UK Games Expo 2018 Feature

Recently Mike and Neil headed to the Birmingham NEC to attend the UK Games Expo.

The UK Games Expo, (UKGE), is the UK's largest hobby games convention which takes place over three days during the Summer Half term.

This year's Expo took place from the 1st to 3rd June. UK Games Expo is open to all members of the public to come and try, play and buy hobby games from around the world.

It is suitable for all ages with a large Family Zone that caters especially for our younger audience.

With special celebrity guests, demonstrations, competitions, tournaments and even an huge board games library you can borrow from, you can be sure of a full visit.

This year Games Designer and Author Ian Livingstone CBE was in attendance and Neil was lucky enough to grab a quick interview with him.

Ian is one of the true greats of the gaming industry and an entrepreneur of great distinction, having brought Dungeons and Dragons to Europe and co-founding Games Workshop in 1975.

Another notable accolade Ian holds is creating the Fighting Fantasy series of Role-playing Gamebooks, his first book being published in 1982.

Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks - Official Website

Neil and Mike also grabbed a quick moment with John from The Historic Games Shop and were given a showcase of a couple of John's dice based games, involving faeries, trolls and plenty of cheese!

Faerie Games

The Historic Games Shop

We're no strangers to this particular board game that was also showcased at Game Expo, this Big Trouble in Little China game was also featured in an episode of Bruno's Boxes.

At the event Mike and Neil got a run down of how the game works from its creators.

Medusa Games were also in attendance at the event and talked us through some board games they've created, Magnificent Flying Machines, Nine Worlds and Great Fire: London 1666.

Crooked Dice specialise in wargames rules and miniatures inspired by the many and varied iconic worlds of 60s-70s Cult TV.

Karl Perrotton - the man behind the studio, took some time to talk to us about the 7TV game he has developed, the different ways to play it and the fantastic miniatures the company has created especially for the game.

Finally, Artist and Cartographer, Gill Pearce and her husband, Games Designer Darren Pearce, took some time to talk to us about their experience working in the games industry.

Gill has been illustrating professionally for approximately 12 years and has numerous publishing credits in various fields ranging from book cover and interior illustration, card game artwork, role-playing game illustration and cartography.

Darren has worked on Lone Wolf, the Doctor Who RPG. He's also the lead writer on the Judge Dredd RPG and Shaintar.

To find out more out the UK Games Expo event, check out the website below: