GSL 2014: TerraTech Preview


First and foremost, an apology. During the course of the video interview with the guys behind the next title I’m about to talk about, and during conversations on Twitter I’ve gone and called this wonderful little indie game Terra Tanks. It isn’t called Terra Tanks, it’s TerraTech. My bad! Right, on we go...

I’m going to throw a little equation that’ll hopefully give you an incline of what to expect from the folks at West London Games.

(LEGO + Robot Wars) + Space Exploration = TerraTech

The concept of the game is quite simple. Gather the planets natural resources to improve your base and fleet. Conquer your enemies and you can even pinch their parts to further develop your base, and more importantly, your tank! And in updating your tank lies the key component to why I enjoyed this game so much.


As you battle other tanks they’ll start to fall to pieces. These pieces can then be used by you to add to your tank. Everytime you play you start off with a little block sized vehicle with a basic gun, but within moments once you’ve defeated other small tanks you’ll have enough ‘bits’ to start making some very oddly designed beasts. Its very easy to do, with no extra building menus or anything like that, you simply use your mouse to click and drag components on and off your tank. Want to see a couple of examples? Below you’ll see a video posted by the TerraTech creators with some of their favourite creations by various people who visited the stand during the course of The Gadget Show Live. Processor Mat’s tank can be spotted at the 1 min 33 second mark, or here. Neil also has a short video of his creation thanks to the devs Vine page too.


While the version on display didn’t really feature the planned base development gameplay, based on what I’ve played thus far I can only imagine the base building to be just as fun. With large generated worlds and a vast selection of components and such to customize your tank, this is one little game that is firmly planted on my radar. Look for a review in the future!

Kris Skellorn is one of the game’s designers and he kindly allowed us to interview him at the stand. The video is up to watch below. Make sure you follow TerraTech via Twitter and Facebook, not forgetting to bookmark the game’s official site,