Villain Of The Week #2

Due to the exciting news about the potential film "Murder House", (our favourite horror stars resurrected and being studied for their murderous traits) I'm in the mood to delve into our very own favourite baddies of the video game world.



She is a tough and vengeful AI who will stop at nothing to get what she wants - this villain from Portal has etched herself into the minds of many as an ultimate man made bot turned nasty (although we can never forget Wheatly.)

GLaDOS constantly reappears throughout Portal, with snippets of advice teamed with heavy sarcasm and wit. Her job is to explain and guide you through the game to the end that she desires, but as long as you fight back (checking every corner for clues and titbits of course, in this game leave nothing to chance.)

The ultimate robot queen demands your attention and your fear. But she'll offer you cake, and even the companion cube can't help you when her demeanour descends into full attack mode (and when that happens - run!) I love her because she's twisted, her intelligence driving her slowly insane as you make your way around the game teamed with her conviction that you are the one going mad and not her. As AI characters go, her personality is well developed, she genuinely seems to care about you and your training to start off with and her character development through the game is fantastic. It changes as her motivation shifts, and evil robots normally end up with no personality at all, making her stand out even more.

For most people, it's the famous quote "the cake is a lie!" That rings with the game Portal, and GLaDOS' insistence of cake makes her seem that little bit more unhinged; especially since the cake is a lie phrase is repeated through the game.
Maybe it's the slow but steady transformation into madness that makes her a favourite...Maybe it's the sweet voice that tricks you into submission...all we know at Blast Process is she is one our firm favourites.

Matt C:
"My favorite villain is everyone's favourite psychotic experimental AI: GLaDOS! Passive aggressive, sarcastic, totally unhinged and a complete bitch, but she is what makes the portal series so damn good! Plus I hear she bakes a great cake..."