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Far Cry 4 Preview


farcry4 Far Cry 4 is set for release on the 21st of November and over the weekend I had a chance to sit down and play through a build of the game on Sony's Playstation 4.

Upon loading the game I was presented with a logo for Far Cry Chronicles, instead of the number 4 in the title. A codename for Ubisoft's latest game in the series, I'm not sure as it was a early build but let's get into the game.

I'm somewhat new to the Far Cry games so everything that was shown to me was a first. Fortress was the name of the level and I had three ways to complete the objective, Sneak, Ride and Fly. As you can tell from the name I was placed in front of a Fortress complete with guards roaming the entrances, several huts scattered around, towers, jeeps and helicopters all ready to protect there base.


The three types of gameplay choices all gave me the end result but meant I could play them in different ways by starting me off with a wide range of weapons and means of transport.

Want to ride a elephant, sure thing! While this felt like I was driving a car with the ability to shoot. I was riding a dangerous and huge animal here, granted I had the ability to dash and charge my enemy, even knock down doors but upon dismounting and shooting my new pet elephant (by mistake!) I had quickly become on the reciving end. The elephant was very fun to ride and gave me a sense of adventure. Oh and the elephant would attack enemies on it's own, a great way to distract people!

far cry 4 elephant base

I got to fly a small helicopter but I believe this can also carry a passenger as well. Trying to control this contraption was a little weird at first because you steer the movement and the game decides when you fly upwards and downwards depending on whats in the way of you but with this in mind you had the chance to rain bullets and grenades from above. While the flying aspect was fun at first I can see it taking a little time to master unlike the elephant who was very straight forward to control.


The scope of the game was huge, giving me a lot of freedom to explore and plan out my attacks by using the different ways of trying to breach the stronghold.  The graphics were  what you'd expect from a next generation game while still keeping the core elements of Far Cry 3 that people know and enjoy.