Save The NORA - GravTech Games Crowdfunding

NoraLogo4Final NORA is a sci-fi psychological thriller game featuring Captain Abigael Blake and her ragtag crew of smugglers on their way to complete the most important mission of their lives: travel deep into enemy space to retrieve a mysterious alien envoy.

Along the way, Abigael must overcome old enemies, a contentious crew, and the threats of madness and mutiny in order to make it back alive. If players want to succeed, they must solve puzzles, explore the ship, and navigate the tempestuous relationships of the NORA’s crew. As captain, it’s up to the player to keep everything from falling apart. In the NORA’s current state, that’s easier said than done.


Indiegogo Campaign is currently running for NORA Act 1 with a goal of $25,000 USD. We’re thrilled about launching our Indiegogo campaign,” says Kevin Gray, CEO, “Not only does our team deserve some much needed upgrades, but it would significantly shorten our development timeline.” Coincidentally, this crowdfunding campaign marks the second anniversary of a company and with successful funding they’ll be able to ship their debut title before 2016.