AntLion Audio ModMic 5 The Mic your Headset Needs

Totally modular, ModMic 5 delivers performance and flexibility all in one. With two mics on a single boom, ingenious cable design, mute module, and included cable wraps, choices abound.

Modmic 5 by Antlion Audio is a microphone that you can connect to you're existing headset. The best headphones don't always come with a microphone and those that do, offer a basic mic for your expensive headset.

Opening my parcel I was greeted with the ModMic 5, an Antlion USB Soundcard adapter and a Y audio adapter for use with gaming consoles.

The contents are as followered; ModMic 5, mute switch, 1meter and 2meter audio cables, carrying case, 2 base clips with extra adhesives, foam pop filter, 2meter cable wrap and 10 cable clips.

Connecting the microphone to your headset is straight forward, an adhesive pad is stuck to the headset that holds the magnetic clasp. The bond between the ModMic and clasp is tough enough to hold the mic in position but you'll also be able to take it off for storage or changing to another headset with ease.

To sort the cable management issue, Antlion has provided two different approaches; First is cable clips, which I'm impressed by. The clip itself has two sides, a big and a little clip, fitting the headset and microphone cable perfectly. Secondly is a braided cable that wraps around both wires, a little tricky and time needed to setup but works well if you don't intend to swap the ModMic to something else.

Two additional products that can be bought are the USB sound card adapter and the Y adapter for consoles, so depending on the setup the ModMic 5 can be used on a verity of situations. I'll be continuing to test and use the ModMic 5 in different ways and will be reporting back here and over on our YouTube channel.

While I don't have a presenter's voice, you can hear the crisp and clarity of the ModMic 5 and proves with the right mic, you don't need to be a professional to sound like one.

The ModMic 5 can be bought for $69.95 from Amazon or £64.99 from OverClockers within the UK. A list of other outlets can be found here.

If you have any questions then please let me know in the comments below.

ModMic 5 was provided by Antion Audio for test / review purposes