Addicting Apps


Recently whilst hunting through our twitter I came across a cool website called who have created some fun indie apps, I'm going to take a quick look at just two of them.The first of the three is aptly names Chickuns To The Moon...

2015/01/img_1150.png You play as a poor chicken strapped to a rocket hurtling into space diving to catching as many floating coins as you possibly can. As a welcome relief from all the tapping game craze you keep your finger on rocket at all times, moving left and right to collect all the coins in your path. You need to collect coins to get a new pump before your current pump runs out - if it runs out you plummet to the ground.

2015/01/img_1151-0.png A cute little game but the instructions are a bit tricky to follow, it took me a little while to work out how to get a new pump and how not to die!

The second game in the collection is called Balloon Destroyer...

2015/01/img_1154-0.png An easy game to follow, destroy the balloons by popping them before they leave the screen, starting off slow and quickly increasing to challenge the player. You have 99 lives which is pretty high, but you lose a life every time a balloon escapes you which does mount up when you're not looking. You also have the added option of blowing all the balloons on the screen with your sticks of dynamite (but you only have three).


I really like this one, not too complicated and rather addictive (as the website suggests!) as you pop the balloons, I just wish they started a bit faster as it seems to take ages for them to speed up to a challenge level.

The apps are good fun and show great potential for even better games in the future so I would definetly keep my eyes on these creators -find them online or on twitter as @addicting_apps

Over and out!