The First Pokemon Go School in the World?

Is this the first Pokemon Go School in the world?

The big Heritage, a none profit organisation based in Chester, UK. Have just announced what could be the first of its kind for the popular mobile game, Pokemon Go.

Watch out schools across the North West, we are rolling out a free Pokémon GO History programme from September.
Details to follow, but we can confirm that Woodslee Primary School in Bromborough will be the first school in the UK to be a Pokémon GO school. Local history and Pokémon GO in the classroom.
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Big heritage recently held a large scale Pokemon Go educational event in the City of Chester, that you can read about here. 

Chester Pokemon Go Event 17 Miles in 1 Minute Video

A little late in posting the video here, but here's our summary of Chester's very own Pokemon Go event.

I P-p-picked Up Pokemon!


So...a Friday night well spent!So you are now Orlando- thrown back into the world of pokemon with a crash. Someone needs your help and there's a new silver haired sidekick who calls upon you to save pokemon from the evil team that is on the hunt for mega evolving pokemon. We have Team Aqua ready to flatten us -but wait! Who should appear in the caves to challenge us but Team Magma themselves. Twice the grunts, twice the battles right? I certainly hope so. It's only a demo: a few pokemon to tickle the taste buds, a battle to fire you up, old enemies revamped with new outfits, old pokemon with new mega evolutions. Bit of old and a bit of new all mixed it together.

Although I will say that blasted BuzzNav on your bottom screen is infuriating - it had better not be there constantly when the game comes out else my 3DS will end up out of the window! Constant flickering and scrolling text that distracts you incessantly, recapping the very basics of the game, a never ending news report with an ever annoying news reporter. However, the set up looks good. An interesting tweak on the game we love, I don't think they will let us down- not yet anyway.

Over and out! Mel


P-p-pick Up A Pokemon!


I've got a demo code for pokemon!I'm so excited I can barely conceal it. I love Pokemon more than I love any other game (WOW and Spyro a close second and third). It's Friday night and I should be out partying...ahh who am I kidding? Saturday nights party night and Fridays is all about ME! And the only thing better than watching Pokemon on Netflix is playing it! Woop!

Pokemon, GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! Over and out! Mel