Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel PS4 Review

Courtesy of Marvelous, Nitroplus Blasterz has arrived in Europe! Nitroplus is an All-Girl 2D Fighter from the talented team at Examu, developers of the Arcana Hearts series of fighters which have been gracing our shores for a number of years now.

To tell you the truth the Arcana series hadn’t particulary grabbed me and my interest in 2D Anime style fighters had been beginning to wain. I could see the potential in the Arcana Hearts series of games but they didn’t do enough to re-ignite my passion for the genre.

So we come to this latest offering and we have the familiar all female ensemble present. The girls here are lifted from various Nitroplus Visual Novels, none of which I’m familiar with, other than a character ‘Saber’ from the Fate/Stay Night series, which I only know because she’s appeared in other fighters I’ve played, and she’s got a big sword, which is cool.

You may or may not be familiar with the characters but what can’t be argued with is the variety which is on offer here. There are 14 playable characters in total (two of which need to be unlocked), including several more who appear as support characters bringing the number up to 32 characters in total.

Each character is very unique and come equipped with swords, guns, demon powers, web-slinging abilities and even cats…

The game brims with personality, the presentation firstly is top notch. The intro sequence sets the tone for the game and is suitably exhilarating and very Japanese, but not generically so, Nitroplus has it’s own unique flavor. The characters are colorful and imaginative and most tastes and playstyles seem well catered for.

The game has several modes on offer including Story, Another Story (which unlocks after you’ve completed Story mode with one character) Score Attack, Training, and various muli-player options. Offline play included of course. There’s also a Gallery where you can view various unlockables, such as artwork.

It’s a fairly robust selection of modes, although I do miss the likes of Team Battles, a staple of Tekken and Soul Calibur, although this is a minor gripe, especially when the gameplay is this good.

If I could compare Nitroplus to anything it would probably be the Marvel Vs. Capcom series, however Nitroplus manages to be more technical and rewarding than the aforementioned series. The gameplay is very tight, very fast and incredibly responsive with an emphasis on air-dashing and combos.

As far as new systems go, Nitroplus has a few. There’s a Blast Attack, which powers up your character for a limited time. An Escape Action button is present, which allows you to perform evasive maneuvers as well as a Heavy Action button, which allows you push the opponent back. You also have the regular Super Move meter which gives you access to Super Moves of course as well as Lethal Blazes, which are this game’s ultimate attacks and are suitably and satisfyingly over the top for the most part. Of course there’s also the support characters who you can pick 2 of and sit comfortably on the L1 and L2 buttons and are available at timed intervals during the fight, there’s a lot of creativity present in the nature of these attacks also.

In practice this all works wonderfully together to deliver one of the most enjoyable fighting experiences I’ve had in quite some time. Matches are fast, explosive affairs which manage to remain tactical at the same time. One of the strengths of the game is it’s accessibility. In a short amount of time the game becomes very familiar and comfortable to play, allowing you to pull of all sorts of crazy moves. A lot of commands will be familiar to anyone with any previous experience of 2D fighters and what’s new here doesn’t take very long to learn.

The game’s difficulty also favours newcomers and feels fair throughout, even when you come across the games final boss, which can be suitably annoying, you always feel it’s possible to beat her and the experience is all the more satisfying for that.

The game however isn’t without it’s problems, although there isn’t really much here to complain about. The game’s levels or fighting areas aren’t particularly interesting, they’re all static and bland for the most part, a little animation in the backgrounds would have helped to bring them to life more. Perhaps this was a conscious decision on the developers part so not to interfere with the foreground action, but they just come off as a bit lazy in comparison to everything else.

For me ‘Another Story’ mode is a bit of let-down. It’s easier than the regular Story but unlike that mode which is light on the Story part, Another Story is a full on read-a-thon. Sadly I couldn’t really get into the story, perhaps I didn’t give it much of a chance, but it’s confusingly written and may as well of been in Japanese for all I know.

Score Attack is also a slightly strangely named mode for what it is, it’s effectively an Arcade mode, although at first I was expecting it to be more of a survival mode, an option that isn’t available in Nitroplus at all.

These are all minor gripes though, in short Nitroplus is excellent. I say this as a fighting fan who had become disillusioned with the Japanese 2D fighter. They’d become generic to me, the gameplay either wasn’t interesting enough or was full of confusing new mechanics. Nitroplus has won me over with it’s accessibility, it’s great characters and hidden depths of strategy. I’ve honestly had as much fun with this as I have with Street Fighter V, probably more. Nitroplus is also a budget title, with an RRP of around £30 and is certainly more fully featured than it’s competition.

If you’re into fighters, you owe it to yourself to pick up this game. If you’re a newcomer to the genre or just love anything Japanese, I imagine you’ll also come away fulfilled from this title. I have personally discovered an all-time favourite of the genre.

Reviewed by Tom Parry (Toodlebug500)

Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel is available NOW for both PS3 and PS4 formats.

NES Surgery - Fix that Blinking Light!



Hey Blast Processors, Tom here! Over the summer holidays I received a fantastic piece of kit from the folks at Arcade Works, The Blinking Light Win.

It's a replacement 72 pin connector for the NES but not only that, it has some extra abilities and you also get a new loading tray. This funky device helps alleviate the stress of having to retry your carts severals times before they actually work.

So if your NES is playing up, this may be just up your street.

Get yours here:


There was a short intro to this video but I lost the footage, therefore it begins with the actual installation straight away.


Tom's UK Game Room 2015 Update!


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 14.24.52 Hey Blast Processors, Tom here again!

So I jumped on a plane and vacated my Danish Game Room for my British one!

As promised an update from the 'UK' Game Room. You'll find it's jam packed with more fun and games than ever before, not to mention littered with Lemmings and Worms games for some reason...

There's a few more consoles that have come out of hiding now, and other new editions like a Mega CD and CD-i.

I tried to keep it brief but upon editing realised it was nearing the 30 min mark...Oops. Regardless I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions about what you've seen in the collection, just leave a comment.

NOTE: After filming this I received confirmation that the 'Blinking Light Win' that I mentioned in the video has just been shipped!

Watch below!


MEGA MAY! Gameboyle Reviews

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 4.43.31 PM It's been an exciting month of reviews over at Gameboyle. For those not familiar with the YouTube Channel it's the work of our very own Mathew Boyle, yes he of Blast Process's Tom and Mat Attack podcast.

Every week Mat reviews a game from the Game Boy's massive back catalog as he continues towards his goal of owning every game in the console's library. Rather him than me!

Check out the videos below to see what Mat's been up to this month, a rather lovely overview of all the core Mega Man titles released for the original Game Boy. Enjoy!

Mega Man: Dr Wiley's Revenge:

It's a portable Megaman! Yes, all the joy of Capcom's Blue Bomber on the Gameboy. Does this game measure up to it's NES forerunners? Is it balls to the walls hard? What's the boss order? All will be revealed...


Mega Man 2:

Mega Man II seems to be universally regarded as the worst of the Mega Man titles on the Nintendo Gameboy. A sentiment even shared by Mega Man's creator, Keiji Inafune. Is it really as bad as the internet would have you believe?


Mega Man 3:

Leaping into Mega May comes Mega Man III! With the reins of the Blue Bomber's handheld campaign back in the hands of Minakuchi Engineering, Mega Man III cranks the difficulty back the to legendary status of it's NES counter parts. However, is this a fun experience on the Game Boy?


Mega Man 4:

Rocking on with Mega May has brought us to Mega Man VI! Minakuchi Engineering's hotly contested entry for best Mega Man game in the entire run on the Nintendo Gameboy. Is it all Rock-Man-Roll? Or a complete Mega Bust?


Mega Man 5:

We wrap up Mega May with the last in the Game Boy series, Mega Man V! Minakuchi Engineering's last handheld entry into the series, but perhaps also their best. With new characters, ideas and the classic gameplay formula, how could it not be?


You can check out the rest of Mat's reviews at the Gameboyle YouTube channel, which you can get to by following the handy link below:

Eurogamer Review Shakeup


So Eurogamer has finally dropped their numerical scoring system.I won't be the first to say -it's about time! It's subjective (as all rating systems) but it's down to an individual's meaning of 4/5 or 2/5. To me 4/5 should be almost flawless, to others it just means pretty good. Ratings like that have never effected my game buying; if I want to get the game, I'm going to get it, regardless of some numbers that no two websites or magazines will ever agree on. Joystiq last month also threw in the towel on number rating systems for the same reasons and we may see over the next few months more review websites dropping the numbers as it swiftly loses reliability.

What I want to know is: should I buy it?


Eurogamer have upturned their number system to Recommended, Essential, Avoid. This seems much more relatable to me, I just want to know if it's worth my time and money, and if I'm told to avoid it- chances are I'm going to give it a miss (unless I'm being stubborn!) There are so many peices of a gaming puzzle, graphics, gameplay, network issues: all things that need to be considered, but who's to say graphics are more important than gameplay (have you seen Minecraft? We love it) and for others trouble with online play isn't an issue, because that's not important to them. All of these can be reviewed but numbers isn't going to cut it.


Here at Blast Process we've tried to avoid number systems, there was no way we would ever really agree what a 3/5 is. I've used a couple in the past to measure addictiveness, but it really didn't feel right so I stopped pretty quick. Our system is based on whether we want to play it or not! We tell you if it's a Buy It, Not Buy It or if we really love it- Blast Process Award! Free download games we are hopefully going to tackle a little differently, with Download or Don't Download (just to keep things extra simple).


Eurogamer has stopped reviewing games before they're officially finished - and to me that's a massive shame, being involved with reviewing a game whilst developers are still tweaking it is a huge opportunity. They're also leaving Metacritic behind, saying it wouldn't make sense within their new system to try and fit it into 100 point scoring system, which makes perfect sense, they would just be making it up on Eurogamer's behalf.

So we will just have to see if it sparks a trend of reviewing shake ups across the gaming world...

Over and out


MagNets by Total Monkery out now!



Those of you who remember our Gadget Show coverage last year may recall one of our favorite games of the event was MagNets by Total Monkery!


After a busy year of shows and events, and a successful Greenlight campaign on Steam the game is finally available to buy! Our review will be coming over the next few days, but needless to say if you like old school arcade action then you need to check it out!

Check out the trailer below and don't forget to visit the developers over at Total Monkery!


MagNets is available to buy here - currently on offer at £7.19

Foody fun with Video Game Bread


There's a game currently in design which is accumulating crazy levels of support over every media outlet going, it's been a while in the making and what is you might ask this eagerly anticipated story?Making a sandwich. Realistically mind you - that's why it's taking so long, on various posts the creator have stated they want it to be as realistic as they can make it from the way it falls to the ground and every other aspect of simply making sandwiches. Intrigued, I stopped by to ask a few questions.


First of all, what was your inspiration for creating a game about bread? Why making sandwiches?

The idea came on a lark. The original idea for this game was much smaller & limited. It was gonna be a game where you'd play out the life of a sandwich until it's untimely demise.

What has been the easiest and most difficult aspects of creating the game so far?

The easiest part is making all the art. The hardest part is programming, I'm trying to learn how to code so that's the hardest obstacle haha.


What gaming platform are you planning to release it on when it's complete?

I'm currently aiming for PC, but I'm considering other platforms too.

Have you created any other video games apart from Video Game Bread?

Well. I've worked on a couple of games for game jams, but they're not that great lmao.


Finally, when do you think it will be released?

That's really hard to say. I'd like for there to be something done some time this year.

With over 30,000 followers on Video Game Bread on Tumblrthe mere idea of this currently unfinished game is taking the indie gamers by storm, after all, who doesn't love a good sandwich?

Over and out, Mel

Shurican - the epitamy of ninja fun!


If you want fast paced action with addictive simplicity Shurican ticks all the boxes. Tap your way through difficult courses filled with crushing spikes, lethal turning cogs and a lot of fire. 20150101-202038-73238990.jpg

Firstly, ninjas! I personally love anything to do with ninjas. Everyone at some point has wanted to be a ninja, I just love them. They're fun and cool with neat little outfits, and in this game awesome facial expressions (of what you can see that is).

Secondly, speed. You are sat in a shop waiting for someone to come out of the changing rooms and have some free time to spend, I can guarantee by the time they exit you will have died umpteens times (if you are as bad as me) and certainly progressed a few levels. If you only have a minute or half an hour, you can play this game and can enjoy it to its full extent.


Thirdly, ease of play. It's beautifully easy yet addictive at the same time. You constantly tap to keep your ninja airborne, but tap too much and you will go too high, straight into an evil ceiling of fire (that's how I mostly die) or whatever nasty contraption you are trying to avoid that you are guaranteed to hit on your way back down. If you stop tapping - you plummet to your death. If you tap too much - you are probably going to die anyway! It takes time and patience but it's addictive quality begs you to come back for more, no matter how many times you die.

Fourthly, graphics. I really do like the graphics, they are uncomplicated cartoons and full of character with bright colours, especially with the blood splatter that you accumulate. Every time you die you leave a new blood splatter which marks your demise and a point to aim past. The background isn't too busy and distracting and you do feel like you're in some secret training dojo hidden underground with the brick walls and fiery outlines.

20150101-204532-74732887.jpg Those blood splatters are like my badges of honour!

It's an easy to play tapping game that you can play anywhere with a variety of levels and even a leaderboard (should you want to share your progress). You eventually run out of turns and are offered the option to view an advert to get more lives. I was greeted by a quick advert which I soon clicked off and boom - back to playing once more. You don't have to look if you don't want to and can easy come back later. But I have to stress I died a lot before I even ran out of lives (and you don't have to pay anything to buy more lives like some other games I have played - win!)

I would definetly recommend this one, it's bright and fun with colourful explosions that greet you every time you die with a healthy blood splatter too. Just be warned, you will get addicted!

Check them out on twitter here or on their website

Game available for android and IOS

Over and out, Mel

Christmas Kickstarter: Shadows of Esteren


Shadows of Esteren: Occultism There I was just trundling around Kickstarter, when I came across hands down the most beautiful game I have ever seen. Forget the block-like graphics of Minecraft, the pixelated Mario or the almost realism of Red Dead Redemption, Shadows of Esteren is smooth and soft like a painting. This is a dark, gothic, medieval role playing game with strong influences from Tim Burton (the moment you look at the game it screams Burtonesque design) with an interesting flowing movement between painted scenes.


The colours are muted and unusual, giving the game a mysterious and tense feel as you watch the drama unfold. There are various factions to chose, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, with terrible beasts to battle, mostly taken from Celtic folklore to keep it fresh and intriguing.



It's a French company and it has been released previously in French, just now making its transition over to English and that just shows from the over 200% of money being contributed already and as it stands there's still over 30 days left to back it. The company describes the game as "somewhere between Ravenloft, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu."

Check it out over on Kickstarter and get your hands on some of the amazing merchandise, including haunting CDs of the soundtrack, bookmarks and more!

Over and out Mel

Play Expo 2014: The Write-Up


play-expo-2014-784488701-700x200 Long time no article written processors…that out of the way, let’s talk about Manchester’s Play Expo, which I was lucky enough to attend last week.

I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest, but what I experienced was pure retro-delight. There were new games to try out, strangely ones that were already released mostly…not too much to hold my attention, although I wished I’d have made the extra push to try out Team 17’s new offering, the lemmings-like sheep saving simulator, Flockers.


It was slow progress at first making our way through the expo, I spent a good chunk of time playing Terminator 2: The Arcade Game on the Mega Drive, in one of the dedicated retro movie tie-in sections of the event. These exhibits were pretty cool, a fleet of systems were set up in a row that enabled you to sample the progression of several licensed games throughout the ages. There was everything from the aforementioned Terminator games (Terminator: Redemption, was featured here on Xbox, and it's still a thrilling experience to this day) to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Alien franchise.


Littered throughout these areas were cabinets displaying several original movie props, things from the likes of Star Wars to Robocop, I especially liked the inclusion of some props from The Last Starfighter movie. Let’s not forget the Delorian Time Machine from the Back to the Future series was there also.

Ok, after a quick toilet break I experienced perhaps the highlight of the day, a talk from Mel Croucher, creator and designer of Deus Ex Mahina, one of the most unique experiences in gaming. Mel was incredibly entertaining as he described the key elements in any video game are Dice (Luck), Ping Pong (Coordination), Chess (Strategy) and Bollocks. Bollocks of course is all the layers of flash a game throws at you to make you think you’re playing something truly special when in reality you’re just playing the same old thing repackaged. I agree with him. After the talk myself and my girlfriend purchased his book about the making of Deus Ex Machina and had it signed, he instructed us to read it somewhere snug, while being intimate with each other. Needless to say, Mel is now one of my new heroes.


After lunch and a rummage through a load of over-priced retro games (which I confess I picked up a few of) we reached the true retro area of the event, hundreds of televisions connected to a dizzying array of different consoles, ranging from familiar favourites like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System to obscure delights like the JVC-XEye (a lovely piece of kit combining the Sega Mega Drive with it’s Mega CD add on in one neat package).


We spent a good portion of time here, playing all sorts things, Keiko’s Fly Squadron on Mega CD was a particular highlight for me, a game which I will probably never own due to it’s high price point and it’s dependence on needing to own a Mega CD (a stupidly over-priced bit of kit on the second hand market). I also got to try out the Amiga CD32 for a short while, something I’d been curious about sampling for some time. It was ok…

Beyond this there was the Arcade area of the event and boy, what a treat that was. All the classic arcade machines of old lined up and free to play. A game called Crossbow kept us amused for a sometime with it’s early light gun type satisfaction. I got to play a Donkey Kong arcade cabinet which proved to be a much more natural and enjoyable experience than playing it on console. Honestly there was so much there to try and nearly all the classics accounted for. Something I thought was pretty neat was the inclusion of a Fix-It Felix Jr. Machine as featured in the animated movie, ‘Wreck-It-Ralph’.


After losing several members of our crew to the joys of old Arcade machines, myself and my girlfriend, Claire found ourselves amongst the Pinball Machines, which after spending some time juggling balls on the Twilight Zone table I was starting to grow rather fond of, but time was marching on and a raffle for charity was being drawn, 1st prize was a PS4. Claire bought tickets but sadly she didn’t win that converted PS4. The 2nd best prize was a Sega Dreamcast (which was left unclaimed) and there were other treats like a bucket of sweets on offer. Strangely the prize of a small plastic Darth Vader helmet caused too eager young men to leap on top of each as it was thrown into the audience as a freebie. Their scuffle resulted in the rope barrier in front of the stage crashing to the ground as they wrested each other for the prize. They were promptly told to cut it out. I assume they’d eaten too many sweets and feeling a little over-excited, that or they were Vader’s biggest fans. If so they would have been lucky enough to meet Darth himself, David Prowse who was signing autographs elsewhere at the event.


As the day drew to a close we just managed to catch the last part of a talk from Team 17, developers of amongst others, the Worms series (one of my all-time favourites).


Just before we loaded ourselves into the Blast Process wagon to return home, we had a quick go on a brand new game, the very enjoyable Wulver Blade, a new side-scrolling beat-em-up developed by the folks at Fully Illustrated and Darkwind Media.


With that we were off, after a full day of mostly retro-flavored, video gaming delights. As the sun set over the Manchester Eventhall that faithful Sunday evening I could hardly wait to come back next year and do it all over again.

- Tom Parry

Check out this super funky video that Blast Processor Mike made of the event below:


I P-p-picked Up Pokemon!


So...a Friday night well spent!So you are now Orlando- thrown back into the world of pokemon with a crash. Someone needs your help and there's a new silver haired sidekick who calls upon you to save pokemon from the evil team that is on the hunt for mega evolving pokemon. We have Team Aqua ready to flatten us -but wait! Who should appear in the caves to challenge us but Team Magma themselves. Twice the grunts, twice the battles right? I certainly hope so. It's only a demo: a few pokemon to tickle the taste buds, a battle to fire you up, old enemies revamped with new outfits, old pokemon with new mega evolutions. Bit of old and a bit of new all mixed it together.

Although I will say that blasted BuzzNav on your bottom screen is infuriating - it had better not be there constantly when the game comes out else my 3DS will end up out of the window! Constant flickering and scrolling text that distracts you incessantly, recapping the very basics of the game, a never ending news report with an ever annoying news reporter. However, the set up looks good. An interesting tweak on the game we love, I don't think they will let us down- not yet anyway.

Over and out! Mel


The Art of The Game



Hi guys Mel here,

Recently I have been looking at all sorts of gaming art in my spare time, from game covers to posters and fan art too. Being an avid Tumblr (of gaming information, film funnies and occasionally cute puppies) I noticed the flurry of amazing fan art blossoming on social media. As someone who can't draw to save her life, I wondered what is was that drew artists to certain games, certain styles and what drew them to do it in the first place. I interviewed Jodeeeart, an amazing artist with a passion for games to get her opinion.

Jodie, first and foremost, how long have you been drawing?

Drawing? As long as I can remember, I have been painting digitally for around 6 years now.

What made you chose this game (Assassin’s Creed) to draw from?

It’s my favourite Franchise for a few reasons. I’ve always loved history, particularly the renaissance. The first AC I played was AC2 and I fell in love with it. The character’s are always beautifully designed the locations are gorgeous. Every single time I play them, I come away wanting to paint.

What’s your favourite game console to play games on?

I play on the XB360 and am probably going to update to a XBONE but my favourite has to be the Sega mega drive, It’s so nostalgic for me. It’s certainly when I fell in love with gaming as a child, Mega Games 2 all the way!

What game, in your opinion, has the best artwork?

That’s a toughy, the AC art is beautiful, I recently bought the Thief Art book and that’s filled with gorgeous artwork too. I also adored the art for Devil May Cry 4. It’s really very hard to choose one. Most Games have pretty stunning artwork.

Finally, is there anyone you want to draw but haven’t yet?

Yes, there are loads of characters/people, Gabriel Belmont from Castlevania LOS is one i’ve always fancied that I haven’t drawn. I would also love to do a proper Bayonetta piece, I did one a while back but not since I started painting digitally.

Jodie's artwork is amazing, and I have the good fortune of it popping up on my dash on a regular basis! Tumblr is a hotbed of amazing artists, especially those focused on gaming; I would recommend everyone to check it out!

Find Jodie's art at Deviantart and on Tumblr

Mel over and out!

TerraTech Kickstarter now Live!


The guys at Payload studios have just launched their Kickstarter for the frankly awesome Terratech! The BlastProcess team checked it out at the Gadget Show this year, and by all accounts it was one of our favourite games at the event.

Recently the team released a demo as shown off by Craig in his Let's Play vid

The game is well worth a look at, and if you're quick you can get the early bird rewards to bag the game at a bargain £10 if the kickstarter is sucessful!

Check out the Kickstarter here!