Lads Night In - 6th March 2015


Lads Night In: Friday Nights, LIVE! 7pm-9pm. Listen to us talk about Games, Films...and stuff!

On this last week's show, presented by Dave, Kiefer and Callum...(and and Kelly too!!) - We introduce Kelly-Ann onto the show (as she dishes out some on the air training for Kiefer and Callum!) - Create Your Own Superhero Team! Iron Man? She-Ra? The Hulk? Lots of listener feedback plus hear ours! Next week...we want your Villain Teams! - Online Heists is finally coming to GTA finally - LEGO Micro Fighters Series Two - Top 10 Videogames (including a surprise game jumping 25 places!) and Movie Charts

Listen to last week's show below. Join us this coming Friday as we choose our Villain teams to pit against our Heroes!

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