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Space Hulk Ascension Adds Salamanders - Genestealers will Burn


space hulk ascensionFull Control Studios updates Warhammer 40K game, Space Hulk: Ascension. While the Genestealers dominate the carrara doors in this 3D turn based strategy game, will the battle continue as Salamanders enter the fight with their high powered flame weapons?

The Salamanders are the latest addition to Space Hulk Ascension with focus on fire and flame.

This expansion also adds a new campaign playable for all existing chapters with over 30+ hours of additional gameplay and new visual look and feel.

Playable Salamanders Chapter Double heavy Terminator option Salamander only flamer pattern 3 new pyromantic psychic spells Ashes to Ashes Campaign with 20 New Story Missions and 20 Flash Missions More puzzle like missions New mission mechanics like rotating bridges and firewalls consuming the levels over time

This update also features a lot of new improvements, fixes and features.

1.2.0 -------

Salamander Expansion (separate purchasable DLC) - Salamanders playable chapter - “Forge of Heroes” Campaign with 20 story missions and 20 flash missions - Cool story written by Black Library editor Graeme Lyon - Complete new tileset with lava look for Salamander campaign - Broken hallway tile set - Salamanders relic weapon models - Salamanders only diamond pattern flamer template - Dual heavy option to field 2 heavy flamer Terminators at the same time - Salamanders only pyromantic psychic powers - Salamanders can walk through fire - Firewall mechanic eating mission geometry - Rotating bridge mechanic controllable by environment interaction

Features and Improvements (free for all) - Large amount of weapon variants (almost tripling the amount of available weapon options) - Allow restarting/replaying completed campaigns with existing squad - Better and more consistent chapter selection menu - Rune priests called rune priests instead of librarian - Quick save notification popup - Campaigns can now have conditional paths in the mission tree - Lua based script support for more rich features in level design - Dynamic objective lists that change as mission sub objectives are completed - Save slots now show DLC campaign progress - Improved AI for blocked and unavailable paths

Balancing - Tweaks to difficulty (Made start and middle harder) - Powerfist cannot destroy doors anymore - Allowing for attacks with units next to each other in or partly in flamed areas

Bugfixes - Chainfist door destruction animation - Performance fix for blocked GS entry points adding invisible Genestealers - Free shot bug fixed - Spelling fixes - Fix for old save games - Fixed Sin of Damnation mission 14 - Audio system random sound not playing bugfix - Fix some corner case issues not showing briefing objectives correctly - Several UI bugfixes - Acid skill logic fixed - Doors wrong directions bug fixed - Fixed the flame to not propagate onto the obstructed tiles. - Fixed tutorial bug that could break the tutorial by using overwatch - Fixed a movement bug that lead to exceptions and ghost genestealers if clicking on the tiles while unit is moving - Fixed the lines path logic in the mission select screen - Fixed Survival Flashmission with wrong turn-success - Lots of minor bugfixes and improvements