Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Review

Over the course of a relatively short amount of time we've seen a fair number of Final Fantasy titles arrive on mobile, such as Record Keeper and MOBIUS. Whereas they have their merits these have failed to keep my attention. That isn't to say I haven't enjoyed them, as I in fact have. They each have their own merits, whether it be the large amount of fan service offered by Record Keeper or the more graphically pleasing MOBIUS. Their is another mobile game though that has kept me going back for more, and that is Brave Exvius.

Here is why.


Brave Exvius revolves around two brand new characters, Rain and Lasswell, as they seek to defend the kingdom of which they reside in a brand new story. The visuals are very much inline with the earlier Final Fantasies found on the SNES, which feel very much on home on a mobile device. Add to that a strong retro soundtrack and your well on your way to a strong mobile release. While the story is nowhere near as deep as one you may find on a major console it certainly doesn't feel like it has been thrown together to work within any constraints a free to play mobile platform may normally be accustomed too.

This social F2P RPG features a turn-based battle system, again in a similar style to older Square RPGs. Tap the character to perform an action, which by default is a standard melee attack. Swipe right on a character's tile will show the magic abilities they have while swiping left reveals any items they have equipped, such as potions and antidotes. Finally swiping down sets the character to block. Once each member of your team has taken their turn the enemy then goes. All of your characters abilities, magic and items can be equipped and enhanced from the game's hub.


The game hub, as previously mentioned features links to your units, of which can then be altered. This is also where you'll find the usual social links, settings and access to the main 'World' story and side quests found in the 'Vortex'. This is a free-to-play title, so it of course has a Shop link where you'll find various packages to swap your hard earned money into in-game currency, called Lapis in this title. The pricing structure is pretty standard based on my experience of similar games.


So what does money buy you? Aside from regents to help you enhance and create new abilities and spells, if like me, you enjoyed the fan service of Record Keeper you can summon new units to add you through the story. These come in the shape of new characters at its core, however over the course of time various classic Final Fantasy characters become available. For example at the time of writing there is a chance that you may summon the female lead character Lightning from the XIII universe. Over the course of the game you'll be able to receive currency and/or tickets to summon new units.

If you want some real depth in your RPG then no, you won't find it here. The story could have had more work, but let us not forget you could easily progress through this game without spending any money at all. I'm particularly impressed by the amount of options your characters have to develop, either by leveling up/enhancements by fusion or by working on the abilities you equip with them. The game has the right balance between fan service and introducing new characters/features.


The tutorial could have been improved, as it didn't delve quite enough into how to make the most of what this game can offer, however it does cover the basics well.

This title is free, and because of such I'm finding it difficult not to recommend, at the very least, giving this game an hour of your time. It is out now worldwide on iOS and Android. The launch trailer can be seen below.

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