Blast Process @ EGX 2018 (BIRMINGHAM NEC)


EGX is the biggest gaming event in the UK, this year it took place at the Birmingham NEC from the 20-23rd of September, and as always Blast Process were there to cover the event.

The first thing we did was head off to the Indie area to see what caught our eye. Neil’s attuned Indie senses soon locked onto the Curve Digital stand where ‘Carried Away’ was being exhibited. With this trusty Singstar Mic in-hand, Neil switched into Interview mode!

In 'Carried Away' you construct ski lifts, jumps and bridges from a range of building materials to help your passengers navigate the ups and downs of the treacherous mountain landscape. Master the rope physics and the stresses and strains it will put on your constructions. Cutting corners along the way will compromise the safety and comfort of your passengers. When design alone isn't enough, turn to your skiing skills to get that extra nudge towards your destination.

Carried Away is available on Steam Early Access right now! The full game will arrive Early 2019 along with a version for Nintendo Switch!

After we’d had a good chinwag with the Hugecalf boys another Indie gem glistened on the horizon, the game in question was Eagle Island…

We were really struck with Eagle Island, it’s a game created and developed by mostly one person, Nick Gregory, who kindly agreed to be interviewed by us.

We'd like to extend a thanks to the rest of the team at Screenwave Media (who are publishing the game) who were very welcoming and friendly, we enjoyed chatting with you guys!

Eagle Island will be available on Steam in the not too distant future, you can add it to your Wishlist at the link below:

After our stint in the Indie section we went off to see what else EGX had to offer, Tom however, only had eyes for one game though, so he led Mike and Neil to the Bandai Namco area where a certain weapon based fighter was gathering plenty of attention…

Yes, the long-awaited Soul Calibur 6 was playable at EGX 2018, once Tom got the game in his sights he challenged Mike to a duel, best of 3, who will win? Let's fight!

After Soul Calibur it didn’t take Tom long to spot another favourite games series of his, Team Sonic Racing and the game was playable at the Sega stand…so it was decided, we would film the first ever ‘On Tour’ episode of our regular ‘Tom Plays’ series…

Lastly we decided to chill out with some Arcade games, it was there that we bumped into Anthony from Retro Games Party who kindly agreed to chat with Neil about providing Arcade Machines for events and of course, the joys of Arcade gaming!

To find out more about Retro Games Party, check out the link below:

And that was that! As well as spending a bit more time looking around other various areas of the massive event, we had had our fill of EGX 2018 and headed home. Honestly it’s a fantastic event and well worth your time, head on over to the official EGX website to find out more and make sure you grab tickets to next year’s event as soon as they’re available!

- Tom