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Creepy Road - Steam Review (PC)



Creepy Road from Groovy Milk and Grab Games is the latest Metal Slug-a-like on Steam for £9.99. The soundtrack is also available for £1.27.

The story goes that grizzled trucker Flint Trucker is on his way home when a crazed circus bear runs out in front of him, causing his truck to crash. The only way for Flint to get home is to walk through the woods, gunning down all in sight, whilst trying to work out what’s driving every creature he meets homicidal.


The art style Is really nice, with excellent use of colour, and the soundtrack compliments what’s going on very well. There are a few repetitive speech samples which play throughout but you generally end up ignoring these after a while.

The game starts you off with a revolver, which is fine for the smaller enemies like homicidal rabbits and pigs carrying hams, but as you progress you grab better weapons to help take out larger enemies -a favourite being a gun that turns enemies into poop- as well as grenades and molotov cocktails. I found myself mainly using the shotgun as it had the best balance of speed of fire and stopping power, with most enemies taking 2 shots to kill. You can shoot in either direction or straight up, but there is no diagonal fire which was a pain.


As for the enemies, you’ll be up against bears on unicycles, floating pandas, birds that drop swordfish on you and rednecks with shotguns and flaming torches. And this is the first couple of stages! Whilst the variety of enemies increases as you move through the game, the variety in the game itself doesn’t. You’re basically walking right to left shooting whatever is in front of you. The scenery may change, but the action doesn’t. There was a Boss fight at the end of the third stage, and later in the game there is a flying section which sees you riding a missile, but it’s basically pretty repetitive. There is a life meter for Flint, checkpoints as you go through the game and infinite lives so how far you get will really depend on your patience and how much work you want to put in.


As one of the loading screens suggests, I played with an Xbox 1 controller, and in later stages of the game I found serious glitches where the game would suddenly have Flint walking in one direction I wasn’t pointing in and firing when I hadn’t pressed a button. This lead to at least one death where it sent Flint straight into a landmine which was frustrating to say the least! I checked everything and the controller was functioning perfectly, so I can only assume this is an in-game glitch which will hopefully be patched, because as it stands, it’s quite game breaking.


So, what we have here is a gorgeous looking side scrolling shooter that looks like it’s escaped from the App Store, with fairly repetitive gameplay and some serious control issues. Worth a look? Well if you like Metal Slug and want to take a chance on the control issues being ok for you then sure, but perhaps wait for a Steam sale, as at the moment it’s really only fun in quick bursts and when it behaves itself!

- Ian


To learn more about the game, head over to GroovyMilk's website below:

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Bomber Crew Flys onto Steam today!


Bomber Crew, the WW2 strategy simulation game from Runner Duck and Curve Digital, is available now on Steam

We put our Bomber Crew to the test while at EGX 2017 and let's say we needed some more practice... but for us, it was one of the stand-out games of the show.

London, United Kingdom – October 19th – Brighton-based two man development team Runner Duck Games, alongside award-winning publisher Curve Digital, today release the strategy simulation game Bomber Crew on Steam at the price of £14.99/$14.99/€14.99. As an added launch week bonus, anyone who purchases the title in the first 7 days of release also gets 10 free DLC Bomber skins and a 15% reduction in price.

In Bomber Crew players have to recruit, train and upgrade their very own WW2 Bomber Crew, each with only one life, and then guide them to victory while overcoming the challenges of enemy flak fire, unstable weather conditions, enemy radar detections, dreaded enemy Aces and many more. Every bombing run is a risk, but the rewards are great.

Every Bomber can be customized to the player’s desire, with the ability to change the base colour of the Bomber, all the way up to upgrading the bombing capability and the survival capabilities (you can even draw your own wing art using the in-game tool!)

Dave Miller, co-founder of Runner Duck said: “Bomber Crew’s subject is one that I’ve always been fascinated in, so shipping this game is a real thrill. Runner Duck’s debut year has been an absolute pleasure thanks to Curve - an excellent publishing partner and a lovely bunch of people!”
Marketing Director of Curve Digital, Alex Moyet, said “Working with the guys at Runner Duck has been absolutely fantastic, they’ve put everything they have in to the release of Bomber Crew and the end result really shows. We’re extremely excited for Bomber Crew to be in the hands of players, we can’t wait to see their Bomber designs, their Bomber names, and most importantly, show us their crew!”
Bomber Crew unlocks on Steam at 6pm BST / 7pm CEST / 10am PDT.
About Curve Digital
Curve Digital is one of the world’s leading publishers of games on PC and consoles.

Since 2013, we’ve been working with some of the world’s best game developers to help bring their games to the widest possible audiences all over the world.

From celebrated indie hits like Thomas Was Alone, The Swapper, Dear Esther and The Flame in the Flood, through to brand new titles like Human: Fall Flat, Stikbold: A Dodgeball Adventure and Action Henk, we’re passionate about what we publish.

In July 2017 we were recognised by the celebrated Develop Industry Excellence Awards as "Publishing Hero" for our recent work. 
About Runner Duck Games
Runner Duck Games is a two-person indie studio founded in 2016 by artist Dave Miller and programmer Jon Wingrove following an extensive stint at Relentless Software. Throughout their careers the pair have worked on a series of both indie and AAA franchises across mobile and console including Buzz! and DiRT 2. Runner Duck Games is based in Brighton, UK.



Unleash yourself in the stunning visual landscape of brutal action

Wako Factory, a French indie development studio, is excited to announce Samurai Riot, their 2D, solo or co-op Arcade Beat'em Up for PC which is set for release on Steam

Samurai Riot in September 2017 and will cost £10.99, $14.99, €14.99.

Fans of this genre can look forward to a visual treat, where a backdrop story compels the player to really think about their decisions in game and the ramifications of their choices . Having been hired to bring peace and tranquility to the warring land, each choice you make as a Samurai, Tsurumaru/ Sukane, will have an influence on your destiny and, with an arsenal of deadly attacks at your disposal, the fight to make it through each battle will require guile, skill and forethought!

"The main inspiration in the creation of Samurai Riot is really simple -  we always loved to play cooperative games, especially arcade style - with each other. We felt that there are not enough local cooperative games to play,  so we decided to develop our own Beat’em Up, that focuses on the co-op experience.” said Kevin Buchet, game designer at Wako Factory. “We are also big fans of Japanese history and we have spent a lot of time on the backdrop story of the game, where you have to make the decision on what you would sacrifice in order to preserve your honor as a samurai and feel that our game seamlessly mixes traditional Japanese elements and mythology, in a fresh and modern take on the classic genre.”

Samurai Riot offers a plethora of choices and features including both solo and cooperative play, where the story immerses both players equally, with a multi-branching storyline, complete with eight different endings. Conversely, you could enter a PVP fight against your partner to win the lead! The more you play, the more you accumulate points to unlock new fighting schools for better replay value.

Easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master, Samurai Riot rewards the more demanding gamer with deeper content. Players can choose from 14 fighting schools that add a plethora of gameplay variation to the character’s moves and the devastation they can unleash upon their enemies.


  • A unique cooperative system with devastating combined attacks
  • Multi-branching storyline with moral decision making
  • 8 different endings
  • 2D Arcade Gameplay
  • Strong replay value: change your gameplay by choosing between various fighting schools
  • Superb in game music and SFX

Wako Factory, “We have already attended many conventions, both in France and America, feedback has been great and many are already impressed by the cooperative gameplay we have presented. It has been really positive meeting gamers and hearing what they think of our game.”


Press Release END -

The Deer God Available Now on Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita

The Deer God Now Available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita

SYDNEY - 25 April, 2017 -The Deer God, the lush 3D pixel art adventure from Blowfish Studios and Crescent Moon Games, launches today for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as a Cross-Buy title. 

Downloaded more than 1.5 million times across Xbox One, PC and mobile platforms,The Deer God tellsthe story of a hunter who learns what it means to become the hunted. After setting out to bring home a large trophy, the protagonist meets an untimely end and comes face-to-face with the Deer God, who in an act of karmic retribution reincarnates him as a fawn.

Journeying through stunning, procedurally-generated pixel art landscapes, players rely on their platforming skills and wits to protect the young deer from ever-present dangers while solving puzzles to unlock new skills and abilities that will aid the pursuit of continued survival. 

Deer can also go down a dark path and acquire destructive powers to unleash upon hunters and other creatures of the forest, but this could result in the eventual reincarnation as a life form lower than a deer.

Inspired by classic titles, including Metroid, The Legend of Zelda and Ecco the DolphinThe Deer God also draws from childhood experiences enjoying the peaceful experience of immersion in the great outdoors. 

"As games have evolved as an art form we have seen them address everything from heroics on the battlefield to war crimes, but we have not seen many games that show an appreciation for the environment," said Ben Lee, CEO, Blowfish Studios. "Whether you have a love of nature or not, The Deer God will provide an experience that is as rich and rewarding as it is entertaining."

Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion - Review

Warning: This game displays warning message about being scary...

For as long as you remember, legends have been told about the derelict mansion on the mountain. Being a history buff you decide to explore and find out what secrets the mansion holds. . 

The game boots up with Old SNES game music and intro options screen which is a nice touch. It begins with meeting the character of Spooky, who presumably owns the mansion you will play as! The game portrays as a cartoony ‘Doom’ with brick walls and long corridors. The challenge to get through all one thousand rooms begins. 
Standard FPS controls are used ‘WASD’ keys and mouse. 
The rooms are randomly generated allowing for multiple different game plays. The first rooms are empty to raise suspense, while the music adds to this; with rumbles in the background and the sound of creaky doors. 
The rooms are mainly the same few corridor shapes. The music certainly makes you feel unnerved. Moving into room 13 and the music changes, the suspense continues. Choices are made by the player as some rooms have multiple doors to exit through. Empty rooms with loan chairs in the corner feel rather ‘Blair Witch’. In addition, a combination of weird pictures and large windows add to the eerie feel. 
Colours change in the room indicating something is about to happen…. Room 25 and still the suspense is growing. 


 Room 26 and a pumpkin sprang out from the wall. Looking ridiculously cute, the scary noise and speed at which it moves made me jump! This effect is repeated in a number of rooms, and although I’ve already experienced this ‘jump’ reaction, I continue to be surprised (and squeal like a girl!). The music adding to the suspense and making you feel like something awful is going to happen. 

Another note is found in Room 50 indicating the person who left it feels trapped in a never ending maze of similar rooms. Feeling very thirsty and running out of ink with which to leave these notes... a sense of trepidation overcomes me!! 
Interacting with a cross allows the user to save the game. This makes every 50th room a safe house where you can take a quick breather in which to compose yourself before setting out again.  

Entering a lift, we go down to the next level where the music gets even more spooky. A variety of side rooms are viewed…. some look rather like cells. 
Health and stamina bars in the top corner of the screen are a constant reminder that I am more than likely to meet something… Room 59 leads me into a maze of paths to follow. One wrong step and I will plunge into a bottomless pit!
The messages continue though the game, sounding like the writer is slowly becoming more insane.

Suddenly, a monster appears in the room, it begins to follow me. I run, however, need to be careful to maintain my stamina. Although I am constrained to follow the paths so as not to fall to my death, the creature is not! He slowly floats across any gaps in order to catch up with me. Closed doors do not stop it, he continues. The green slime on the floor slows me down when trying to escape, thus allowing the creature to close the gap.   
As long as you get away from the spooky entity, you will get your health back slowly, however, let it touch you and a few hits will finish you off.


Music changes as I enter room 70, continued freaky pictures adorn the room. The rooms are all similar in their design, but as they are small and short it isn’t boring. There is always the threat that something is following you. Computer found in room which gives details about the various specimens housed in the building. It reads as though the building is some form of experiment, using the creatures to examine how the test subjects cope. Guess I am the latest subject.  
One of the specimens shows as an ‘error’. This invokes a feeling of unease as you do not know what to expect. The computers have established I am being tested and the creatures have been placed there to see how I fare. 
Room 89 portrays as a lab with a brain in a glass jar. Seems harmless enough… for now.
Green patches on the floor now become more frequent. This combined with ramped up music gives the feeling of imminent threat. 
Lurking in a room, while I wrote this review, a spectre crept up and savagely killed me!

To sum up, Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion is a fantastic horror experience, even more so due to the fact the game is completely free and can be downloaded from Steam. This will be a game I am sure to revisit, hopefully getting past room 100. Turns out ‘safe rooms’ aren’t that safe after all!


Strategic RPG Megamagic set to release on April 20th

Barcelona, Spain - March 22nd, 2016

Magic-infused developer Beautifun Games is proud to announce that Megamagic will be soon available on Steam. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic world filled with references to the glorious 80's, contemporary players and Delorean-driving time travellers are called to discover a strategic RPG that mixes action and strategy in a sorcery challenge to be tackled on Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems on April 20th.

Megamagic features a deep combat system that put five different schools of magic at your command, challenging you to unveil the secrets hidden in monster-infested wastelands, neon-bathed cities and shady dungeons alike. Learn new spells and summon the creatures you have beaten, leading a powerful army of grims on your own style.

You will need to rely on your ever-growing grimoire, developing your own playstyle as you become the greatest wizard in the world... and the last hope to discover what the sacred institution of the Order is hiding behind their unsullied facade.

About Megamagic

The unmistakable flavour of the 80s turned into a game. An action RPG and real time strategy videogame set to shake the Earth this 2016. Prepare to delve into a fascinating world where the forces of technology and magic are embroiled in a vicious struggle! Blurring the lines between the RPG and strategy genres, Megamagic recaptures the look & feel of the 80s games and films in a game filled with pop culture references and magnified by the incredible music by Mitch Murder, composer of Kung Fury and Hotline Miami 2 soundtracks. 

  • Action RPG meets Real Time Strategy in a totally new way. 
  • Explore an open world and venture into the depths of perilous dungeons. 
  • Master 5 different magical alignments: Neonmancy, Vegemancy, Sanctumancy, Fulgomancy and Necromancy.   
  • Research and craft 20 spells + 16 grims, each with their own passive and active unique skills. 
  • Beat 9 hair-raising bosses.
  • Local multiplayer co-op mode: have up to 4 player companions controlling your grims in battle!
  • Original soundtrack by 80's synth-surfer Mitch Murder.

Marooners comes to Steam Early Access

M2H launches it's chaotic party game Marooners. The game can be downloaded through Steam's Early Access program with a discounted price of £9.89. So grab your friends and find those unused control pads, it's Marooners time!

The Blast Process team will be giving there thoughts on the game soon, so watch out for our Let's Play videos.

Unfair Jousting Fair Review

Unfair Jousting Fair is a jousting game that's played at the fair where the game is unfair... unless you know what you're doing.

Developed by Rodaja the game is set at a you guessed it, a fair. Selecting from a verity of characters with plenty of weapons and unlockables to be gained by playing the game.

Controls are very straight forward, left and right keys learn your player forward or back and in turn keeps your players balance, you are jousting on a unicycle after all! Up and down moves the height of your weapon and talking of weapons you'll soon notice that some items aren't your normal choice of objects that are used for a joust.

First player to touch the other player with the end of their weapon wins the round. Easy as that sounds, just by balancing your player alone can win you the round but skilled players will soon get to grips with the mechanics and timing is the key to victory.

If you've already got a Steam box setup in the living room or have the space to have a few friends around the monitor, Unfair Jousting Fair is a hilarious, exciting and oddly enough, addicting game.

Unfair Jousting Fair is currently priced at £3.99 and is available on Windows via Steam.

Checkout a gameplay trailer below and we'll be posting some Let's Play videos over on our YouTube channel!