Plantera helps me grow a garden

Plantera by Varagtp is normally the kind of game you'll find on the App store's on your phone or tablet but this garden simulator has planted its self within Steam's library of games, and it works rather well.

The game currently has a price of £1.99 and is still receiving updates since its January release.

Your Perfect Garden Awaits!... Plantera Hits Steam!

Plantera by VaragtP Studios launches on Steam.

Plantera is an incredibly cute and fun casual simulation game where you build your own garden and watch it grow with new plants, bushes, trees, and animals! As you play you will attract funny round and blue helpers.

You can pluck trees and pick up plants yourself, or let your helpers do the work for you while you watch, build, and invest in new plants. These little helpers will even continue to work while you are not playing the game, and some new gold should always be waiting for you on your return!

Make sure to keep your eyes open though as sometimes some mean critters will invade your garden. Your perfect garden awaits!

Plantera is currently on offer with a 20% discount and can be download for just £1.59!