My First Game Jam

This is going to a be something a little bit different for both me and this site.

Running from January 2nd to January 16th is My First Game Jam, a 2 week Jam focused on new  developers.  Whats a Jam you ask?  Well it is basically a speed run but for making the game rather than playing it.  Typically they last a couple of days and are extremely intensive, which tends to put of new developers, but this one is different, it is specifically for people who have never been in a Jam before and/or have never even created a game.

I personally have never taken part in a Jam, and although I have attempted to create games in the past, have never gotten very far.  Two of my games, both incomplete but with demos, can be found  here and here.

I have already began development on a third game which is already going much better and I fully plan on actually finishing this one, but I will be taking time off for this Jam.  Im planning on sticking with RPG maker, but will be upgrading to the latest version, RPG Maker MV, which also means I will be required to go back in time 10 years to try and remember Java, as all previous versions of RM used ruby.

The Jam begins in 3 days time, and at the time I am writing this has over 300 participants.  My plan is to post updates here every couple of days, with a video at the 7 and 14 day marks over on our YouTube channel.  I will also be constantly posting updates on Twitter (@DrTarsus) using #myfirstgamejam.  And hopefully in 2 weeks time I will have my first ever completed game.

I already have a basic plan drawn up for the game which I will talk more about once to Jam has started, and have also managed to rope in a couple of friends and fellow blast processors to help out with some assets and coding.

Watch this space.