Help Save the Keebles This Friday - Keebles Out March 27th


keebles logoA pink whale needs your help, but just how many Keebles will you save? Keebles a physics-based vehicle building puzzle game is ready for release on Friday via Steam priced at £6.99 and as an added bonus before 16:00 UTC Monday 30th March purchase Keebles through Greenman Gaming £6.99 £5.59 and you'll get 4 free games!


I've been creating a whole bunch of Let's Play videos for Keebles, you can see my first video below or click here to see the playlist. Our review for Keebles will be posted shortly but checkout the videos and let us know what you think!


Keebles Review


keebles logo Welcome to the world of Keebles; a fun and addictive physics-based puzzle game, Keebles you say? Yes, Keebles; these small but cute creatures need your help, and something to do with a whale! Need I say more?

The idea of the game is to create a vehicle that will carry your 'Bobble' around the level, upon touching a Keeble it will jump aboard your vehicle, taking them to safety at the end of each level and in return you'll earn a Star rating out of 5. This rating will depend on how many Keebles you rescue, time taken to do so and parts used to build the vehicle.

Let's Play Keebles GAMEPLAY - Part 1

Now onto the workshop where you begin to create your master plan to save all the Keebles, well at least try (thinking caps required). Design, alter, improve the 3 simple steps into saving them all. The workshop itself is very straight forward, within 10 minutes and a few clicks, you'll be creating a whole bunch of creative vehicles to help save the Keebles. Now as the game is physics based, a lot of trial and error is needed but thankfully the game has zero loads times so switching between the levels, restarting or heading back to the Workshop is only a button press.

Let's Play Keebles GAMEPLAY - Part 4 | 5 Stars Level 5 Perfect Run

The game displays clean and nice looking graphics with a soundtrack that will keep you calm despite the occasional frustration, but thats the whole enjoyment of Keebles. You'll look forward to seeing your vehicle move through the levels or fly in my case. Picking up new tools like parachutes, faster wheels and rockets as you progress, a new challenge is always ahead. It's just down to your imagination to create the perfect vehicle to do the job.

So much fun is to be had with Keebles, you've just got to create it and let the good times roll.

keebles review buy it now

Developed by Burnt Fuse and released March 27th on Steam for £6.99, better yet with Greenman Gaming you can receive a 20% discount with a pre-purchase and 4 extra games free of charge.


Keebles out March 27th - How many will you save?

keebles youtube background

keebles logoBurnt Fuse and Green Man Loaded bring you Keebles, a physics-based vehicle building puzzle game. How many Keebles will you save? Building your vehicle is very straight forward, with a few simple clicks you'll be collecting Keebles in no time. Later levels become more challenging with the additions of rockets, faster wheels, parachutes and even more components to help you along your way. The game is due out March 27th on Steam and can be Preordered via Green Man Gaming with a 20% discount at £6.99 £5.59. Below is our first Let's Play video of Keebles and will help give you a better understanding of what the game is about.


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