Tuckers Newsagent & Games | Black Mirror Bandersnatch Birmingham Shop Tour

If you go down to the woods today. You're sure of a big surprise... or in our case Birmingham Central Station! For here you'll find one of two pop-up shops designed to promote the Bandersnatch episode of anthology series Black Mirror. The Bandersnatch episode was a choose your own adventure story with multiple endings and heavily referenced the 80s UK computer gaming scene. So naturally our interest was piqued. The shop was for display only and nothing was for sale and entry was impossible.

As you can see there are Easter Eggs aplenty (check out the staff name badge) and we will also publish a video of the complete rolling game demos. So in the spirit of the age please press pause on the cassette tape player and await part 2…


Well here’s the promised Part 2 of the BlastProcess visit to the Tuckers Newsagent & Games ‘store’ promoting the Bandersnatch episode of anthology series Black Mirror. So be prepared to type LOAD””; unpause the cassette and be ready to watch Part 2.

For further interest you might also want to visit in-universe Tuckersoft website:


And the official Oliver Frey page (Crash and Zzap64) where you can purchase prints of his works and those he created for the show although the Metl Hedd prints have sold out at time of writing: