Neil's Free Comic Book Day Adventure in London 2018


Saturday May the 5th, Neil was London bound to attend the 2018 Free Comic Book day, an event that spanned 3 main London based comic shops, with guest appearances and signings galore!

So we handed him a video camera to grab a first hand account of the event, resulting in this little video, enjoy!

You can find out more about Free Comic Book Day here:

Featured Stores:

Forbidden Planet Shaftsbury Avenue

Gosh! Comics

Orbital Comics

Guests Gosh! window painting:

Dan White


Lord Hurk

Lizzy Stewart

Paul Shinn

Isabel Greenberg

2000 AD:

Matt Smith

Alec Worley

Colin Bell

Pye Parr

Tanya Roberts

Keith Richardson


Neil Googe

Owen Michael Johnson

Doctor Who:

George Mann

Rachael Stott

Simon "Si" Spurrier

The Guardian Cartoonists:

Stephen Collins http://www.stephencollinsillustration...

Tom Gauld

Simone Lia

The Wicked + The Devine:

Kieron Gillen

Jamie McKelvie


Michael Allred and Laura Allred

Agatha Christie Memorial: