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Table Top Racing: World Tour Nitro Edition on Nintendo Switch First Look

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Table Top Racing: World Tour continues it's 'tour' with a brand new release on the Nintendo Switch. The game is already out on other platforms including; Xbox One, PS4, Steam and now it's available in a handheld variety!

Already own TTR: World Tour? This Nitro adds some brand new features to the game, along with all previous downloadable content and patches, it now boosts a split-screen online or offline mode, split-screen VS battle mode, and optional AI opponents in Online games. These new additions alone make the Switch version a standout piece in choosing what to play Table Top Racing: World Tour on.


You progress through the game unlocking new challenges and races along the way, efficiently it's like a skill tree and you can choose your path and order in which you complete the challenges or race in. While the races themselves do seem a little short sometimes TTR knows what it is and that's a pickup and play fun racing game with lots of items and unlocks to be had.


The TTR:World Tour series was first released in 2016 and has now landed on the Switch. Having had huge success on it’s other platforms, everything is brought over to the Switch version, along with a much need split-screen mode. While the game won’t rival the likes of Mario Kart, it does bring it’s own table top size fun and pickup and play ease with the Nintendo Switch release.

The new modes in the Switch version make it a solid choice for racing and pick up and play fans, looking for a new addition to there Nintendo Switch library.

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Table Top Racing: World Tour confirmed for PC, launching on Steam, 26th May

After it's huge success on Sony's Playstation 4. TTR: World Tour is gearing up for release on PC, with a launch date of 26th of May. The game is from Nick Burcombe co-creator of wipEout, so checkout the full details and trailer below!

Liverpool, UK, 18th May, 2016 – Indie developer and publisher Playrise Digital today confirmed that micro-combat racer ‘Table Top Racing: World Tour’ will launch on Steam, Thursday, 26th May! TTR: World Tour has been downloaded millions of times already on PlayStation® Network since it launched earlier this month, the Steam version will launch with a introductory discount of 15% on its standard price of £14.99 / $19.99 / €19.99 and will be available from here.

The introductory discount also applies to the ‘Supercharger’ DLC pack which features 1 new track, 4 new race routes, 4 ultrakool super cars, 3 full championships and 16 special events, rrp £4.79 / $5.99 / €5.99.

“It’s been a fantastic month seeing Table Top Racing: World Tour launch on PS4 and now arriving on PC for Steam,” commented Nick Burcombe, CEO and Game Director of TTR at Playrise Digital, “As an independent dev team of less than 10 people, we’ve been overwhelmed with the support, encouragement and enthusiasm from gamers so far. We’re responding to as many requests and questions as we can and will continue to support the game for as long as the gamers continue to support us! It's very exciting to bring TTR to Steam, I can't wait to see what the PC gamers make of it. TTR is all about fun and a good laugh with your friends online, as millions of PS4 gamers just found out”.

TTR: World Tour is a high octane miniaturised combat racer from Nick Burcombe, the co-creator of Sony PlayStation's all-time classic, 'wipEout’ and more recently, the hugely successful, 10 million time downloaded indie mobile hit, ‘Table Top Racing’. TTR: World Tour is a total re-invention of the Table Top Racing universe bringing micro combat-racing to a truly next gen audience for the first time.

Gamers can get behind the tiny wheels of 12 ultra-cool, fully customisable miniaturised racing cars, as they tour the globe and visit 5 tabletop locations, mastering 20 race tracks, whilst battling Championship mode and Special Events. Best of all, get online and challenge up to 8 friends in a 'vindictive but addictive', battle to find out who is the ultimate racer! Powered-Up Combat Racing has never looked so good or been this much fun.

TTR: World Tour features: 
▪ 8 PvP online multiplayer combat racing - it's both addictive and vindictive! 
▪ 6 Unique gameplay modes spread throughout the Championships
▪ 90+ Varied and challenging events
▪ 20 Dynamic circuits based around 5 themed locations
▪ Exclusive "YO! Sushi" endorsed race track
▪ 12 Ultra-cool micro racers inspired by some of the world’s most iconic cars
▪ 8 Cunning Power-Up weapons with both attack and defence capabilities
▪ 6 Super-powerful “Wheel Weapons” to give you the upper hand
▪ 20+ Track exclusive Breakbeat soundtrack by Wes Smith (Juice Recordings, San Diego)