Interview with Gal from Wave Interactive on Buck Game

We have a quick chat with Gal from Wave Interactive who's working on Buck, a post-apocalyptic action adventure.

The game is currently crowd funding on Kickstarter with 9 days left!

BUCK is a story-driven, 2D Metroidbrawler set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. You play as Buck, a motorcycle garage mechanic who decides to leave everything he knows behind in order to find the truth behind a girl's disappearance all while struggling to adjust himself to a world he doesn't fully understand.

It's a touching story with your dog becoming the hero of the game, was this always the first option to have Buck as a lead character for Wave Interactive's launch game?

Indeed it was. The first GDD I wrote for the game, back when I was 12, had the exact same title; Buck was always meant to be the protagonist. Many substantial changes were made to the game since then, the only unchanged element is Buck.

Someone in your team is very active within your communities, how has this helped shape the future of Buck and how important is it for your team?

A game isn't a game if no one is playing it. There's nothing that's more important for us then staying in touch with our growing community. Now that the Kickstarter is looking more promising than ever, we feel confident that our way forward towards Buck's release will be shared and shaped by our constant dialogue with our players. It's important for all of us. We are gamers at the end of the day and we've all done our share of community talks on other games and their respective community forums. We all have valuable feedback as players, the more we receive and improve upon, the better Buck will be as a finished product.

Being just shy of $5,000 needed of the $30,000 goal with just over a week left. What does this mean to your team?

It means that we can breath a short sigh of relief and enjoy the understanding that we can continue to work on our dream project. All thanks to our amazing backers. The road ahead is by no means a simple one for us, but with a successful Kickstarter behind us and a growing player-base of gamers, we'll be able to reach early access with flying colors. We can only improve from here on out. Buck’s story has just begun.

Adding ones pet to your game has become quite popular on the perks page for the Kickstarter campaign, was it hard to choose the perks?

We had to take a long look at our current tech and workflow to carefully decide where we could include external community content, with as much efficiency as possible. We've become experts in implementing four legged friends into in-game characters. We've had tested this before for some members in our community. There are pets that are in the demo right now that belong to members of our community. We're really excited to see more of our community's pets in the game and can't wait to implement it with a design they'll find awesome.

We like our retro games here at Blast Process, but what do you prefer Megadrive or SNES?

I'd have to go with the SNES, while it wasn't the first console I've owned, I did play it for days if not months at my cousins house. I love it to bits. Though our programmer would undoubtedly choose the Megadrive.

Thanks to Gal for taking the time to do this interview and if you wish to see more about Buck, you can have a look through the kickstarter campaign here and why not give the team a shout on their twitter page