Agenda The future

Schedules. Need to plan again

A call between us all. Do a call again to discuss to communicate things to do with blast process

Tom and Matt attacks podcast more vids Tom and Matt attempt Danish deal of the week

T&M are going to try and record a pre show podcast video, detailing whats coming up on there next show. Video will be uploaded to Blast Process YouTube. Some other kind of video that the lego duo can film and upload to BPro

More vids from Tom and Matt go on blast process YouTube

Ask Matt? Do a mini version of Tom and Matt.....mini trailer? Two min video of what content you'll have...upload to blast process. Agreed?!

News posted on the site? Retro and now do video game related...contacting and supporting independent developers

The site needs more updates, yes were not a 'news' site but we always find some related news piece interesting, so why not post about it? Press releases help us gain review copies! Post about Kickstarter games! Showing willingness and past articles is another great way of gaining, you know, free games!

Don't just put on YouTube Twitter etc...post it three times a day on Twitter.

Going forward we must post all our content three times a day on twitter (use hootsuite for this) and spread it out over the day. Videos, reviews and all other exclusive content should be carried on to be posted for a few days. This will help us reach a wider audience.

Review more games and share it more than once.

Tweet the review is coming...tweet that video is coming and tweet that people are viewing it

Destiny Review incoming! Destiny Review is live! see it here. Missed our Destiny Review? Catch up here. Simples.

Website news also as industry news.

Open up to other things. Will Microsoft's Xboxone Kinect sell on it's own over Christmas? Sony release share 2.0 but can your internet handle it?

Scheduled tweets etc

Spread the tweets out!

Everyone needs some encouragement to do more content? Everyone is busy at the moment but maybe need to encourage people more

Arrange a meeting at Google hangout etc?

Skype, Google Hangout or something that works... This could help us with the direction on the site and thoughts that people may have.

The ideas...need compromise be realistic about what we can create for content on the site

Get into the anniversaries for things like '25th anniversary of seta' etc it's the anniversary of this post onto fab and Twitter etc

Engaging with community on social networks

Watch Youtube videos? Do a quick comment, say anything! Get's our name out there and people will click the name and see our videos!

Watch other people's youtube vids etc and comment etc

Have someone doing social networking...or accumilation of everyone