Deep Rock Galactic Needs Talented Dwarven Miners



At DEEP ROCK GALACTIC, we always need new talented dwarven miners to join us on our glorious endeavor!
Recruitment is simple! All we ask is that you can say YES to the following statements:

  • Do you like mining?
  • Do you like killing aliens?
  • Do you like beards?

If so, sign up below before November 6 at 11:59 PM (CEST), and join us November 9-12 for the OPEN ALPHA on Steam (PC).


GAMESTOP Deformers We Try The Beta

Prepare for an epic battle! Deformers is a fast and frantic multiplayer party game. Smash up your friends in couch co-op, or team up and fight against others online!

Deformers is currently in Open Beta on Steam so myself and Linton thought we'd give the game a try, to be advised that we were rubbish at the game...

The game is being published by GameTrust whom GameStop own, so you could say this is one of there own games with developers Ready at Dawn. Deformers is also exclusively sold by GAME within the UK. Could this be the start of something forming between the two retail giants?