TMA 215 – “We’re not going to talk about E3…”


This week’s TMA starts by proving the adage ‘famous last words’ by Tom declaring that he and Mat won’t talk about E3… Before the boys take 40 minutes to give their impressions on the Microsoft and Nintendo conference offerings. Besides that, Mat reminisces about Final Fantasy games and how owning a home makes him want to play Harvest Moon, while Tom’s been playing the PS2 hidden gem ‘Star Wars Racers Revenge’ and bemoans the death of custom game endings.

Listen here.

Lawless 2019 - A Celebration of British Comics and Tribute to Carlos Ezquerra

Back in the day comics would print a coupon which you could cut-out and present to your local newsagent to reserve the next issue (and the issues following on from that). Now fast forward to the present day and thanks to social media we were all prepared and notified to the renaming and recalibrated Lawgiver (the Judge Dredd convention) into Lawless (the convention of British comics). So, on the 18th of May Neil found himself in Bristol once again with Tom’s camera and this is the result!

For more on Lawless; https://www.facebook.com/groups/14170...

As a guide these approximate timings might be of use;

Lawless event guide 6sec, Steve McManus 15secs, ROK of the Reds fan and Judge Glass 20secs, https://www.rokofthereds.com/ Colin MacNeil 30secs, Marshal Metta Lawson and Johnny Alpha 47 secs, Glenn Fabry 51secs, Soviet bloc hypnosis leaflet 1:08secs, Ian Gibson 1:16secs, John Higgins 1:29secs, http://artofjohnhiggins.com/ Absolute Batman: The Killing Joke 1:34secs, --That matches the carpet!-- Tribute to Carlos Ezquerra 1:40secs, Carlos Art Droid 3:07secs, Welcome to Lawless from Lawless! 3:12secs, Panels! 3:16secs, Draw off! 3:23secs, Max Normal 3:31secs, --Buys a self-portrait!-- Dan Cornwell 3:40, https://dancornwell.wordpress.com/ Henry Flint 3:46, https://henryflint.wordpress.com/ Torquemada 4:01secs, Mike Collins 4:06secs, http://www.freakhousegraphics.com/ Abigail Bulmer 4:20secs, https://abigailartryder.wixsite.com/d... Steve Austin and Dylan Teague 4:41secs, http://www.stevenaustinart.com/ https://www.instagram.com/dylbot2099/ John Wagner [don’t blink!] 4:44secs, Original art for sale 4:49secs, Sector 13 fanzine 4:57secs, https://www.facebook.com/sector13thef... Battle Badger 5:01secs, https://www.facebook.com/beasthunting... art ninetwo studios 5:08secs, https://www.artninetwo.com/ Awesome Comics 5:24secs, David Lloyd and Patrick Goddard 5:32secs, http://www.lforlloyd.com/ https://twitter.com/PaddyGod1 Planet Replicas 5:45secs, https://www.planetreplicas.com/ Steve McManus closeout 5:51secs, Judge Death – THE SENTENCE IS DEATH 5:56secs