alpha 55

Going to War in Wales with Airsoft Team Alpha 55

We headed to Alpha 55 in North Wales for an action backed full day of Airsoft. Most of us were new to playing Airsoft, so with full training and gear from Alpha 55 we were all set for a fun day for Blast Processors Dave's Stag Do!

At Alpha 55 we provide an Airsoft site that is owned and managed by PLAYERS themselves, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience of all things Airsoft.

The woodland site in Halkyn, North Wales, has varied terrain including both in and outside play. During play you will come across minefields, Various bases, abandoned vehicles, buildings and all manner of defences; which all add to the gaming experience.

All of your Airsoft adventures at Alpha 55 are supervised by our experienced marshals who will endeavour to give you multiple objectives and various game types which will throw you head first into the action. Every time you come to Alpha 55 you will have a completely DIFFERENT gaming experience. No matter your age, skill or experience we guarantee you a great day.