Maths, English, Minecraft?


This is not a joke. I repeat - NOT A JOKE. I had an amazing conversation with a IT teacher who visits primary schools, teaching pupils to create animations and all sorts of things. However what he told me next both baffled and excited me. He works with one of the designers of Minecraft and they are taking Minecraft to the classroom, the actual, run of the mill classroom.

They are creating secure servers for schools who sign up, creating detailed worlds that they teach pupils to use, setting challenges and tasks for them to complete in whichever environment the teacher chooses. They've created roman cities, ww1 battlegrounds (complete with minecraft characters to talk to named after famous people) all with built in tasks for pupils to complete, sometimes online, sometimes offline. Build this monument, create this peice of equipment, work as a team to reach this goal.

These need to be downloadable packs. City of Rome? Yes please.

Now this my friends is awesome.

Why wasn't school this cool when I was a kid?