Fyoozd 2 has been generously submitted to Blastprocess by its creator for a pre release app review! Quick, easy and retro to the max, this heavily pixilated swiping game feels very Atari. Fyoozd2Logo

You swipe the same coloured peices to connect them by electricity (only straight lines of course) to remove them from the game, as they dissapear the peices above them fall down to fill in the spaces and you start all over again. Different patterns on the peices mean different things, for example, a clock symbol gives you extra time, as you only ever have one minute to get the highest score. The more of the same colour you can get in one go the bigger your score (of course) so tactics do come into play where choosing which to pick.

The thing that makes this game different is the fact you can jump over one different coloured peice if that peice is surrounded by peices of the same colour. This is good in a tight situation, as sometimes it is tricky to find peices of the same colour that are next to each other.


It does feel very Atari, with its simple game play and ease of play. The peices fall at a reasonable speed, not aching slow like some games but not so super fast either, which gives you time to work out what your next move will be, but be wary of your one minute time limit! The design of the different peices are cool, with coloured circles centres, they almost look like sci-fi buttons, a little bit like coloured old style Dr Who circle panels. It's set in what looks like an electrical panel, as if you're trying to fix a circuit breaker in a spaceship.

2015/01/img_1200.png The pixilated look does feel retro, but I did find that the peices were so big on the screen that it made it a little more difficult to immediately recognise the different colours of the different peices as there is a quite a bit of grey. The font for the instructions can be a little bit difficult to follow, but the 1950's futuristic style suits the game very well.

Overall a nice little side swiping game with a sci-fi feel.

You can find out more details about Fyoozd 2 from The Motion Monkey here. The game will be released on 23rd of January on iOS with an Andriod version coming later.

Over and out, Mel

Shurican - the epitamy of ninja fun!


If you want fast paced action with addictive simplicity Shurican ticks all the boxes. Tap your way through difficult courses filled with crushing spikes, lethal turning cogs and a lot of fire. 20150101-202038-73238990.jpg

Firstly, ninjas! I personally love anything to do with ninjas. Everyone at some point has wanted to be a ninja, I just love them. They're fun and cool with neat little outfits, and in this game awesome facial expressions (of what you can see that is).

Secondly, speed. You are sat in a shop waiting for someone to come out of the changing rooms and have some free time to spend, I can guarantee by the time they exit you will have died umpteens times (if you are as bad as me) and certainly progressed a few levels. If you only have a minute or half an hour, you can play this game and can enjoy it to its full extent.


Thirdly, ease of play. It's beautifully easy yet addictive at the same time. You constantly tap to keep your ninja airborne, but tap too much and you will go too high, straight into an evil ceiling of fire (that's how I mostly die) or whatever nasty contraption you are trying to avoid that you are guaranteed to hit on your way back down. If you stop tapping - you plummet to your death. If you tap too much - you are probably going to die anyway! It takes time and patience but it's addictive quality begs you to come back for more, no matter how many times you die.

Fourthly, graphics. I really do like the graphics, they are uncomplicated cartoons and full of character with bright colours, especially with the blood splatter that you accumulate. Every time you die you leave a new blood splatter which marks your demise and a point to aim past. The background isn't too busy and distracting and you do feel like you're in some secret training dojo hidden underground with the brick walls and fiery outlines.

20150101-204532-74732887.jpg Those blood splatters are like my badges of honour!

It's an easy to play tapping game that you can play anywhere with a variety of levels and even a leaderboard (should you want to share your progress). You eventually run out of turns and are offered the option to view an advert to get more lives. I was greeted by a quick advert which I soon clicked off and boom - back to playing once more. You don't have to look if you don't want to and can easy come back later. But I have to stress I died a lot before I even ran out of lives (and you don't have to pay anything to buy more lives like some other games I have played - win!)

I would definetly recommend this one, it's bright and fun with colourful explosions that greet you every time you die with a healthy blood splatter too. Just be warned, you will get addicted!

Check them out on twitter here or on their website

Game available for android and IOS

Over and out, Mel

Jumping for Joy! New App Video - Pixel Nom by SeaBurnGames

Pixel Nom iOS App Gameplay

maxresdefault App of the week is Pixel Nom from Seaburngames. This coin collecting, side-scrolling game will have you jumping for joy, literally!

[youtube]You can find out more details about this game by downloading it here and remember to see the rest of our App videos over on our YouTube page.