive 40% OFF! The game is currently on Steam's Early Access program and you can download the game here.


Fight The Dragon is a COMMUNITY CREATED Hack'n Slash RPG where players can team up and tackle exciting adventures made by other community members in our in-game Adventure Construction Kit.

Players can play single player, local split-screen (2 players) or online multiplayer (4 players) to complete 10-15 minute adventures in a non-linear order, which allows players to jump in for a quick fix or play multiple adventures over longer play sessions.

Collect loot, level up, conquer enemies and become a master adventurer!

Interested? Check out our first look at the game below.

Super Smash Bros Demo Preview


Thanks to my good friend Kiefer (@Kipikins) I've managed to obtain a demo code for the upcoming 3DS version of Super Smash Brothers. I'm a long standing fan of the series since it's beginnings back on the Nintendo 64. I mean...come on...who didn't and wouldn't want a over the top fighting game featuring some of Nintendo's most loved franchises? Many precious GCSE 'revision sessions' were lost to several rounds on Smash Bros! The series returned on the Nintendo Gamecube with the added title of Melee fixed to the end, and I can safely say I probably sunk more hours into that iteration than that of its predecessor and the later version released on the Wii some years later combined. The Gamecube controller was the perfect fit (of which I'm really glad they allowed you to use the same pad on the Wii and the upcoming Wii U version too). Anyway...I digress.


The upcoming 3DS version is the first handheld Smash Bros. Boasting the same roster of characters which will be available later in the year on it's bigger brother, the Wii U, this game is crammed full of Nintendo fan service. The 3DS iteration will share some of the same levels from the Wii U plus includes a few of its own.

Lets get down to business. The demo...what do you get?

Smash mode is the only way to play in the demo, giving you the option of fighting on your own against 1-3 CPU opponents of adjustable difficulty. You can also play via local wireless, allowing you and up to 3 friends to battle it out, with or without CPU opponents to pad out the contest. 5 characters are playable, with veterans Mario, Link and Pikachu being pick-able alongside newcomers MegaMan and the Villager (of Animal Crossing fame), giving you a good selection of different fighting styles. You can only do battle on one map, the straightforward Battlefield (with either the additional 'floating' platforms included or not, pressing X on the map selection screen allows you to flick between the two settings). Pickup/item options cannot be changed, nor can the time limit, which is set at 2 minutes.

As I started my first battle it soon became apparent that this was the Smash Brothers I knew and loved. No tinkering of controls, no changes to the mechanics, it's Smash Brothers, only on a handheld console. Playing as one of my favorites (Link, of course) only cemented that fact as all the combos and moves came back to me in a flash. It's been some time since I played the Wii version, but just like riding a bike you soon get back into the swing of battering people out of arenas. Today I managed to play with a couple of friends at work via local wireless and we were soon letting out gasps and cursing each other in a way only local multiplayer games can. While the demo may only give you 5 characters and 1 arena, it's unsurprising that we were all agreeing on having 'one more go' after each match.

I'm currently using a standard 3DS, while my 2 friends were using XLs. The Battlefield map in the demo perhaps isn't the greatest way of testing how well the game will work on my tiny screens, as screenshots/videos and other hands-on articles I've read have all pointed at the XL being the console you should be playing this on. This is mainly due to some of the other arenas being much wider, meaning when the fights get stretched and the camera inevitably has to zoom out so everyone can see what's going on the action is going to be very hard to see on the standard 3DS screens. This isn't something I can personally confirm, as previously mentioned the Battlefield map is a pretty straight-forward arena.


I've put most of my game time so far into the two newcomers to the series, especially MegaMan. At first, I wasn't that taken with his move set, but the more I've used him, the more I'm getting into his combos. I don't usually play with ranged characters, which with a gun attached his arm, it's obvious how MegaMan was going to play. His recovery move doesn't have any offensive power for example, but I'm really getting into the swing of his abilities.


The Villager has some nifty moves, with my favorite being the summon-able missile, aka the Gyroid. Hop on one, and use it as a guided missile, allowing you to jump off before it hits its target, ideal for taking out characters trying to recover. I've got a lot more rounds to play through before I can really say if either of them will be ranked as my most played characters.


My circle pad is taking some stick when I'm going for the smash moves, so I'm a little worried I may eventually break it... Hopefully a future update may slightly adjust the sensitivity of bringing out the powerful moves. The 3DS's other buttons suit the default Smash Bro's button layout, although I guess if the console had a second C-Stick like the Gamecube controller to pull off the Smash attacks that would be awesome (and may lengthen the life of my main console stick). Speaking of which, sadly you won't be able to use the Circle Pad Pro as it won't be compatible. Nintendo have confirmed you will be able to use the 2nd stick on the 'new 3DS' which is coming out next year with Smash Bros though.

All and all, the demo does a fantastic job of making me very impatient when it comes to having to wait for the full release (which no doubt will make me want the Wii U version even more than I already do...). It looks fantastic, and I'm glad that Nintendo decided to give each of the characters a black outline to make the characters a little easier to battle with on the smaller screens. I am a little concerned about the arena sizes in the full release when played out on the 3DS screen. I don't feel restricted by the layout of the buttons in conjunction with the default control layout, aside from possibly the sensitivity of trying to pull off the smash moves with the stick. The newcomers fit in with the already established veterans, who play just like their bigger console iterations.

If you didn't get a code via Club Nintendo (or via an awesome friend!) then have no fear, the demo will be available to download from the eShop from September 19th.


Far Cry 4 Preview


farcry4 Far Cry 4 is set for release on the 21st of November and over the weekend I had a chance to sit down and play through a build of the game on Sony's Playstation 4.

Upon loading the game I was presented with a logo for Far Cry Chronicles, instead of the number 4 in the title. A codename for Ubisoft's latest game in the series, I'm not sure as it was a early build but let's get into the game.

I'm somewhat new to the Far Cry games so everything that was shown to me was a first. Fortress was the name of the level and I had three ways to complete the objective, Sneak, Ride and Fly. As you can tell from the name I was placed in front of a Fortress complete with guards roaming the entrances, several huts scattered around, towers, jeeps and helicopters all ready to protect there base.


The three types of gameplay choices all gave me the end result but meant I could play them in different ways by starting me off with a wide range of weapons and means of transport.

Want to ride a elephant, sure thing! While this felt like I was driving a car with the ability to shoot. I was riding a dangerous and huge animal here, granted I had the ability to dash and charge my enemy, even knock down doors but upon dismounting and shooting my new pet elephant (by mistake!) I had quickly become on the reciving end. The elephant was very fun to ride and gave me a sense of adventure. Oh and the elephant would attack enemies on it's own, a great way to distract people!

far cry 4 elephant base

I got to fly a small helicopter but I believe this can also carry a passenger as well. Trying to control this contraption was a little weird at first because you steer the movement and the game decides when you fly upwards and downwards depending on whats in the way of you but with this in mind you had the chance to rain bullets and grenades from above. While the flying aspect was fun at first I can see it taking a little time to master unlike the elephant who was very straight forward to control.


The scope of the game was huge, giving me a lot of freedom to explore and plan out my attacks by using the different ways of trying to breach the stronghold.  The graphics were  what you'd expect from a next generation game while still keeping the core elements of Far Cry 3 that people know and enjoy.


GSL 2014: TerraTech Preview


First and foremost, an apology. During the course of the video interview with the guys behind the next title I’m about to talk about, and during conversations on Twitter I’ve gone and called this wonderful little indie game Terra Tanks. It isn’t called Terra Tanks, it’s TerraTech. My bad! Right, on we go...

I’m going to throw a little equation that’ll hopefully give you an incline of what to expect from the folks at West London Games.

(LEGO + Robot Wars) + Space Exploration = TerraTech

The concept of the game is quite simple. Gather the planets natural resources to improve your base and fleet. Conquer your enemies and you can even pinch their parts to further develop your base, and more importantly, your tank! And in updating your tank lies the key component to why I enjoyed this game so much.


As you battle other tanks they’ll start to fall to pieces. These pieces can then be used by you to add to your tank. Everytime you play you start off with a little block sized vehicle with a basic gun, but within moments once you’ve defeated other small tanks you’ll have enough ‘bits’ to start making some very oddly designed beasts. Its very easy to do, with no extra building menus or anything like that, you simply use your mouse to click and drag components on and off your tank. Want to see a couple of examples? Below you’ll see a video posted by the TerraTech creators with some of their favourite creations by various people who visited the stand during the course of The Gadget Show Live. Processor Mat’s tank can be spotted at the 1 min 33 second mark, or here. Neil also has a short video of his creation thanks to the devs Vine page too.


While the version on display didn’t really feature the planned base development gameplay, based on what I’ve played thus far I can only imagine the base building to be just as fun. With large generated worlds and a vast selection of components and such to customize your tank, this is one little game that is firmly planted on my radar. Look for a review in the future!

Kris Skellorn is one of the game’s designers and he kindly allowed us to interview him at the stand. The video is up to watch below. Make sure you follow TerraTech via Twitter and Facebook, not forgetting to bookmark the game’s official site,


GSL 2014: Ether One Preview


ether-one-cover1 Moving on from Salvaged, the next game I got to get my paws on was Ether One, a first person adventure game from the small studio White Paper Games.

Ether One, from the off, is all about discovery. Continuing the recently popular theme of slow paced discovery titles started by games such as Myst all those years ago (we’ve had titles like Gone Home and such more recently) you find yourself walking around the small town of Pinwheel piecing together the game’s story.

The stories in this genre of games are somewhat more important than in over the top feasts like Battlefield and such, however from what I’ve heard and played thus far Ether One seems to be more than up for the task. The game centres around a dementia patient and the plot revolves around the fragile nature of the human mind. I’d love to go into further details however it would be very unfair for me to do so.


You can play though the game without touching a single puzzle if the story is all you're interested in. However, for those seeking a little more of a challenge you can instead try to work out the many complex puzzles dotted about the game, all of which play a part in piecing together the many events of the main character’s history. The studio are fond of the old traditional pen and paper required note-taking puzzles of old, so ensure you have them on standby for the harder to complete puzzles later in the game.

Visually the game looks great, as the lighting reflects the calm nature of Pinwheel (at least, on the section of which I was playing). From what I’ve heard so far of the soundtrack it matches the genre of this game perfectly.

mike ether one

Ether One supports the Oculus Rift, which I managed to bag some time with. The VR headset works perfectly, allowing you to look around at your own pleasure. After speaking to NJ (see the video towards the bottom of this article) it is clear the team enjoyed working with the headset and also found it relatively straight forward to include as an option in Ether One. Personally, and also bearing in mind it was my first time using the Rift I sadly found myself getting a headache after only a few minutes worth of play. I struggle to see the 3D aspects in 3D films, so perhaps that played a part in me having to remove the headset after a short amount of time. The other members of the team (specifically Mat and Mike) enjoyed using the headset more than me. I’ll be speaking more about the Oculus Rift in an upcoming preview of Fortresscraft Evolved in a few days time.

It is hard to talk in detail regarding games based in a genre that is powered by the sense of discovery, and while it isn’t a game for all tastes I’ll be personally looking forward to playing this one in my own time.


As mentioned earlier, below you can find a video interview with NJ, the audio lead for Ether One. He talks about the game and of course the Oculus Rift. Further below is the latest trailer for the game. You can purchase Ether One now directly from the developers, GoG or The Humble Store. Links and more information can be found at the game’s official website, You can also follow them on Twitter, @WhitePaperGames.



GSL 2014: Salvaged Preview


sal2 Gadgets and gizmos, we all love them, and this weekend hundreds and thousands of people are flocking to Birmingham’s NEC to get hands on with some of the latest technology at this year’s Gadget Show Live. Created off the back of the popular Channel Five TV series, The Gadget Show Live is a fantastic opportunity for technology enthusiasts to get hands on with current and future tech.

This year the show is also home to a selection of independent videogames. Myself, Mike, Matt and Neil were all given the chance to get hands on with the following eight titles:

Salvaged Ether One Terra Tanks Space Farmers Mighty Tactical Shooter Tiki Taka Soccer Magnets Fortresscraft Evolved

Over the course of the next few days I’ll be writing up about each of these games. To begin with I’ll start with Opposable Game’s tactical action title, Salvaged.

Salvaged was the first title to grab my eye as we approached the indie games stand. With a tablet in hand a member of the development team was controlling a squad of 4 crew members, or in other words acting out the part of the commander, issuing orders to his salvage crew members. The galaxy has become over-run with long dormant, abandoned starships, ripe with items (loot) that can be used, sold or upgraded for future deep space salvage missions.


The main draw to this title is the use of a tablet as a controller. It displays the layout of the current ship you’re on along with the location of each of your crew members. By touching either the ‘dot’ that represents each person or by selecting one of the 4 character profiles on the right hand side of the screen allows you to then tap to where you would like that person to move too. On the monitor connected to the PC running the game were 4 screens, one for each of the crew members, showing their perspective on what was in front of them.

Be warned however, for out in space, you are never alone. While searching for loot you’ll encounter alien lifeforms that aren’t too pleased by your appearance on their new home. Combat is automatic, but it is up to you how you deploy and position your crew members. When I sat down to play Salvaged for the first time I went and made the ultimate alien movie mistake by separating my team into two groups. The first group positioned themselves by a corridor ready to face a couple of menacing aliens, only to find themselves without the time and space required to shoot the aliens dead before being torn to pieces. I managed to negociate the other team a little better, but between the two of them they didn’t really last that much longer.


During the course of your wander around the starship you’ll encounter the previously mentioned loot. As again already mentioned they can be sold, traded or used to upgrade your items and such. The full game will feature some RPG elements to allow your crew members to progress to better weapons and gear. Permadeath is a thing in this game though, so be very cautious with your team, otherwise you may end up losing your geared up salvagers.

It is clear the studio has been inspired by the likes of Space Hulk, Syndicate and of course XCOM. Having the benefit of two viewpoints was refreshing, both the top down perspective for tactical precision and the first-person view of each member of the team so you know exactly what you are facing. I did however find myself looking far too much at the tablet. From a tactical point of view I think it is much better to try and split your attention equally between the two.

Opposable Games take great pride in the technology that allows them to used the tablet with the PC. ‘One Touch Connect’, created in-house, allows multiple devices to discover and thus connect to one and other. All would be for nothing if not for the fact that the technology is supported across all major formats (PC, Mac, iOS and Android).


Nintendo and Sony are both playing with similar play styles with the Wii U and Vita respectively. While the use of two screens can sometimes be heavily debated between gamers, for tactical games such as this having the option to use a touch screen device (of which many households now have some form of Android or iOS tablet) makes perfect sense.

I enjoyed my time on Salvaged, (albeit resulting in the un-timely death of my crew) meaning this will be a title I’ll be keeping an eye on. It will be heading to Kickstarter in the very near future, of which us here at Blast Process will keep you all posted about. I’d recommend for further up to the minute updates regarding the status of the game, including any news regarding Kickstarter by following them on Twitter (@SalvagedGame). You can also check out the game's official website at

During the show we managed to grab a few minutes with James Parker, Design Director of Salvaged. The video can be found below. Further below you will also find a teaser trailer for the title.