All the Delicate Duplicates - BETA REGISTRATION OPEN

17th November 2016, London, UK – Today, developers Andy Campbell and Mez Breeze are proud to announce that registration for the upcoming
All the Delicate Duplicates BETA is now OPEN!

Flabbergasted by the fabulous feedback from EGX, and the GameCity Festival where All the Delicate Duplicates won the Open Arcade Best Overall Game award [THANK YOU!!] we are thrilled to be launching the BETA on

25th November 2016.

Taking part in the BETA is easy! Simply register your interest by signing up on our BETA site

Once you've signed up, sit back, relax, maybe do some reading, and wait for your 'access granted' email which will contain all the necessary instructions of how to take part. We will send out these emails 24hrs before the BETA launches.

The game is really close to completion, and we're running this BETA to get as much final feedback from as wide an audience as possible before launch. The BETA sign up page will remain open during the BETA so you can help us spread the word. Please bear in mind, everything is still a work-in-progress and unintentional glitches might happen - the intentional ones we hope you enjoy!

Please feel free to stream your experience or post screenshots, but we'd request that you state you're playing a BETA version of the game on your posts. You can also share your impressions with us on twitter using the hashtag #DelicateDuplicates.

The BETA is for PC only, will run from 12:00 GMT on 25th November to 23:00 GMT on 28th November, and is open to anyone over the age 16.

Click here to sign up! 

Developed by Andy Campbell and Mez Breeze, All the Delicate Duplicates is a work of digital fiction with a beautifully immersive gameworld at its core.

John, a computer engineer and his daughter Charlotte inherit a collection of weird objects from a mysterious relative, that oddly, neither of them can really remember anything much about. Eventually, John and Charlotte start to believe that the objects might be transforming their realities and memories…

A central part of the non-linear language in All The Delicate Duplicates is the poetic, hybrid language Mezangelle. It remixes the basic structure of English and computer code to create language where meanings are nested inside each other; packed. You have to read; then re-read; then re-re-read in order to piece together the disturbing truth behind ‘Aunt Mo’...