Introducing Prowlers in MHG!

Felynes, those adorable little Monster Hunter companions are going it alone (well, multiplayer aside) with the addition of a brand new mode coming to Monster Hunter Generations.

Generations introduces Prowler-Mode, which in essence is Monster Hunter, but for beginners. Playing as a Felyne Prowler you'll get to complete the main Hunter quests found within the game as well as Prowler-specific missions. The general gameplay mechanics are streamlined, with players needing less items, getting a higher drop rate on rare items and having an easier time fishing, collecting and mining in general. For solo-ists Prowlers can still enlist two Palicoes to join them on quests or you can play with friends via online/local multiplayer.

Its almost like they've created an easy mode for people who haven't quite got a full grip on the franchise (like me!) why also giving veteran players a new mode to blast through.

Monster Hunter Generations lands on Nintendo 3DS this summer.