ghost theory

Ghost Theory now being made thanks to Kickstarter

After it's first Kickstarter campaign then again with a relaunch, Ghost Theory has now been fully funded on Kickstarter.

The team at Dreadlocks have also opened up an preorder page for Ghost Theory for continued support for the game.

Prague, Czech Republic—05/18/2016

Dreadlocks are proud to announce that their Kickstarter campaign for Ghost Theory was successful, which means this game is going to be made. Estimated release is Q4 2017 and at a price of 24.99 USD.

Everyday day we’re approached by new fans who just learned about the game and want to support its development. We have therefore created a pre-order webpage ( to open our arms to these new supporters. Most of our original Kickstarter rewards are still available, including access to a prototype version of the game or a UV flashlight which you can use to reveal hidden content on other physical rewards – messages, facts, hints and, if you’re lucky, even an extra Steam key. In addition, we will be adding new rewards in the near future – ones that were not available as part of the Kickstarter campaign.

To honor this celebratory press announcement, we have decided to publish a new in-game screenshot of one of our selected haunted locations beside the actual real-life photo of that location. We hope this will get your spines refrigerated.

Ghost Theory Spooks it's way back to Kickstarter

Ghost Theory a first-person adventure horror game heads back to Kickstarter for support from it's awaiting Ghost Theory fans.

Developer Dreadlocks have released a new trailer to help showcase the game but what stands out for me, the game is based on real-life locations.