OlliOlli Out now on PS4 and PS3


olliolli OlliOlli the side-scrolling skateboarding game grids it's way onto the PS3 and PS4's store.

The game was first released on Sony's handheld, the PSVita in January but is now available with updated menus and a friends leaderboard system, along with a host of ways to complete against you friends.

Want to see what were like at the game and hear our thoughts? well you'll need to wait a little while we practise! but you can checkout our preview of the game that we filmed while at EGX Rezzed here.

Press Release -

Smash-hit indie title OlliOlli is released today in the US (August 26) and will be hitting Europe (August 27) tomorrow. The game hit the PlayStation Vita in January and has been a monster success for the tiny London studio.

Studio Director, Simon Bennett is still somewhat in shock from January's launch; ‘Shahid and Spencer at PlayStation in London pretty much insisted we did the port after the first day’s success, it was totally unexpected and took a while to sink in! We have since been working our collective balls off to bring OlliOlli to PS3 and PS4 – it could not have happened without the diligence and hard work from BlitWorks in Spain and Sam, our QA Manager here’.

The game is a straight port of the classic Vita version, with updated menus, but most importantly, FRIENDS LEADERBOARDS for skaters to get their ‘beef’ on. The new leaderboards will also roll out in an update of the Vita version today! The game is Cross Buy and Cross Save, meaning that owners of the Vita game will be able to play it on the big screen.

John Ribbins, Roll7’s Creative Director is ecstatic about the launch; ‘We were blown away by the response to the game on Vita and the Steam launch has been fantastic, but to bring our little game to the Playstation 4 is an amazing milestone for us.'