The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Playstation 4 Review


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel on PS4 was my introduction to the trials series. Even though it was a remaster and the game has made vast improvements, I was playing this game with fresh eyes, and it was a great game to introduce myself into the series.

You can tell the game was initially made for PS3 and vita but the graphics run very smooth and looks great on PS4, with minimal loading times and quick transitions into and out of battle it allows gameplay to feel quick and fluid.

This game came with all previous DLC included, which I was more than happy to use, have more than enough items to use and spoiling myself with all the excess mira. There is a very diverse cast pf characters whose development isn’t rushed and the use of the class system in the story allows for some fun and interesting interactions. With the added reward of increasing bonds that translate into more support abilities in battle, it makes me want to seek out my party members to see what the need help with.

There also seems to be a random black cat that seems way more involved in the plot then the game lets on (but loves it when you give her fresh milk).


The combat is engaging with battles being that nice balance of challenging but not frustrating, the addition of turbo mode in the remake which makes battles run 4x faster and 2x faster in other gameplay elements allows for ease of enjoyment and makes level grinding much less tedious. It's also very satisfying to wipe out 8-10 enemies at the speed of light.

The use of quartz and master quartz for crafting to further boost characters stats and abilities means it's easy and flexible to customise my party as I see fit. The way the game follows a calendar allows for a set structure of gameplay; this adds a good mix of a set party when you head out on field trips along with the option to select your own party to explore the mysterious old schoolhouse.

I am only midway through chapter 6 but this game has kept me engaged from the beginning, as a massive Final Fantasy fan and a gamer who enjoys the tales series, Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is definitely a game that I have appreciated. I am excited for the next remaster.

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