Spellweaver: Release Date Confirmed

I've always been a fan of card games, more so using actual decks (I'm looking at you un-organised shelf of various Magic The Gathering decks...) however I have more recently started to dabble in online-based card games, such as Blizzard's Hearthstone.


Spellweaver is a new free-to-play card game which is currently available via an open beta. Created by Dream Reactor, an indie team made up of experienced devs with a passion for card-based gaming have announced that the full game is set to launch on February 1st.

With a strong selection of different factions, upgrade-able Heroes and new cards to collect, Spellweaver is hoping to combine some of the world's most played card-games while making the game accessible to those who have never played one before.

You can still apply to join the Open Beta now, or you can hold out until the game is released on February 1st! For now though, I leave you with a new video made by the devs talking about the development of Spellweaver.