Parry's Pickups

Parry's Pickups! Episode 95 - Sonic Mania, Putt & Putter, Taz-Mania and Worms!

Not only do we get manic over Sonic in this latest episode of Parry's Pickups but we also get manic over a certain Tasmanian Devil...for totally different reasons we may add...

We also feature a great handheld golf game in the form of Putt & Putter for Game Gear and a slightly disappointing handheld version of Worms for DS...

Parry's Pickups! Episode 94 - Porky Pig, Puzzle & Dragons, Tetris and Sims 3


It's games from every format under the sun in this episode of Parry's Pickups! That's a whole 4 different formats, crazy!

We begin with Porky Pig's Haunted a Holiday, which is, dare I say it, a SNES 'Hidden Gem'!

We move onto Puzzle & Dragons for the 3DS, which is apparently pretty good, but Tom needs to play it more.

Then, yes, you guessed it, more Tetris! This time for the NES.

Lastly Tom is shocked by the Wii version of Sims 3, a game where you have direct control over your Sim, madness!

Parry's Pickups! Episode 93 - Lemmings Special!


It's been a long time coming, but it's finally time for our very first Lemmings Special! I've been a keen collector of Lemmings games for a few years now. I first fell in love with the game after being exposed to it on a friend's Atari ST.

It wasn't until I got a Philips CD-I though, that I got my own copy of the game. So join me as we talk a little about my most recent Lemmings pickups and compare and contrast the Game Boy and Game Gear versions of the game, and more besides!

Parry's Pickups! Episode 87 - Dragon Age, Kengo, DOA and Exhumed

So many games...they never end, honestly why do we need any new ones?

Tom continues to find reasonably priced old games he wants to play and therefore keeps having plenty of material for Parry's Pickups.

He hopes by sharing his thoughts on the games he picks up he may help you inform your decision to buy or indeed not buy certain games.

Tom is happy to keep providing this service until he runs out of games to buy.

Thanks for listening.


Parry's Pickups! Episode 83 - X, Taz, Bubsy and Monopoly

Who would win in a fight, a Tasmanian Devil or a Bobcat? I'd imagine it'd be pretty messy...luckily we don't have to settle a score between those guys because it turns out that both have rather good video games!

In this latest episode we also feature a great one-on-one fighting game all the way from Japan, plus a classic board game re-imagined for the Wii in the form of Monopoly!