Inside Gary's Mind: The saboteur

Hello everyone. 

Gary here bringing a new article called “Things that go on in my mind when playing games”

Basically like the title says its what I have thought when playing various games or watching games, things like this. 


I was playing the 2009 game The Saboteur recently, a game set in German occupied France during World War 2, a really good game to play as well I may add. 

Now I completed the main mission years ago but I’m still making my way through some of the free play missions. They get you to blow/kill things up or collect postcards from around Paris.

So I’m driving around the countryside and I reach my checkpoint, which this time was a guard tower. I looked at it for a moment and I thought to myself, this must be the most loneliest solider ever, he’s up here day and night miles from the centre of Paris, miles from the coastal village of Le Havre.

So I blew it up. 

The Saboteur gameplay trailer -