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Fotor HDR and GoPix Now FREE - Just In Time for Christmas

fotor bannerFotor HDR and GoPix are now free for a limited time over the Holiday period and were originally priced at $1.99. So if you're looking creating some fancy photos or maybe even a slideshow, why not checkout both of the App's on your favourite Apple devices. Fotor HDR

Capture life’s full range on the go!

Perfectly compatible with iOS 8. In addition, we have listened to our users requests and added the "import" function. You can now import your photos to generate great looking photos with Fotor HDR.

• Fotor HDR - The best choice for HDR! The most advanced HDR app allows you to create your masterpieces in just a couple of clicks with the best, easiest inspired interface.

• Dual capture mode - Innovative technology lets you shoot and process HDR immediately, or shoot and automatically save the multiple-exposure sets for later processing so you can keep shooting fast!

• 1-Tap to apply one of 10 exclusive brand-new HDR preset styles to suit your mood, from natural looking to surreal and artistic options.

• Further refine the HDR preset styles by fine-tuning the brightness, contrast, saturation and Vignette for complete artistic control.

• Advanced alignment and ghost-reduction technology lets you shoot hand-held without worrying about moving objects.

• Take your HDR show on the road, no more carrying around heavy gear or figuring out crazy exposures.

• Fotor HDR is the first app in the App Store with the most advanced capture modes, keep multiple-exposure sets, full 32-bit HDR processing, and a range of editing options. The easiest, most powerful way to capture, process, and share you HDR images.


Bored with simple pics flow? GoPix is here to offer you exclusive transition templates! Be in trouble to adjust satisfactory post editing effects? GoPix offers you drop-dead easy new way to turn plain-looking slideshow to fantastic music video! Sad with few likes from your friends? Use GoPix to get tons of like!

GoPix is the first revolutionary slide maker with preset stunning After Effects templates. Watch your memories come to life as amazing movies, with spectacular transitions, synced to the music.

See how easy it is to be your own movie director: 1. Import 6~9 photos from your Albums 2. 1-Tap to apply one of exclusive preset after-effects to suit your mood, from Cheerful, Energetic, Scrapbook, Heartstrings, Cutesy and Upbeat. 3. Add our preset music 4. Share your moments via Facebook, Instagram, Vine,Twitter etc. and get tons of like!

GoPix is far more than a slideshow maker, we let your photos flow more vivid than ever before.

We'll be looking at these apps in our App Monday videos in the new year so keep an eye out for that!

Ice Wings Plus iOS Trailer Remix - App Monday

Ice Wings Plus iOS Trailer Remix

ice wings plus Our own take on the trailer for Ice Wings, an endless runner shooter for smart phones and tablets.


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App Review |Phantom Radar The Ghost Detector

Ghost detector

Ghost detector

Don't be fooled by inferior paranormal detection tools on the app store. Phantom Radar is the original ghost dector.

Join Matt and Mike in this weeks App Review of Ghost Detector for the iPhone. It's all fun and games untill you see something...


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