Interview with Gal from Wave Interactive on Buck Game

We have a quick chat with Gal from Wave Interactive who's working on Buck, a post-apocalyptic action adventure.

The game is currently crowd funding on Kickstarter with 9 days left!

BUCK is a story-driven, 2D Metroidbrawler set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. You play as Buck, a motorcycle garage mechanic who decides to leave everything he knows behind in order to find the truth behind a girl's disappearance all while struggling to adjust himself to a world he doesn't fully understand.

It's a touching story with your dog becoming the hero of the game, was this always the first option to have Buck as a lead character for Wave Interactive's launch game?

Indeed it was. The first GDD I wrote for the game, back when I was 12, had the exact same title; Buck was always meant to be the protagonist. Many substantial changes were made to the game since then, the only unchanged element is Buck.

Someone in your team is very active within your communities, how has this helped shape the future of Buck and how important is it for your team?

A game isn't a game if no one is playing it. There's nothing that's more important for us then staying in touch with our growing community. Now that the Kickstarter is looking more promising than ever, we feel confident that our way forward towards Buck's release will be shared and shaped by our constant dialogue with our players. It's important for all of us. We are gamers at the end of the day and we've all done our share of community talks on other games and their respective community forums. We all have valuable feedback as players, the more we receive and improve upon, the better Buck will be as a finished product.

Being just shy of $5,000 needed of the $30,000 goal with just over a week left. What does this mean to your team?

It means that we can breath a short sigh of relief and enjoy the understanding that we can continue to work on our dream project. All thanks to our amazing backers. The road ahead is by no means a simple one for us, but with a successful Kickstarter behind us and a growing player-base of gamers, we'll be able to reach early access with flying colors. We can only improve from here on out. Buck’s story has just begun.

Adding ones pet to your game has become quite popular on the perks page for the Kickstarter campaign, was it hard to choose the perks?

We had to take a long look at our current tech and workflow to carefully decide where we could include external community content, with as much efficiency as possible. We've become experts in implementing four legged friends into in-game characters. We've had tested this before for some members in our community. There are pets that are in the demo right now that belong to members of our community. We're really excited to see more of our community's pets in the game and can't wait to implement it with a design they'll find awesome.

We like our retro games here at Blast Process, but what do you prefer Megadrive or SNES?

I'd have to go with the SNES, while it wasn't the first console I've owned, I did play it for days if not months at my cousins house. I love it to bits. Though our programmer would undoubtedly choose the Megadrive.

Thanks to Gal for taking the time to do this interview and if you wish to see more about Buck, you can have a look through the kickstarter campaign here and why not give the team a shout on their twitter page

Ghost Theory now being made thanks to Kickstarter

After it's first Kickstarter campaign then again with a relaunch, Ghost Theory has now been fully funded on Kickstarter.

The team at Dreadlocks have also opened up an preorder page for Ghost Theory for continued support for the game.

Prague, Czech Republic—05/18/2016

Dreadlocks are proud to announce that their Kickstarter campaign for Ghost Theory was successful, which means this game is going to be made. Estimated release is Q4 2017 and at a price of 24.99 USD.

Everyday day we’re approached by new fans who just learned about the game and want to support its development. We have therefore created a pre-order webpage ( to open our arms to these new supporters. Most of our original Kickstarter rewards are still available, including access to a prototype version of the game or a UV flashlight which you can use to reveal hidden content on other physical rewards – messages, facts, hints and, if you’re lucky, even an extra Steam key. In addition, we will be adding new rewards in the near future – ones that were not available as part of the Kickstarter campaign.

To honor this celebratory press announcement, we have decided to publish a new in-game screenshot of one of our selected haunted locations beside the actual real-life photo of that location. We hope this will get your spines refrigerated.

Ghost Theory Spooks it's way back to Kickstarter

Ghost Theory a first-person adventure horror game heads back to Kickstarter for support from it's awaiting Ghost Theory fans.

Developer Dreadlocks have released a new trailer to help showcase the game but what stands out for me, the game is based on real-life locations.   

Ghost Theory Spooks Kickstarter

UPDATE: The base price for Ghost Theory has been dropped to a lower value of £10 via it's Kickstarter page. While Dreadlock's previous game Dex can now be bundled together as a £5 add-on.

Developer Dreadlocks launches Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming first-person survival horror game, Ghost Theory.

We've played around with a Ghost detector App here at Blast Process and we love creeping around corners, with the likes of PT.

Ghost Theory is looking very promising already, we can't wait to check it out!

You can view the kickstarter page and help the game out via it's Steam Greenlight.

Christmas Kickstarter: Shadows of Esteren


Shadows of Esteren: Occultism There I was just trundling around Kickstarter, when I came across hands down the most beautiful game I have ever seen. Forget the block-like graphics of Minecraft, the pixelated Mario or the almost realism of Red Dead Redemption, Shadows of Esteren is smooth and soft like a painting. This is a dark, gothic, medieval role playing game with strong influences from Tim Burton (the moment you look at the game it screams Burtonesque design) with an interesting flowing movement between painted scenes.


The colours are muted and unusual, giving the game a mysterious and tense feel as you watch the drama unfold. There are various factions to chose, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, with terrible beasts to battle, mostly taken from Celtic folklore to keep it fresh and intriguing.



It's a French company and it has been released previously in French, just now making its transition over to English and that just shows from the over 200% of money being contributed already and as it stands there's still over 30 days left to back it. The company describes the game as "somewhere between Ravenloft, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu."

Check it out over on Kickstarter and get your hands on some of the amazing merchandise, including haunting CDs of the soundtrack, bookmarks and more!

Over and out Mel

SIX MILES UNDER launches on Kickstarter

six miles under 1

six miles underLooney Bin Studios Ltd have launched a Kickstarter campaign for Six Miles Under. six miles under 1

In Six Miles Under you play as Preston Trencher, an enforcer trying clear his name and avoiding being taken out thanks to the bounty on his head. Time's running out and with false friends and sloppy killers, there's only one avenue left to take; good old fashioned revenge.

Six Miles Under is set in a dark, dank but enigmatic environment, one that's been ravaged by an unforseen nuclear apocalpyse, forcing all remaining humans to live deep, deep underground. Presenting a slick 2D combat system and diverse counter system, players can use enemies' weapons against them, bury them under a barrage of rocks or even just simply throw them off of a moving train. The dynamic fight system allows players to keep the action going, keeping the game's hero alive for his journey whilst exploring an underground prison that's turned into a city and last bastion of hope for humanity.

Game Features Dynamic combat system with multitude of enemies and unique boss fights. Diverse counter system. Each enemy is countered differently and with different results. Avoid environmental hazards and utilize them to dispatch your enemies. Atmospheric art style with HD backgrounds Extensive soundtrack with lots of metal music Story of betrayal and revenge set in underground prison turned city.

Set to release on PC, Mac and Linux in May 2015 and Nintendo WiiU soon after.

six miles under 2

About Looney Bin Studios Based in Wroclaw, Poland and aim to develop playable, original and - most importantly - fun games! The core team consists of just two people – Mateusz Pacuszko (programming) and Grzegorz Wróblewski (graphics) with music and scriptwriting by freelance talent.

Night Trap Revamped Returns with Kickstarter

night trap

photo-2 Night Trap 'Revamped' is returning with the help from you and Kickstarter.

The iconic full-motion-video game, placing YOU in the leading role of a horror movie, is set to make its return in a new hi-def format!

Night Trap a FMV (full motion video) video game for the SEGA MEGA CD console (among others) was a first of it's kind. You controlled security cameras in a house while watching a short movie play out in real time, your aim was to watch the film but also change the cameras to see the different locations in the house to continue watching the story unfold and to look out for the bad guys that are envaded the house hold.

All the details regarding Night Trap Revamped and how you can help are listed here.

Night Trap is a huge part of Blast Process and we ask you to support the game in anyway you can, so please checkout the Kickstarter and share this artical with others. Why is Night Trap so special for us? Well Blast Process was born in February 2010 by Tom, Dave and my self with the aim to bring unique, creative and fun videos to our YouTube channel but most importantly content that we enjoyed making. I had just gotten my self a MEGA CD with a copy of Night Trap and we all thought this was a perfect game to start off with our video features on Blast Process.


You can see the Night Trap video below that we made over 4 years ago, now for some reason the sound has become out of sync over the years but after you watch it, that won't matter to much... The video is in two parts with the first being our review of the game and the second, well you'll see.


To our delight we recieved some fantasic feedback from the creators of Night Trap! We are also mentioned on there Kickstarter page

You and your colleagues did a great job with this! It's always nice to see our fans give their own takes on the material, and there's a lot of fun stuff in here. I think Commander Sampson will stand alongside Commander Simms in the Hall of Fame of great video game drill-sergeant types.

Creator Night Trap, LLC 5 days ago A big shout-out to Mike from Blast Process for pointing us to their hilarious send-up of NT:

TerraTech Kickstarter now Live!


The guys at Payload studios have just launched their Kickstarter for the frankly awesome Terratech! The BlastProcess team checked it out at the Gadget Show this year, and by all accounts it was one of our favourite games at the event.

Recently the team released a demo as shown off by Craig in his Let's Play vid

The game is well worth a look at, and if you're quick you can get the early bird rewards to bag the game at a bargain £10 if the kickstarter is sucessful!

Check out the Kickstarter here!

Salvaged ramps up production - support at kickstarter

salavged big logo

salvaged logo Salvaged launches on Kickstarter! You can see Dave's article right here surrounding our thoughts on the game, along with our video interview that was filmed at this years Gadget Show Live.

Opposable Games ramps up production on dual-screen IP Salvaged following positive showing at GDC and EGX Rezzed

Monday 7th April 2014, Bristol, UK. Experienced indie development studio Opposable Games today announces that it is stepping up production of its dual-screen original IP Salvaged, following a highly successful showing at GDC and EGX Rezzed in March. The real-time tactical action game for PC is set in a deadly sci-fi universe and features unique dual-screen play, powered by Opposable's proprietary OneTouchConnect technology. Preview builds are now being made available for the first time.

Described by GameZone as “one of the smartest tactical action games we've seen since X-COM” and by Eurogamer as “a cool, multi-screen take on the tactical action genre”, Salvaged is now slated for an Early Access release in June 2014 and a full release in Q4 2014. The game lets players take command of a Remote Interstellar Salvage Crew (RISC) as they explore and fight their way through abandoned space hulks in a procedurally generated, infinite universe. As the RISC Commander, the player directs the action using their tablet or smart phone while experiencing the impact of their orders through the eyes of their squad on the main screen. This unique dual-screen control system is the core of the game experience, combining the flexibility and intuitiveness of a touch screen with the intensity and immediacy of a modern PC title.

The game idea was originally conceived in 2012 following the release of Opposable's award-winning dual-screen racing game Clockwork Racers. Driven by the belief that multi-screen gaming can be a powerful and engaging experience, the studio has taken a disciplined and focused approach over the subsequent two years to build a team with the size and experience to tackle development on Salvaged. Running in parallel, it has also used its successful work-for-hire portfolio to fund creation of its cross-platform device connection technology OneTouchConnect.

Late in 2013, Salvaged won out against stiff competition in the IC Tomorrow second screen contest run by the Technology Strategy Board and backed by Sony. This initial injection of funding and support is enabling comprehensive user testing and the integration of face tracking technology to hone the gameplay, ensuring that both screens play an integral role in the player's experience.

Committed to sharing their learning through development and encouraging others to embrace multi-screen games, Opposable have worked closely with a number of developers and have also made OneTouchConnect available via the Unity Asset Store.

Recent feedback from the press and public has shown a strong interest in both the game concept and the technology, as MD Ben Trewhella explains: “The response we received to the game at GDC and Rezzed was overwhelming so we're confident that the time is right to ramp up production. We've believed in the potential of multi-screen gaming for many years but it was really rewarding to see so many of the public so enthusiastic about both the technology and Salvaged itself. We're looking forward to sharing the finished game with our fast-growing fan-base.”

opposable gamesCommitted to sharing their learning through development and encouraging others to embrace multi-screen games, Opposable have worked closely with a number of developers and have also made OneTouchConnect available via the Unity Asset Store.

Recent feedback from the press and public has shown a strong interest in both the game concept and the technology, as MD Ben Trewhella explains: “The response we received to the game at GDC and Rezzed was overwhelming so we're confident that the time is right to ramp up production. We've believed in the potential of multi-screen gaming for many years but it was really rewarding to see so many of the public so enthusiastic about both the technology and Salvaged itself. We're looking forward to sharing the finished game with our fast-growing fan-base.”

To support its new development schedule and to enable more of the team to move their focus away from work-for-hire, Opposable are also announcing today that they're launching a crowd-funding campaign for the game on Kickstarter which will go live on Monday 14th April.

For more information on Salvaged, please visit, or follow the game via social media at: Twitter: @SalvagedGame, Facebook: For more information on Opposable Games, please visit To support the Salvaged Kickstarter campaign, please visit the official campaign page here: