Masquerada Arrives on PS4; XB1 Update, Switch Coming

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows Unmasks Itself Today on PlayStation 4

PC Free Content Update Now Live, Xbox One Release Delayed Until 23 August, Nintendo Switch™ Version Revealed

Singapore - 8 August, 2017 - Masquerada: Songs and Shadows, a tactical RPG featuring the voice acting talents of Felicia Day, Matt Mercer, Jennifer Hale, Dave Fennoy, and Ashly Burch, launches today on PlayStation 4.
The PC version simultaneously receives a free update, adding all the new content debuting today on PlayStation 4. Publisher Ysbryd Games and developer Witching Hour Studios have rescheduled the Xbox One launch to 23 August, 2017. A Nintendo Switch version is in development, with the release date to be announced later.
A New Game+ mode enhances the dark Venetian story with additional scenes, extended dialogue, and new fights including a giant chicken boss. Main character Cicero Gavar will face the challenges in this new game mode armed with skills from all four elements instead of the single element chosen in the regular campaign.
Investigating the disappearance of a friend leads Cicero on a journey through a magical setting, inspired by Renaissance-era Venice and depicted in a vibrant, hand-drawn style. He and his companions must combine their elemental skills in real time combat with tactical pause to overcome the foes in their way, human or otherwise.
A sharp class divide puts Mascherines, masks that grant magical powers, in the hands of only the rich and powerful. Five years of civil war have destroyed many of the precious artifacts, and Cicero's party will learn along the way that the secrets and hardships of their pasts are intimately intertwined with the war, their society, and the history of the Mascherines themselves.
"The mysteries that Cicero and his friends unearth are all interconnected with the greater mysteries of the setting and social issues of the city-state in which they live," says Ian Gregory, Creative Director, Witching Hour Studios. "We've crafted something really special and are glad to bring it to a new audience."
"This is a fantastic and imaginative game, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it," says Felicia Day, voice actress for the character Orlana Corvail.
Masquerada: Songs and Shadows can be played in English, French, German, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and Turkish languages, and is available for $19.99.
For more information, please visit the official website or follow @YsbrydGames and @WitchingHourSG on Twitter.